Published: May 15th 2011
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Today was a good day, despite the mishaps...

We were woken by a bead breathed puppy at 5.45am, let him onto our bed where he slept on my feet until 9am when he couldn't sit still anymore.

Jon and I wanted to have some time to ourselves today so we decided to tire Churchill out with a walk around Washington Park,before heading off to do our own thing for a while. Washington Park rivals any London park - it is beautiful, as is the local area.

Everyone in the state seemed to have congregated to walk their dogs too, which was a little problem as Churchy barks at anything with four legs.

After a 45 min walk, we took Churchy back to the apartment, put him in his crate and left him whining while we headed to Castle Rock Outlet Mall to get some bits and pieces.

One of the aforementioned mishaps was the dent in my head that Jon made while slamming the boot on it. I know that sounds weird, but I was arranging shopping in the 'trunk' at the time. He claims it was an accident but I saw the evil glint in his eye. He was trying to steal my intelligence.

We left Church alone for 3 hours and returned to find him moping and the visit from Jons neighbours across the hall didnt help, as they insisted on introducing Church to their dog, Benji, who was a large spaniel. I was holding Church when Benji bounding in, which resulted in Churchill barking, shaking, terrified and scratching the skin off my arms.

The neighbour, Jill, was moving out and came over to ask to borrow a corkscrew, as hers was packed away. She had brought her bottle of wine with her. However, Jon didnt hear her question and assumed that she had bought the wine over for us, so he proceeded to get two glasses out and thank her very much. Just as he was about to pour the wine, Jill said, 'dont worry, I have glasses' and made a hasty retreat. It made me giggle for ages...

We had Thai take away for dinner from a place called Thai Basil


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