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North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins February 22nd 2008

This is simply a little diddy to get me started. Hopefully throughout my travels throughout Europe during the coming summer I will find ample time to reflect on the emotions, sights, sounds and so fourth. Sit down and share some amusing antidotes with my family and friends. Since I've yet to begin this trip I can only start with my preparations, Check list checked, bag pack( three months early), documentation and passes bought. I guess I'm a bit anxious for this trip. I have always felt this certain need to get out and experience a different culture, I imagined myself up and leaving one day, barely saying goodbye to those close to me and starting an adventure, my own fresh start, not that I dislike anyone around me, in fact the only times I have been ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins December 1st 2007

Sorry it's taken awhile for me to do this. There is a blizzard outside (we're expected to get ten inches between today and tomorrow) so this is a good time to sit in front of the computer for half an hour or so. Last week was a lot of fun. Mom, John, and I flew to Colorado the night before Thanksgiving, and stayed in Fort Collins until Sunday afternoon. The Thanksgiving dinner was at Rose and Jim's farm; they were very kind to have us there with them and their family. It was fun to see extended family of extended family. :) Because of the summers I have spent in Fort Collins, I have gotten to know Uncle Alan's side of the family pretty well, and I appreciate that. Mom finally saw Grandmama's new house, and ... read more
The other half of the room
Andrea and Ashlene's braids in my hair
Andrea working on a braid

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins September 22nd 2007

Well, my apartment still has not been cleaned. Laundry has been done, plants look wonderful (thanks to my very benevolent neighbor Danielle) and watered, and now, finally, the Travel Blog has been completed. I was back at work early on the 10th, and someone had written "We Really Missed You!" on my white board. I honestly love my job. It's not backpacking across the UK, but I do get to play in the wonderful rivers and streams of Colorado and I get paid for doing so. How cool is that? And being back in the groove at church has got to be about the most rewarding thing ever. I have the honor of running into so many of our church attendees throughout the week, and then to see everyone together on Sunday, makes me realize that ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins June 25th 2007

I participated in the Ridin’ the Rockies HOG Touring Rally that was held June 25-28, 2007. The plan for the week was to spend some time with my cousins before the rally started then take the long way home after the rally. I rode my 2005 833 Sportster from KC to the rally and back home. The following is a ride report of the ride. It is divided in to parts because of the pictures. Monday 25 June 2007 Left Denver by 9am, after Kay and I ate the last of the left over pastries from Dieters. A jackknifed semi on I-225N caused a 30 minute delay as they had closed the interstate in the section the accident was. We were routed up on side roads, I followed another motorcycle that was heading to KS via ... read more
My leaking thermometer
ABC photo for WY
Overland Stage Line Road

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins June 24th 2007

Planning requires a leap of faith. In order to plan you must assume you have control over future events. You assume things will play out as you expect. You assume you will not find yourself half-delirious and sleep-deprived, wondering if it's possible to rent a room by the hour in the middle of the night somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. You assume, because you had a plan. And that, my friend, that was your downfall. The Journey Eventually this will be a great story, a testament to our summer of roughing it on the road, but at the time it was no laughing matter. The plan was simple. We wanted to get away from the red ants and dry heat of Capital Reef as soon as possible, so we broke camp early knowing full well we ... read more
Welcome to New Belgium Brewery!
Menu du Jour
Brewing Ingredients

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins June 22nd 2007

Well the Geesers are finally going to hit the road and I set up this blog site for them. See if Mom will actually use it now (I will probably have to walk her through it a time or two). I just wanted to test this to see if it was going to work for them. Wish them well on their trip! And I hope that they make some good memories! Kim.... ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins June 20th 2007

Grandmama's move started *really* happening last week! Although there's still a lot of work to be done at the old house, I'm feeling very proud of the fact that so much was accomplished in one week. Here's a recap of each day: Sunday - My plane arrived in Colorado at about 8:30 and I got to Grandmama's house at about 11:30AM, and saw Uncle John and Uncle David right away working in the garage. About ten minutes later, I had learned about the colored sticker system (I think that, for all of us involved last week, the colors green, orange, and yellow have an entirely new meaning), and was putting glass ornaments into bubble wrap. It wasn't long until the D Family arrived (I know that sounds funny... I just don't want to use full ... read more
Behold the family room...
Behold the LIVING ROOM!
Andrea and Uncle David take a quick break for a picture

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins April 23rd 2007

We stopped in Durango to visit our friends, Jim and Becky Rodefer, whom we met and traveled with last year in Alaska. Located on the edge of the mountains in picturesque southwestern Colorado, Durango is a real outdoorsman’s paradise, with great hunting, fishing, skiing, and whitewater rafting readily available in the area. It is also home to the Durango and Silverton narrow-gauge railroad, which began operation in 1882, and still carries passengers on the scenic route using authentic coal-fired steam engines and vintage passenger coaches. The tracks passed within about 50 feet of our campsite, and just after we arrived we heard the whistle of the approaching train. We had just enough time to get the camera before the train passed, returning from its daily run to Silverton. Pretty neat, eh? After dinner at a ... read more
Here Comes the Train.
The Engine
There She Goes

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins March 29th 2007

Nachdem man gestern ohne Probleme mit T-Shirt bei 25* und sonnenschein draussen rumlaufen haette koennen, hat es ueber nacht mal wieder geschenit und damit ist es auch wesentlich kaelter. was ist so passiert in den letzten tagen. wie haben und mittlerweile in der stadt ein bisschen umgesehen. die innenstadt war zwar vorbild fuer einen teil von disney wolrd weil es wirklichdie typische amerikanische kleinestadt athosphaere gibt, wenn man aber nach 5 minuten die hauptstrasse durchquert hat hat man nicht das gefuehl das ft. collins 120000 einwohner hat. im wesentlichen ist die stadt also ein vorort mit kleiner innenstadt, aber sehr viele natur drum erum. wir haren z.b. diestag an nem see der zwar nur ein paar kilometer ausserhalb der stadt liegt, aber dadurch das er in einem tal liegt, ist er voellig abgeschirmt von allem ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Fort Collins March 27th 2007

Wie der name erneut schon vermuten laesst bin ich mittlerweile in denver gelandet und zur zeit in fort collins wo die CSU ist. colorado state university. aber erst mal zur konferenz die ja noch bis samstag ging. es verlief letztendlich alles recht erfolgreich. wir haben an zwei resolutionen massgeblich mitgearbeitet in denen sambische formulierungen stehen, mit konnten also parner finden mit denen unsere positionen durchgesetzt werden konnten. die resolution an der ich am meisten gearbeitet habe wurde in kooperation mit liberia, sierra leone und dann noch den usa, japan und china verabschiedet werden. die konferenz kann also aus sambischer sicht als erfolg betrachtet werden. samstag war dann die closing ceremony in der gereral assembly hall der UN. vorher haben wir noch eine fuehrung gemacht, wir konnten aber nicht in den sicherheitsrat weil gerade zu der ... read more
African Development Bank
African Development Bank
African Development Bank

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