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January 16th 2008
Published: January 16th 2008
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With two weeks left before I leaved I finally received my travel itinerary. My plane leaves Sacramento a 6:00 AM on January 29th; I have a layover in Denver and then arrive in Baltimore around 4:45 PM. I was hoping to fly out on a red eye so that way I could get their sooner but this will just have to do.
So far I have been trying to pack up my apartment as much as possible but with my busy work schedule and trying to see everyone before I leave I have been procrastinating quite a bit. I with the help of some of the boys from Calvary will be moving out of my apartment on Friday the 25th. I plan to work pretty much until I leave that way I have plenty of money to travel and explore while I am there.
My emotions have been going crazy lately. One minute I am super excited and just can't wait to go and then the next minute I am totally scared and anxious. I really though just can't wait to get my adventure started to be able to see a part of the country that I have never really been able to see! It’s going to be amazing!
Until next time!
-Victoria Felt


16th January 2008

itll be okay
hey victoria dont feel bad latley ive been not able to sleep and yet i try over and over to me it almost feels like christmas over again except more intense caue this aint exactly an ipod! in the words of an old sage what dosent kill you just makes you more stronger!
21st January 2008

All Aboard!
I'm a reader at your blog site, too. :) I look forward to reading about your perspective of the program. Only another week really!!

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