Getting ready for the Incredible Journey

Published: August 7th 2014
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As I get closer to my departure date, many people are asking about the trip so I thought I start the travel blog early. Here’s a few of the most popular questions that I’m getting. If you have any here that aren’t mentioned let me know. I’m happy to edit this blog.

Do you know where you’re staying each night?

Absolutely not. I have a rough itinerary of which area I’ll be in, but I don’t have lodging set up anywhere yet. When I travel, I stay in hostels which one can usually book last minute. Hostels are cheap and are the best way for solo travelers to meet other people.

Are you going alone?

Yes, I’ll be alone for quite a bit. I’m joining up with at least three group tours (Buenos Aires to La Paz, Antarctic Cruise, and southern Africa), and then various friends or family might meet me at certain points although no one has committed yet. I do plan to visit some friends in Australia and multiple friends in Asia. Traveling solo isn’t as bad as it sounds though. I’ll meet people in hostels and along the way so I won’t be lonely.

Where are you going?

This is the most popular question that I get. The basic plan is to go around the world and visit all seven continents. I only have flights for the first part of the trip, but here is the tentative plan so far.

From August 18th – November 12th I’ll be in Central America. I fly into Mexico City and I fly out of Guatemala City. For the time inbetween, I plan to spend time in Mexico City, southern Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala. I hope to do lots of scuba diving and see lots of Mayan and Aztec history.

From November 12th- December 29th I’ll be in South America. I fly from Guatemala City to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will probably spend about a week in Uruguay before joining a two-week group tour that covers northern Argentina and Bolivia. After an extra few days in Bolivia, I fly to Easter Island for a week. From there I plan to go to the Lake District and the wine country of Argentina and then make it back to Buenos Aires for Christmas time. I figured it’d be best to be in a big city for Christmas. After Christmas I fly to Patagonia in southern Argentina for a few days before my Antarctic Cruise, which departs on December 29th.

I return from the Antarctic cruise on January 9th and then I have one more day on the South America leg before flying to Auckland, New Zealand. That is as far as I’ve gotten as far as I’ve gotten in regards to actually purchasing flights so the rest of this is very tentative. From Auckland I think I’ll do about a month in New Zealand before flying to Australia for six weeks. I’d probably start in Melbourne and then head north along the coast after spending some time on Tasmania. I’d probably fly out of Cairns or Darwin for the next leg of the trip, which will be Asia.

In Asia, I’m thinking of flying into northern India and then spend two months making my way to Bangkok. Countries that are on the itinerary are India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. I’ll probably play this by ear.

In late May, I’ll leave Asia and spend a week on the Seychelles Islands. People have asked why I choose the Seychelles over the Maldives. I looked online and it seems like both locations are great for beaches and scuba, but the Seychelles has more hiking and other activities so it’s better for solo travelers like me. From there I plan to go to Cape Town. There’s a three-week group tour that goes from Cape Town, South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It passes through Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia along the way.

The last leg of the trip will be in Europe. This will be about late June and I’ll be there a couple of weeks so I’ll be back in the States in early/mid July.

Anyway, that’s the tentative plan so far. I expect it will change a bit so stay tuned.


7th August 2014

JennieRae, we all will have fun following your blog. We wish you and will be praying for your safety and good health! We will all miss you, but you will be having the adventure of a lifetime. Take care - we love you tons! Cheryl, Bob, All the Guys, Shavonne, Sam and Clair!
8th August 2014

Blessings on your world adventure!
Wow! I'm speechless...well, not really. I am so excited for you that your journey is about to begin! I pray that it will fulfill all that you are dreaming for an adventure of this caliber. I look forward to viewing posts throughout the year and can't wait to see the wild and crazy photo album that is sure to come! Enjoy, with an emphasis on "joy"! Jennine
8th August 2014

Wish you a wonderful trip
JR, if you plan to visit New Delhi let me know. My sister lives there.
11th August 2014

Wow JennieRae, that sounds like such an incredible trip! I'm really looking forward to hearing all about it and the great experiences you'll have! My only complaint is that you WOULD be gone the year we decide to come down for Thanksgiving ;) haha, take care of yourself and update us all often, as you're able to. Have Fun!

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