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North America » United States » Maryland July 8th 2019

Day 10 – July 7 – Dover, DE to Frederick, MD (188 miles) If you’ve been following our travel blog, then you know that we call the lady spitting out directions from Claire’s Google Maps, Dorothy. Well, today, Dorothy had real problems. From the get-go, she was lost. It’s not a good thing when your GPS is lost. Uncertain where we were, Claire had to restart her phone to get Dorothy to reboot. Dorothy still had glitches all day. Who knows, maybe Dorothy went out and partied last night. She kept repeating herself (for example, on a 1 1/2-mile stretch, she must have told us 8 or 9 times to stay on that road heading toward a road that we had no clue where it was located)??? Then, we figured she was paying us back for ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore June 25th 2019

The drive from Steamboat Landing RV Park and Marina in Milton DE to Ramblin' Pines Family Campground & RV Park in Woodbine MD on Sunday, June 16, 2019 was uneventful. Wait! Sunday??? Well, Uncle Larry wasn’t paying attention to the calendar, and my RV park of choice for the Wednesday to Wednesday week over Father’s Day was plum full. Plan B found me combining three weeks into two stops which put staying in Milton a few extra days and found me arriving in Baltimore metro a few days early. The RV park is located on a car-friendly (narrow) paved road about five miles from I-70 northwest of Baltimore. Getting to the Baltimore attractions was no crazier than in any other city I have visited on The Great Adventure, and parking was just as crazy as in ... read more
The Detail on the Ship Models Is Absolutely Astounding
Naval Academy Graduate Astronauts Are Honored
The Public Can Watch the Midshipmen Gather at Noon Formation Each Day, Weather Permitting, in Tecumseh Court in Front of Bancroft Hall

North America » United States » Maryland » Owings Mills June 13th 2019

The following is a transcript from when I spoke at my fathers funeral: Larry Stern on Poppy – June 12, 2019 Living in Dubai, I was unable to meet with the rabbi, so my sister did. You'll be hearing some of the same things from me only I'm going to be funnier than the rabbi. Sorry rabbi, nothing personal. I met dad in August 1965, the 9th to be exact at 7:18 AM. He was 29 years old. . I don't know if any of you saw on Facebook, but an old neighbor posted something about she would always remember him as the candy man because my dad was a candy man. How cool is that to have your father in the candy business? I didn't really think of it at the time, but we always ... read more
Justin Emily & Lindsay
Alyssa & Jenna

North America » United States » Maryland » Rockville June 2nd 2019

It was a Dark and Stormy Night..... Thunderstorms were passing through all night in Canton- lots of flood warnings were flashing on the TV. I was thankful the rains waited until the evening to show up but wasn't sure what this was going to mean for my trip toward Washington DC in the morning. I decided to see what things looked like in the morning and see what the weather app had to show before I set a departure time. In the morning it looked like it would be dry until about 11:00 AM in Canton and rain clearing the DC area about 3:00. I hit the road at 8:30 with temperatures around 65. I was prepared to stop and put on my rain gear but not only didn't it rain- the temp started to slowly ... read more
Guinness 8.5 rating at Finnegan's Wake.
Downtown Rocksville MD

North America » United States » Maryland May 25th 2019

One of the sabbatical areas of focus is our relationship with family members. Becky and I just returned from 2 days with my parents (age 94 and 88) , my 2 sisters, Jeremy and his wife and 2 daughters (our grandchildren!) at my parents home (since 1960), in Chevy Chase Maryland. We all have many wonderful memories of this place. And they are extra meaningful because of the close relationships we all have with one another. Celebrate and rejoice when family can be together, especially in today's world when people have to travel afar to be together. In our case, from NY, and 2 different places in NC to Maryland. Alas Ben and Rachael, from RI, could not be with us. 2 grandaughters - Rose and Dylan with their great grandparents and their 1 cousin - ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore August 26th 2018

Three months left, where should we go? As much as we wanted to visit Newfoundland, top on our remaining “love to see” place’s in North America, we calculated it was about 2000 miles away and, although 3 months may seem like a long time, we knew from experience every journey takes longer than anticipated. As the Motor home, and therefore us, would be leaving from the east coast, we decided to stay that side of the USA. Newfoundland would have to stay on our “to do list” Our next stop was Nashville, where we hoped to meet up with Margie, we had been threatening to do this since the beginning of our trip. We sent an email to see if she was around, No, she was in England but would be back in time for us ... read more
Interesting Nashville car parking.
Nashville by night.
THE Chatanooga Choo Choo

This morning I woke up tired as my 5 hours of sleep came to an end all too soon. It helped knowing I was in the van today, but still a slow start nonetheless. We ate breakfast on the floor/stage in a circle and I paused for a moment to take it in—the uniqueness of this experience & to appreciate eating breakfast on the floor with these people. As I was helping clean up the host, the “mess bag” from Michaela from last night was still laying around so I had to buck up and brave it and carry it to the closest trash can. The motherly/older sister part of me gaining a few points. Two alumni joined us for the ride today and after setting everyone up for success with lots of chalk and lost ... read more
Double Chair Nap
The bird that dropped the fish into our lives!
Sunset at Havre de Grace

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore June 29th 2018

Today is prom day!! Though I’ve been to 7 high school proms, and one other Bike & Build prom, I am still excited for this experience bc Bike & Build prom is an awesome way for the team to get together and intentionally all hang out together—while in some silly get-ups. But before any of that fun is to be had, we must ride our bikes a womping 29 miles...! With the short mileage and the house stays, we are blessed with a 8am bags out—what a treat! But with that, we also get to take our time and spend time with our home hosts. Jess, Chris, Noah, Magpie, Ryan, and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of egg casserole, fruit & granola yogurt, blueberry muffins (I saved mine for later), OJ, & coffee, of course! The ... read more
Thrifting Adventures
Chalk Me Like One Of Your French Girls
This was on our cue sheet the other day! (& very true!)

North America » United States » Maryland June 28th 2018

Maryland is known to the majority of tourists as a nice, quiet area, where people live happy lives in the suburbs. But the reality is the region has been plagued by heroin addiction for a long time and the problem is getting worse. Baltimore is one of the cities known as a center of heroin abuse, where multiple generations of the same family are forced to seek professional help for their addiction from well known rehab center like US have been battling drugs for a long time, but the war against opioids is just begging in Maryland. What the numbers are saying? Between 2008 and 2014, the number of deaths due to heroin addiction increased at an alarming rate in Mayland. At the same time, the number of people reaching ER units w... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Pasadena June 28th 2018

This morning when I woke up, I heard the song "Birthday" by Katy Perry and my immediate first thought and audible word was "Jana!" I jumped out of bed and ran over to where she was sleeping and started singing and dancing! I think it was a bit much for her at 5:30 in the morning as she commented, "Oh Rally, how you do have this much energy right now?" lol. We all proceeded to get ready and were welcomed upstairs to a lovely breakfast of egg casseroles, more scones, fruit, OJ, and the cappuccino, coffee, or espresso shot of our choice. After breakfast, I completed my overnight duties by vacuuming the basement and wiping down the bathroom. I found Chris, quite possibly asleep, on the floor as he was searching for his lost cords or ... read more
Awkward Family Photo
Cute Family Photo

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