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February 19th 2008
Published: February 19th 2008
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Dorm RoomDorm RoomDorm Room

Dorm Room
Well hello there from Perry Point Maryland! I am sitting here in offically the most irritating computer lab I have ever been in. Although I'd like to have that be the reason I have not written that's not really the case. I have though been extremely busy and the lab is quite out of the way...
So I arrived without any problems and was able to sleep on both plane rides. As soon as we arrived we were told either which house we lived in or what dorm room we were assigned to. I was put in a dorm which is really just a converted nursing home on the VA that we live on. It is definately not as cool as the houses but after a while you just sorta learn to love it. My roomates are pretty cool, except one of them went home the very next day that she got here... kinda weird if you ask me.

Well after the second day once we were all inprocessed we were put on PODS, these were just temporary teams until we found out our unit and our team. My pod was ok, I didnt really get close to anyone except my buddy Eddie aka GLAMOROUS who lives in the dorm with me anyways,
On Monday we learned of our real teams! My team is Badger 7, and I love my team to death! We are all pretty different but I think we have a really good balance... There is our team leader (TL) who is named Jesse, he was a CORP Member (CM) last year at the Charleston campus (it has since closed). The for the boys there is Tyler (24), Jimmy (20) Michael (20) Tom (19) and Nathan (18). For the girls there is Andrea (23) Megan (22) Me (19) Sam (18) and Kara (18). I really am excited to see how much our team grows together. I feel really lucky because a lot of teams have had lots of problems and ours seems really solid.
We also last week were assigned our first round project. (This will last around 6 weeks we will have 4 projects all year). Anyways we will be building homes with Habitat for Humanity in Waveland, MS. If you don't know this is right near Biloxi and is right near where the eye of the storm hit in Hurricane Katrina. I am really anxious to get down there and start working. Its going to be cool because there will also be a few other teams from mine and different campus' in the area.
Mostly though what we have been doing for our training is a lot of Red Cross different things. We also will be starting this week doing more about AmeriCorp NCCC training. Tomorrow I have to be at the gymnasium at 5:00 AM to do our Physical Training (PT). And for all those who know how i NEVER wake up I actually have not been late ONE tme in the morning! Yeah and we ususally have to be in the va ready to go by 7:00am if not earlier!
Speaking of vasn guess who is getting certified to drive the big ole 15 passengers? ME thats right! Its kinda scary but I really like the little extra freedom you get if you are a driver.
Let's see... some other stuff I have been doing? I have been to Philly twice now doing service projects and the city is super cool, I haven't though been able to excplore it neraly as much as I would have liked too.
Oh and i would LOVE to get some mail from people. I actually haven't recieved ANY personal mail yet since I have been here! If you want to send me mail here is the address:
Victoria Felt
AmeriCorps NCCC Badger 7
PO Box 209
Perry Point MD
I really am liking it here though, I do admit that I have had some trying days but I am really starting to adjust it and love it here.
Love you all and miss you!
Victoria Ann


19th February 2008

Hi from CA
Hi, It was great hearing from you. I'm glad everything is going OK. If I remember right about your bedspread your bunk is the one on top. This is the kind of room that can't get too messy. Hang in there and be good. I love you. Nana
19th February 2008

Great job!
I'm so proud of you Victoria, keep it up! Nana sent me the link to this. I am excited to hear about all that you are doing.

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