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North America » United States » California » Stockton August 30th 2011

I have to do more Burning Man preparation today. I need lots more supplies, and I need to finish the build I could not complete yesterday. I’m going to miss a day of the festival dealing with these issues, but the alternative is far worse. Such are the tradeoffs people must make on long trips. My Bed and Breakfast hosts really recommended driving toward Reno anyway. It only takes four and a half hours, and the route through the Sierras has majestic scenery. I ultimately decided to head back to Stockton instead. I did this for practical reasons. Every Burner gets their last minute supplies in Reno, so I figure that what I need will be harder to find. I also think locating an undisturbed place to build things will be easier along the road between ... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton June 8th 2010

In the final stages of getting ready for another trip to Herredia. We have the tickets. We have the reservations. Dona Cecilia is waiting. Friday is the day. I need a vacation...badly...very badly.... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton August 28th 2008

Hello Everyone, We just wanted to let you know we had a very smooth trip from Tanzania to California, with no problems at all. We left the Kilimanjaro airport around 9 pm Tuesday evening, and after a brief stop-over in Dar es Salam, we made our way to Amsterdam - about a nine hour flight. We had a four and a half lay-over in Amsterdam, so we found a place to camp out, and like many other travelers, tried to catch a few winks. After freshening up, we made our way to our gate, stood in line, waited some more, and then finally we were on our way again. After a little over ten hours later, we finally arrived in San Francisco, CA. George's brother, Dan, arranged to have a 15 passenger van to pick us ... read more
Last Sunday in Moshi
Catching a Few Winks in Amsterdam
Flying Over Greenland

North America » United States » California » Stockton March 30th 2008

Sunday Arrived in San Francisco about 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon. Home by 6:30. Cleaned up and unpacked this morning. Took nearly 1,000 photos of processions and other celebrations. The weather was warm and the food was great. Now comes the backfilling of the entries in this blog that I couldn't post while we were there. We are planning another trip sometime in October. Pura Vida!... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton March 11th 2008

Las bolsas estan a medio llenar. Las listas estan creciendo rapidamente. Las colegas se quejan que hablo demasiado de Costa Rica. La anticipacion en increible. Es verdad? Volveremos?! Sera la primera vez que Kathi puede volver a un pais extanjero. Como sera estar de nuevo en Heredia? Como nos saludaran al llegar? Como vamos a viajar con una maquina para hacer pan para dona Cecilia? Las aventuras estan por empezar! Ciao, Kathi... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton January 16th 2008

With two weeks left before I leaved I finally received my travel itinerary. My plane leaves Sacramento a 6:00 AM on January 29th; I have a layover in Denver and then arrive in Baltimore around 4:45 PM. I was hoping to fly out on a red eye so that way I could get their sooner but this will just have to do. So far I have been trying to pack up my apartment as much as possible but with my busy work schedule and trying to see everyone before I leave I have been procrastinating quite a bit. I with the help of some of the boys from Calvary will be moving out of my apartment on Friday the 25th. I plan to work pretty much until I leave that way I have plenty of money ... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton December 31st 2007

Well hello! My name is Victoria Felt. Just in case you don't know me I am 19 years old, living in Stockton, California in my own little studio apartment currently. I will though, be leaving January 28th and moving to Perry Point, Maryland to join the Americorps *NCCC program. If you want to know more just click this link --- AmeriCorps *NCCC But in a nutshell... I will move up to Maryland and there I have training for about 4 weeks. At some point during training I will be put on a team of about 10 - 12 people (ages 18-24) and with a team leader. After training my team will be assigned to a project. We will move out of campus and to the area of the project (my project oculd be anywhere on the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Stockton October 10th 2007

We left Eureka today, headed for Tuolumne, CA. (pronounced to-ah-luh-me) And if I was whining earlier about not seeing autumn, it was all around me as we traveled here. The evergreens are here~~who knew there were more than two kinds~~and also many other types. I don’t know what they are yet, but I will find a book that’ll tell me. But the colors were everywhere from light yellow-green to burgundy. Awesome. We have laughed at the city limit signs, where they go ahead and list the altitude~~30’ or 18'! Stockton…population 618, 218…elevation 25’. What a hoot! It’s warm wherever we’ve been, but rainy off and on. It’ll be raining in the morning, but then will quit by afternoon. Or it’ll be sunny all day, and then rain after dinner. And then be sunny the next ... read more
Only in California
Are they buying or selling???
Walnut groves

North America » United States » California » Stockton August 17th 2006

Hello from Stockton, California. I did mean to write earlier during the summer, but I guess I kept putting it off (like a lot of other things) and never got around to it. Up to this point I had met up with Bobby for our journey through Japan, I returned home, started working with my mother, took a golf class, hung out with friends and family, studied for and took the GMAT, applied for an internship and got an interview, returned to Stockton, and successfully interviewed at AG Edwards. You can tell I was busy. So basically, I'm writing to say my final words before yet another crazy semester begins. I also want to share with you my millions of pictures those final weeks in Japan. 1. Would I recommend visiting Japan? ~YES 2. Would I ... read more
3 Mikoshi
Ueno Zoo
Mr. Okapi

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