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North America » United States » California » Redding August 2nd 2015

Geo: 40.5875, -122.393The plan for today was to see Mount Shasta in all of its beauty, on our way to Redding, CA. So, we set out at 8:40 AM and 64 degrees with overcast skies, hoping that the clouds would lift and give us that spectacular view. Unfortunately, the clouds came down instead. We had rain off and on…not a downpour, but just enough to keep the windshield wet. Since we would not be in Shasta until afternoon, we still had hopes for a clearing.We drove miles and miles through the Cascades, with constant elevation changes. At times we were on flat ground, by fluffy yellow fields peppered with dark green trees and the occasional farm, with rectangular bales of hay piled neatly together in blocks. And we saw fields of grazing cows, horses, freshly sheered ... read more
Black volcanic rock walls
We were in the clouds
In the clouds

North America » United States » California » Redding September 7th 2013

Hallo Ihr Lieben Seit Dienstag Abend bin ich bereits in den Staaten, d.h. In Californien. Nach gewissen kleinen Anfangsschwierigkeiten ist es nun recht gemütlich. Nach einem langen Flug bin ich am Dienstag ca. 16:00 h in San Francisco gelandet. Das Einchecken in Kloten am Vortag war recht mühsam, denn die „Kofferwaage“ zeigte mir zu Hause etwa 2 bis 2,5 kg weniger an als die Waage am Flughafen. Fragt sich, welche stimmte... Jenu jedenfalls musste ich beide Koffer umpacken, habe die Bücher in den Velokarton geschmissen und diesen wieder zugeklebt (das Velo mit „Zubehör“ war Gott sei Dank 9 kg leichter als erlaubt). Mit diesem Sperrgut kämpfte ich mich wieder zurück zur Check-In Frau, sie hat mir tatsächlich geholfen, den Karton zu heben. Aber dann war alles gut und eben, den Flug hab ich glücklich überstanden und ... read more
Swiss Fliegerchen und Sektfläschli und Schokolade
Mein Schnuggi - hab ich leider nicht mehr

North America » United States » California » Redding August 29th 2011

....continues from last entry! Well it’s amazing what you can find when you mooch around, no not anything of scenic beauty but we did find a K Mart – which Abi had told us about and most impressive of all they sold levis for $19.98! and had some in the sale for $11, got very excited and then noticed they were all size 4, somehow I just knew I had no chance!! We did discover they sold quite cheap sleeping bags though and we will need them for when we stay at the Kampgrounds of America sites so at least now we know where to buy them. We also checked out another massive supermarket and spent ages drooling over all the wonderful gallons tubs of ice cream (no we did not buy any), after a bit ... read more

North America » United States » California » Redding July 21st 2010

REDDING, Calif. - I’m not used to stopping for the day at 3:35 p.m., but it felt pretty good to get off of the bike and into an air conditioned motel room in the 97 degree heat of Redding. I covered 424.3 miles in 6 hours and 40 minutes of riding today and I’m poised for a 315-mile jaunt tomorrow to Monterey with an afternoon/evening foray down to Big Sur. Sean took me to a spectacular little German bar and eatery called Prost! last night. They have all of the great German standards on tap and their outdoor patio features tables and benches from the Spaten beer tent at Oktoberfest in Munich. I had a brat and sauerkraut and a liter of Spaten Optimator. I was up by 5:45 a.m. today. Sean and Ruth got up ... read more
I gave him $5
Hotter'n hell in Redding, Calif.

North America » United States » California » Redding September 30th 2009

Today, we continued our trek north through California. We decided to take a slight detour to Fairfield to check out the Jelly Belly Factory. We went on a free tour they offer to see how jelly beans are made. We couldn't take pictures during the tour, though, because you could actually see the machines they use to make the jelly beans. However, we did get free samples during the tour. We got a sample of a normal jelly bean, the inside of a jelly bean (without the shell), and the jelly bean with the shell but before finishing. And, at the end of the tour, we each got a free bag of jelly beans! There was also a sample bar to try out any of the flavors, which, of course, enticed us to buy some jelly ... read more
Jelly Belly Car

North America » United States » California » Redding September 6th 2009

September 3, 2009 All my life I’ve been a chronicler. Perpetually feeling the need or desire for reecording my wonderings, my feelings, thoughts, reflections both internal and external in words and images. Gotta keep a record, lest I forget. Gotta reflect, be deep, poignant, poetic, clever, relevant. You know the drill. For the past weeks I’ve released myself of any such discipline, having let go of my journal, hardly emailed anyone, and not entered my musings onto our blog. Instead I’ve enjoyed just being in the moment, present in place, and quite on the go I might add. Here are some pics of our backpack trip with beloved friends from the Bay Area. I brought a camera but nothing the read or write. It’s been most enjoyable but perhaps I’ll re-explore the joy of using the ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 12
Photo 2

North America » United States » California » Redding September 2nd 2009

Dated 8/22/09 There are moments that are essential to take in completely, that are so wonderful that just grasping them for a second can sustain you for a good long time. The moment is perfect. Food for the soul and all that sort of corny stuff. We have just backpacked in about 6 miles or so in 4+ hours. 9 people, 3 dogs and 2 goats. We were approaching that point of fatigue where some are saying, "press on", others saying"I could stop now", but all really needing for the journey to end for the day before major crankiness sets in. We press on but then the woods, in its infinite generosity, provides magic. We are given the perfect stopping point with plenty of room for camping, a fire pit, and best of all, a mountain ... read more
The pool
The pool

North America » United States » California » Redding May 22nd 2009

On Memorial day weekend, Joe and I decided to go on another road trip. We started our journey on Friday, May 22nd after he got off work. We rented a car through Enterprise and got a Chevy HH6. We almost had to make the trip with an SUV (Dodge Journey) since they didn't have any available compact or mid-size cars for us when we got there. Fortunately, I was able to return the Journey for the HH6. Gas on the Journey would have been a bugger. Anyhow, our main destination was to head up to Redding and rest there for the night. Along the way, we managed to checked out Colusa Wildlife National Refuge, Colusa Sacramento River State Recreation Area and the Colusa County Courthouse listed as one of California's historic site #890. That was pretty ... read more

North America » United States » California » Redding October 16th 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Eureka NV welcomed us last night without frost. But today we want some California warmth. So we plan a 320 mile drive west across Nevada, bypass Reno and onto Susanville, CA. Not that we know anything about what’s at Susanville. Highway 50 stayed true to its character of: surveyor straight, little to zero traffic and gray green sage bush. The highway planners decided not to run the route through the Clan Alpine Mountains because of the significant elevation and route finding. Instead they did a end run south around the Clan Alpine and we came out between Sand Mountain and a large salt flat near Fallon, NV. Since BC does not have salt flats, a stop and several pictures satisfied our curiosity. Then we hurried onto Reno on Interstate 80. Reno had ... read more
Salt Flats
Salt Flats & Sand Dune State Park
Salt Flats

North America » United States » California » Redding August 21st 2008

We travelled from LA to San Francisco on a cheap coach. It was run by a company called USAsia. You guessed it we were the only none Asians on the coach. All the information was in Chinese, so we ended up just following the crowd to ensure that the coach didn't go without us. When we disembarked in China town the bus drive kept thanking only Phil and me. Then as we were trying to find a cab the coach driver went passed and was blowing his horn and waving at us. We must have been a novelty for the bus driver. We stayed in a historic hotel on Market street, right in the centre of the city. It was really foggy and cold when we arrived, I put my jacket on it was that cold. ... read more
Dinner at the hotel

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