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" When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don't know ourselves. Cool, unifying life will rush in." D.H.Lawrence. Routing: A series of highways and byways. Las Vegas to Visalia. Then to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Distance: 779 km. Total distance to date: 1985 km. After the frenetic noise and crazy sort of debauchery of Vegas, it was time for some real therapeutic peace and stillness. With this in mind we slipped out of this mind boggling city in the desert with GPS devices set for an RV Park at Visalia CA which would put us in ... read more

The morning dawned clear & bright, Glacier Point road was still closed when we drove past se we decided to walk there instead. We drove into Yosemite Valley & parked up at Four-Mile Trailhead. This was down as one of the more strenuous day hikes in the Yosemite, but the other one we were looking at, up Yosemite falls, was described as a "Stairmaster workout" so we opted for this one instead! It turned out to be less bad than we feared, most of the trail isn't too steep, despite going up a very steep mountain side, as it zip-zags so much. Plus we stopped loads to admire the stunning views that greeted us with every turn. We took so many photos of the vally, of Yosemite Falls, and of Half Dome all fromslightly different angles ... read more
Four mile trail
Yosemite Falls
Royal Arches in Yosemite Valley

Up to grab a quick tea/coffee from the lobby then back to the room to make sandwiches (peanut butter as we had no fridge) before setting off into Yosemite Valley to hike the Mist Train up to the Vernal and Nevada Falls. We got there early enough that there was plent of parking at the trailhead then headed off, out plan to hike up the Mist Trail and back down the John Muir Trail, making it a loop walk, was scuppered as the upper portion of the John Muir Trail was closed still! The perils of holidaying in the mountians at the start of the season... Lots of tourists on the lower part of the trail, some only going as far as the Vernal Falls Footbridge (first views of the falls), many going up the Mist ... read more
Vernal Falls
Half Dome & Nevada Falls
Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

Finally we reached our must see bucket list item for this trip, Yosemite National Park. The 6-hour drive up from Monterey was uneventful, but a little nerve racking during some of the journey; like driving the RV on CA-120's steep switch-back turns up the mountain to Groveland, our 3-day RV home. The RV park sits upon a former gold rush mining encampment aptly named Second Garrote after making a habit of hanging its law breaking residents. The hangman's tree sort of remains in front of the park along with a state historic marker detailing its proud history. I can sure pick'em... Anyway history aside, the park is really nice, quiet, and remote enough to receive wildlife visitors like deer and wild turkeys. The former mining town of Groveland proudly houses California's longest continuously run tavern, The ... read more
Beautiful El Capitan
Walk to Falls
Yosemite Sign

Notre détour pour voir les séquoias géants nous permettait aussi de voir le Parc National de Yosemite reconnu pour ses montagnes et ses chutes. La journée de notre visite, le ciel était nuageux et vers l'heure du midi la pluie est tombée rendant le haut des montagnes caché par la brûme. Cet endroit reçoit près de 4 millions de visiteurs par année, nous étions surpris de voir le nombre d'autos circuler sur les routes étroites et sinueuses. A chaque endroit intéressant il y avait un manque de stationnement. De longues files d'attente aux endroits de travaux routiers, en bref, une longue journée de zigzags très épuisante! Quelques belles photos montrant les montagnes imposantes et les chutes pleines d'eau. Bonne visite!... read more

Spencer's Mum, Sue, died on 16 May 2017. We are returning a week earlier than planned, but won't be blogging any more. Sue had a real zest for life and had been all over the world. We think she would be pleased that we were in this beautiful place, remembering her with love.... read more

Nasz trzeci i ostatni wieczór przed namioto-bungalowem w Yosemite. Pijemy winko, jemy humus i przeganiamy szopy, które jakoś za bardzo się spoufaliły i dziś nawet jeden wskoczył nam do torby. Około 22 chodzą panowie rangerzy i sprawdzają, czy wszyscy mają zamknięte miśko-pojemniki. Przed każdym domkiem stoi metalowa skrzynka ze specjalnym sprytnym anty-miśkowym (ale też antyszopowym i czasami antyludzkim, bo ci ostatni miewają z nim duże problemy) zamknięciem, gdzie przed nocą trzeba zdeponować całe swoje jedzenie i kosmetyki. Podobno miśki maja super hiper czuły węch i chętnie włamuja się do samochodów, gdy tylko poczują coś jakby jedzenie - np stara kanapkę, ale też zużytą pieluchę-generalnie ludzkie z zapachy kojarzą im się ze smakołykami. Dziś rano na parkingu pojawiły się dodatkowo informacje, że trzeba przestawić samochody, bo dojrzały j... read more
Tanaya Lake
Olmstead Point

Cesta do Yosemitů byla první dlouhá štreka na našem programu. Celková vzdálenost byla kolem 200 mil (320 km). Ráno jsme ještě přejeli před Golden Gate, abychom si ho nafotili z několika vyhlídek. Kupodivu, tenhle originální nápad napadl ještě několik stovek dalších lidí, takže tam byla docela tlačenice. Další zastávka byla Silicon Valley, ale odtud už jsme jeli nejkratší cestou do Yosemitů. Poprvé jsem řídil, a v pravidlech silničního provozu je dost rozdílů mezi Evropou a Amerikou.Pokud je víc pruhů na silnici, tak se dá předjíždět zprava. To dává smysl, protože tu mají klidně 8 pruhů v jednom směru a v tomhle chaosu řešit jestli někoho předjíždím zprava nedává smysl. Navíc občas se tu z dálnice sjíždí vlevo, takže pak už v levém pruhu můžou být nejpomalejší vozidla a nikdo to neřeší. Na semaforech je mož... read more
Vrchný vodopád
Masivy kolem
Horní Vodopád z blízka

I took the Yart bus from Mariposa to Yosemite. At 6:15 a.m.. So I arrived arround 8 a.m. in the Park. The sun was shining, but it was still cold. I decided to hike to the lower Yosemite Fall. It is an easy trail. Before I reached the Fall, I saw several deers. One was such two meters away. The others 100 meters away. If you want to take a photo of the Fall, you stand in water mist. There was a rainbow beyond the Fall. After that I walked throgh the valley and took the Visitor shuttle bus to stop 16 and started another trail. Now it got warmer. I hiked to Vernal Fall (1538 m). Directly to Vernal Fall the trail is called Mist trail and you get a lot of water from the ... read more
Yosemite Fall

When we embarked on a year of travelling, we expected to have some unusual accommodation. We were fully prepared for sleeping in tents and caravans, hotels and youth hostels. We expected some really comfortable places and some places less so. We were grateful for all of the friends, family and friends of friends and family who had offered us a place to stay. What we didn't expect was to stay in a retirement community. However, we were profoundly grateful when Mike and Kathy, who we had first met in San Francisco, offered us their late mother's home in Mariposa for a few nights. We didn't really know what to expect but we though it would be sedate and gentle. You can imagine our surprise when we were woken in the early morning by loud punk music ... read more
Half Dome and the Merced River
Bridal Veil Falls
Sentinel Beach

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