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Greetings! Today we went to Universal Studios!!! IT WAS AWESOME! First, we had a tram tour of the movie sets. It turns out that when you see a movie filmed in a particular city, it is usually filmed in one of the fake set cities!! We also went through an absolutely terrifying tunnel with fake dinosaurs smashing against the tram and Godzilla roaring right in our faces! Then we saw an awesome water show with lots of explosions and water. ( no duh). Then we ate hot dogs and ice cream and saw an animal show. Then we went on a crazily awesome ride with more dinos! Amazing day See y'all latah! ... read more

I had never driven the Mulholland Drive before so Adam was accomodating this morning on our way to the Getty Museum. The drive is in the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Fernado Valley in on the other side of the mountain. There are some really good views from this drive. The home range from average to awesome. all built on a hillside with stilts supporting them and a few houses along the ridge. Can you imagine the cost of property on the ridge$$$$$$. The Getty Museum is an ultra modern art museum with some very nice works of art including pictures, paintings, furniture and my favorite items the clocks. But you could only take picture of certain things. And once I yelled at for trying to take a picture; I got stubborn and stopped taking ... read more
The John Paul Getty Museum
The plaza at the Getty
The Getty - one of  the many steps to climb

Hey guys i just started a blog so you guys can follow me along my journey in africa. I hope all is well with you guys and that you have a great 4th of July weekend. I take off on Tuesday July 6th from LAX @12:41pm and land in Cairo, Egypt on July 7th @ 4pm, it will be a lonnggggg flight and im not looking forward to it but it will be worth it. Anyways i hope all of you accepted this invatation and hope to entertain you with my adventures. Ill send another one in the middle of next week have a good one. PJ... read more

Bueno, empecemos hola a todos! bueno para empezarles a contar mi experiencia con este viaje, voy a comenzar desde ayer.....sali de mi casa en costa rica ayer miercoles, a las 9 am...... tuve que hacer escala en fort lauredale y el vuelo de ahi a LA duro una eternidad! como unas 5 horas. tengo un enredo con los horarios, lo que se es que llegue a las 12 hora de costa rica, osea 14 horas creo que viaje! llegue agotada y con dem hambre, no les recomiendo que viajen en spirit jajaja, es una aerolinea muy barata, pero no dan ni agua, y en un vuelo de 5 horas, ya estaba deshidratada.... bueno llegue al apartamento de laura, y muy lindo, la zona donde viven es muy muy chiva, me encanta! bueno hoy jueves, me levante ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Brentwood January 24th 2009

After a rather quick 10 hour flight to LAX Airport - we had arrived at our first destination! America! On exit from the airport, the sun was shining bright, the palm trees were swaying gently and we both took one almighty 'were here' sigh of relief! After jumping on a bus heading to 'Westwood' we were like two excited kids on a school bus, taking in the hussle and bussle of the streets and traffic, and the never ending rows of fast food joints/auto shops/retro style shops/psychic readers (mostly in peoples front gardens!) - we had arrived in America! After a pick up in Westwood courtesy of Holly’s cousin, we headed back to her condo in Brentwood, a fantastic location in West Hollywood where we ordered in our first of many fast food meals - ‘animal ... read more
Adri, Tim & Kev
Hungry Pelican - malibu

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Brentwood December 4th 2008

Tuesday 26th November to Wednesday 3rd December, 2008 Thanksgiving in America, always the last Thursday in November is a day when families get together to eat drink and be merry and is looked forward to and planned for with as much fervour amongst American folk as Christmas is back home. It is also a day when Faithful & Gould reward their staff with not just the customary day off but also with the following day meaning a much treasured four day weekend, like gold dust when the meagre holiday allowances are taken into consideration and whilst it was a case of unfortunate planning that Jerry's trip ended halfway through it was still something for me to savour. I'd already turned down an invite to lamb and turkey thanksgiving lunch from colleague Nigel on the grounds that ... read more
For What We Are About to Receive.
For What We Are About to Receive.
For What We Are About to Receive.

We left Auckland on Air NZ - NZ2, on July 16, 2007. The flight was a little bumpy due to a tropical cyclone in the pacific, however service was good and we had 2 seats at the back of the 777 that gave us extra legroom. Touchdown ontime at 14:40 hrs... The dry heat was welcome after the rain and dampness of the New Zealand winter. Anyway, we picked up a rental car and then it was into the traffic on the 405 North and a twenty minute drive to Caroline's sister's house in Brentwood. And then the time got away from us. We spent the first couple of days with sister Marybeth and shopping, bearing in mind that we were limited to one bag of 20 kilos per person. Luckily, I offloaded a quilt ... read more

Hello all, The countdown has begun as we make last minute changes to what we are taking and what we are not. I for one am not taking as much photo equipment as I had previously planned , and as a result have gone from a 48lb pack to a 38lb pack. Other then that Calone is busy getting all the animals bathed, clipped and prepped for her departure. We still have to pack her bag and repack again minus what she can live without to get the weight down as much as possible. Its been a struggle to decide what to take and what to leave for fear of "Oh no they don't have *insert item* down there". So thats it for now , we will try and update sometime monday afternoon. Best, Dax ... read more

Depart Los Angeles - June 24 @ 12:59am. Arrive Guatemala City - June 25 @ 6:45am. Depart Guatemala City - July 27 @ 7:40pm. Arrive Los Angeles - July 27 @ 11:50pm.... read more 25 days we will be in central america. let the countdown begin as i break in my boots & get needles stuck in my arm. apparently dax has already done both. whatevs. ive been hiking with just under 15lbs on my back so far. i have to get this up to 25+ lbs as soon as possible, then increase my 1-2 miles up to 3-4miles. in other news i spent part of the week in santa barbara with gia & a couple of my neighbors. loved every bit of it, even down to the tar thats still stuck to the bottoms of my feet :D i'll add a couple more updates before our trip just to let you know my progress. ciao for now. ... read more

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