Blue Sky, Emerald Water-- Lake Tahoe

Published: May 21st 2012
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Fallen Leaf Lake
South Lake Tahoe…..revisited

Lake Tahoe is magnificent and in our opinion one of the loveliest lakes in America. If you enjoy nature you will enjoy the Lake Tahoe area. Hours of hiking trails beckon; we passed many bikers, motorcyclist, boaters and kayakers along the way. Summer or winter Lake Tahoe is an outdoor playground.

As the old saying goes, “you can’t go home again.” Those of you who know us well might inquire, “they don’t have a home, do they?” And they are right to a point, as we have lived in many places over the years. But the truth is that each of these places has indeed been our home, from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains of Wyoming, to the beaches of Florida, to the green Northwest, to the present day digs of northern California. Each of these places has represented home to us in a fashion, as we have lived there for more than a few months and sometimes even years. And so, after more than 16 years, we have returned to beautiful South Lake Tahoe.

We worked in South Lake Tahoe during the winter of 1995-96, lured to the snowy playground by a travel nursing contract. We thought we had landed a job in Portland Oregon-- it fell through so off to Tahoe we headed. We arrived in early December and remained through the following March, which is prime ski season in these parts. The lure of the powdery snow beckons many a skier, and we were hired to fix those unfortunate few who managed to take a wrong turn or took a nasty spill. Frankly, this never really materialized, and they had us working on other kinds of patients in the Barton Memorial hospital operating room---but that’s okay as we found ourselves living in a playground in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

These past few months have found us absent from TravelBlog as we have concentrated on academia, but now it’s time to get back to what we feel we do well, which is move around and have a good look. And what better way than to take a weekend and re-visit the beautiful Lake Tahoe area and our friend Amy Isenhart and her husband Bob. We worked with Amy 16 years ago and it was grand to catch up.

Amy and Bob took us on a tour of the Tallac Historic Site, which included the estate of “Lucky” Baldwin, an uber-wealthy entrepreneur from the turn of the last century, we took a short hike to Fallen Leaf Lake and also stood delightfully near Echo Lake. We found the vistas stunning, as we were last here in 1995 when snow was all around. What we discovered is that it is equally beautiful in late May, with spring flowers blooming and balmy temperatures. Although this winter was a mild one in terms of temperatures and snowfall, Mother Nature can be fickle, as the previous year it was much colder and snowed into the month of June. We felt fortunate to arrive during a great stretch of weather with the temps in the upper 60’s (20 degrees centigrade) with just a hint of a breeze. All in all, a stellar late spring day near one of the most beautiful lakes in the States, if not the world. The deep blue color of the lake and the clarity of the water are a sight to see.

We also found the place where we lived (1995) during this assignment on Beecher Ave. Now,
Merry Jo & AmyMerry Jo & AmyMerry Jo & Amy

Fallen Leaf Lake
we’ve lived in more than a few places over the years, as our family would testify. The running joke was that you needed to write our address in pencil as it changes so often. We have all the addresses written down mind you, but the problem here is that the addresses are some 2500 miles away stored in a box. So….we had to rely on our memories to find the place. We drove around some and then decided that the best way would be to retrace our path from the hospital to our temporary home. This proved to be most useful. We turned down a street that we thought might take us to the general neighborhood, then realized that we needed to turn right, then right again, and voila….there it was. The house we stayed in had been made available to our travel company as the owner was an older woman who apparently loaded up her trailer each fall and headed for the Mexican peninsula to wait out the winter. We had spoken with her once, but never actually met her.

As we parked in front of the house, we noticed a man waxing his truck next
Dave & MJDave & MJDave & MJ

Fallen Leaf Lake
door and struck up a conversation. This proved to be most beneficial, as he had lived there many years and had known the woman fairly well. He told us that she had passed two years back, and that her daughters were sorting out the place little by little. He was fond of the woman and had more than a glass of wine or two over the years. We described our time there and then took a quick walk to the backyard, which looked almost the same, minus the snow when we were there. Memories flooded back and we were transported back briefly to a time when we lived there……good times.

The winter of 95-96 when we lived in Tahoe it seemed liked it snowed everyday and thus Dave shoveled daily. We decided to “google” the snow fall information and learned that in December of that year there was 24 inches of snow, January 106 inches, February 72 and 38 inches in March. No wonder Dave was eager to head to a beach vacation when it was over.

It was great to revisit this time in our lives, albeit briefly. Perhaps you can’t go home again, but you can hold on to the memories, as they cannot be taken from you.

We have included a few photos from this weekend in Tahoe as well as a few from 1995-96.

Lake Tahoe Facts

2nd deepest Lake in America—501 meters or 1645 feet

10th deepest Lake in the World

22 miles long (35 km) and 12 miles wide (19 km)

For all our scuba diver friends… the visability is 70feet (21 meters) and the water temp is 40 to 50 degrees F(4.5 to 10 C) during February and March and warms to 65 to 70 degrees F (18 to 21 C) during August and September. Below 600 feet it is a constant 39 degrees F(4.0 C)

If you are looking for a good local breakfast stop please try The Red Hut Waffle Shop.

Additional photos below
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A girl & her dogA girl & her dog
A girl & her dog

Blue waters-sunny day
Brutus Buckeye ExploresBrutus Buckeye Explores
Brutus Buckeye Explores

Lovely Lake Tahoe
Above Emerald BayAbove Emerald Bay
Above Emerald Bay

Brutus touring
Go slowGo slow
Go slow

they were not kidding
One more viewOne more view
One more view

Lake Tahoe
Dave & MJ  Dave & MJ
Dave & MJ

We love to explore
Beeher Ave.Beeher Ave.
Beeher Ave.

Rental house we lived in 1995
Echo LakeEcho Lake
Echo Lake


21st May 2012

Welcome back!
Congrats on finishing with the studies :-) What a stunning playground, a perfect place to enjoy some post-study time out. The powdery snow sounds tempting.....
21st May 2012

Lake Tahoe, California
It is wonderful to be finished with school and have our lives back. We love to wander and explore and it was a wonderful weekend. Good to see old friends and wander down memory lane. It is a beauty part of the world. You should explore it some day.
21st May 2012
Tahoe Lake Extraordinaire

wow! gorgeous!
21st May 2012
Tahoe Lake Extraordinaire

Thanks for your comment.
Lake Tahoe is amazing. Hope you will explore it some day. Lots of hiking and a million things to do.
21st May 2012

A bit of snow?
Love this post. It's always nice to revisit and allow for those moments of nostalgia. A bit of snow? Brrrr...... You tell me! No wonder Dave was eager for those beach destinations after!
21st May 2012

You bet!
Once we finished working in Tahoe we headed to the Caribbean for two weeks and vacationed on Dominica. That was a great way to thaw out. Looking forward to future beaches.
21st May 2012

beautiful- miss you!
21st May 2012

Miss you too!
I will call you soon.
21st May 2012

Welcome back to blogging...
I know I still owe you a blog about Colorado...maybe later this week. I love the pictures of you from 1995-96...interesting how those grey hairs creep up on us through the years!
22nd May 2012

Hi Bob,
Not just the grey hairs but a few pounds. We enjoyed looking at the old photos. We were so young then! We shall await your Colorado blog.
21st May 2012

Thank you
Hi Dave and Merry Jo, So good to hear from you again. Your writing and pictures always brighten my day. Carolyn (Gunga)
22nd May 2012

Hello Carolyn,
We've been wondering what you were up to also. We have a lot of travel in our near future. Exciting things will begin to happen in just a few weeks.
21st May 2012

Wow-looks beautiful! Loved the 96 Tahoe Dave-the hat looked great, still have it?
22nd May 2012

He looks good in that hat.
Yes, I think he may still have it but it is in storage.
21st May 2012

As always fun to read your remind us that there is a lot to see right at home in the US. We are in Puerto Vallarta this week having a lovely week of sunshine, swimming and parasailing (first time we've done that .... Loved it). Still hoping we will run into you somewhere in the world. Next month we are in Texas for granddaughters graduation them a week in July in
22nd May 2012

A lot to do in the US
Hope our paths will cross soon!
21st May 2012

Lake Tahoe
One word: BEAUTIFUL!
22nd May 2012

Hi Susan,
Tahoe is lovely. You should plan a trip. Lots of great hikes and wonderful water to look at.
22nd May 2012

Wonderful Entry!
And the pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to take my kids. Thanks for sharing. :)
22nd May 2012

Hello Anastasia
It is a fantastic place to take the kids. They would get plenty of the outdoors and sleep well at night.
22nd May 2012

On our To Do list
My husband and I have been talking about taking the family there. I have read some great reviews and blogs about Lake Tahoe. You are lucky to have visited, I'm envious. Great photos by the way
22nd May 2012

And the lake was still there! Nothing like a pretty lake to cheer the heart.
23rd May 2012

Agree with you on that
Tahoe is a special place.
18th July 2012

Awesome times is Lake Tahoe
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