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August 11th 2012
Published: September 21st 2012
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Lompoc. 11thAugust 2012

When anyone of our generation thinks of America they tend to think of the big flash cars that were so famous back in the fifties and sixties.

A few Saturdays after getting the keys to the new Condo we were more than ready for a break. We’d heard good reports about the coastal town of San Luis 0bsipo to the north of Santa Barbara along highway 1 so decided we’d give it a try.

Feeling a bit jaded from lack of sleep (we’d forgotten how difficult new born babies can be!) we set off. In no time at all we felt a great desire to get out of the car and into some fresh air so we stopped at a bay we saw sign posted off the main road. From the Cliffside above it didn’t look too brilliant and on investigation we realised it would cost $10 just to park the car, so instead carried on north.

The next place along the coast was Lompoc and as sleep deprivation was taking over big time we decided to stop off there for a while, we came across an old American car show in a local park so rather than get back into the car, which seemed determined to lull us to sleep, we went in to take a look. It was actually quite interesting and I was amazed at what good condition these old cars were in. Their proud owners were never too far away and ready to brush aside any speck of dust that happened to fall onto the paint work! Even the engines were spottlessly clean.

After 30 minutes of dragging our tired bodies around we made the decision to call it a day and give San Loius Obispo a miss for now and head home to sleep!

That’s the new grandparents lot I guess!!

Ohia 18th August 2012

Our next weekend jaunt was to Ojai in the mountain ranges towards Los Angeles. It was a sleepy little town where it was pretty obvious you needed big money to live here, It was nestled high in the mountains with Spanish style buildings and beautiful scenery. The lake of Los Positas made a good stopping off point on the way but the temperature was so high we decided to give any thoughts of long walks a miss for now! Instead we took a lazy walk around an artistic centre in Ojai and dream of how we could dress up Sharon’s new patio, (had we got oceans of money to spare!)

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Refugio BeachRefugio Beach
Refugio Beach

A quick stop on the way home
Los Positas LakeLos Positas Lake
Los Positas Lake

On the way to Ojai

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