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As I get closer to my departure date, many people are asking about the trip so I thought I start the travel blog early. Here’s a few of the most popular questions that I’m getting. If you have any here that aren’t mentioned let me know. I’m happy to edit this blog. Do you know where you’re staying each night? Absolutely not. I have a rough itinerary of which area I’ll be in, but I don’t have lodging set up anywhere yet. When I travel, I stay in hostels which one can usually book last minute. Hostels are cheap and are the best way for solo travelers to meet other people. Are you going alone? Yes, I’ll be alone for quite a bit. I’m joining up with at least three group tours (Buenos Aires to La ... read more

Spent the day driving around the south and south western shore of Lake Tahoe. Beautiful blue skis tostart the day. Drove south and headed towards the renowned Emerald Bay. Numerous photo stops along the way and vista points. Hugged the edge of the mountain as we drove around towards emerald bay on the right hand side of the road, another car came sailing around a bend and straight across us and into a vista point on our right! Got photos of emerald bay and read all about the castle that was built at the bottom of the cliff we were standing on and then headed a bit further around the lake to the carpal entrance to the drive down to the castle, Vikingsholm. The road down was closed due to the 2 feet of snow over ... read more

Got up at 7, cars in the car park covered in about 5 cm of new snow and the forecast is for more fresh snow and a bit of cloud this morning. There hasnt been fresh snow for the oast week so today looks like a day to ski. Had breakfast downstairs and in the hire shop in the hotel by 845. Got our lift passes from the hotel reception to avoid more queues and no the goldola by 915 and on the slopes a little after 930. Lovely ski field and very pretty surrounds. Prefer to Mammoth which we did last week. Similar number of California idiots on slopes though. Apparently a popular way of going home from a days skiing is this way! 2 flights for life over the weekend. We started on the ... read more

South Lake Tahoe…..revisited Lake Tahoe is magnificent and in our opinion one of the loveliest lakes in America. If you enjoy nature you will enjoy the Lake Tahoe area. Hours of hiking trails beckon; we passed many bikers, motorcyclist, boaters and kayakers along the way. Summer or winter Lake Tahoe is an outdoor playground. As the old saying goes, “you can’t go home again.” Those of you who know us well might inquire, “they don’t have a home, do they?” And they are right to a point, as we have lived in many places over the years. But the truth is that each of these places has indeed been our home, from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains of Wyoming, to the beaches of Florida, to the green Northwest, to the present day digs ... read more
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LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA SIDE I can see why Ben Cartwright chose this area for his huge ranch "The Ponderosa" of Hollywood fame. What a gorgeous high alpine Lake. Ringed by snow-capped mountains and filled with clear blue water it is a picture perfect scene. Our stay was short, but sweet. We spent the night at one of those cute little 1950's style Motels that I love where you pull your car right up to the door to your room. Clean and quaint the nice Indian Family that owned the place were all smiles. The thirty-five dollar price tag was just right and even included a refrigerator and free wireless internet. Internet was extra in Las Vegas! Morning dawned bright and clear and we drove around the Lake at a leasurely pace. Emerald Cove was pristine, uncrowded ... read more
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Visited with Megan who is the new Director of the NEW community education division. We spent 2-1/2 hours discussing Boston Reed products, our online registration system, and ideas to help her get started with her new responsibilities. In 1999, I was exactly where she is when I was charged to start a community education department at College of the Desert. At lunch I was able to walk on the lake shore and boat dock, taking in more of the local beautify. The college is only one mile from our Best Western Hotel.... read more
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So far we have traveled 3200 miles! After a night and day in Napa (sales strategy meeting - no pics of Napa) we headed to South Lake Tahoe. I will be meeting with a client Friday morning. I picked up groceries before we checked-in at the Best Western (pet friendly of course) because I knew I would be spending the evening with Graycee dog while Terry went across the border to Harrah's (actually it is the State Line - not the border). We got a first floor room on the lake so patio sitting is very nice. Graycee must think it is her new home because she growls or barks at everyone that walks by. After client meeting we are on vacation in this lovely cool place for two days. We will begin the journey home ... read more
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Lo prometido es deuda. Aquí está el video de la boda en las vegas!. Youtube: Fue un gran día y la verdad es que lo pasamos muy bién, fue muy especial. Todo salió perfecto y no hubo ningún problema. Tanto Elvis como Neus y yo esperamos que os guste y disfrutéis tanto viéndolo como nosotros lo hicimos haciéndolo. Ahora solo queda celebrarlo con todos vosotros cuando volvamos. Sobre Las Vegas, solo decir que es una ciudad preparada para gastar dinero en ella, y una vez vistos los hoteles no ofrece mucho mas al turista cultural. Eso si, para pasarlo bién y como espectáculo seguramente no se puede comparar con nada en el mundo como podeis ver, es una de esas cosas (otra mas en este viaje) que hay que ver una vez en la vida, ... read more
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Las Vegas

Since October, 2010, when Doug's father, Bill, asked is if we wanted to go to Spain, April seemed a long ways off. Today is the first day of Spring, March 20, 2011. The picture on the right tells the sad story....Hopefully, Spain in April will be nuttin' but sunshine!! For this entire winter, I have been researching Spain and all of the places we wanted to visit. Total information overload! I started by contacting a Tour Operator, Pierre, at Circa Tours. He is from France, has traveled extensively in Europe and knows Spain very well. He and his wife run Circa Tours out of Los Angels, California, USA. I thought this was a very good find; being able to talk to a 'local' in the U.S. about Spain would be perfect! However, in the long run, ... read more

Geez... it only took me like 6 hours today to finally book our airfare to Spain! Yikes! Got really good prices, tho. .. $839 each! Yahooooo!!! No on to the long process of hotels, bus tours, castles, museums, etc. We leave in only 2 months!... read more

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