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North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low September 29th 2013

We've really enjoyed our summer in Show Low, Arizona, elevation of 6,000 ft. Despite the near-daily monsoons, the days have been sunny and cool (for Arizona that is.) Tom and I were happy with the golf course at Juniper Ridge. I started golfing with friend Jane in a ladies four-some and actually didn't do too badly. Black Mesa Ranch had an open house last week. New friends Weezie and Dick (a retired military nuclear physicist) shared their Road Trek. Linda and Ken, in their Suburban, lead us down the washboard roads of Snowflake, AZ for this adventure. This is a goat ranch. The goats are bottle-fed by the owners as they want the milking goats to keep on making milk once the kids are grown. The ranch is off the grid. Dozens of solar panels bring ... read more
Nubians feeding
Dick shares his water

North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low July 22nd 2013

Since 2012 was a big travel year for us we decided to kick back and relax in Arizona for awhile. The summer started out with a little bump in the road when Tom found out he had skin cancer. In June he had Mohs surgery in The Valley (as they call the Phoenix area) where the surgeon removed one layer of skin at a time, checked for cancer, and kept going until it was all gone. She bandaged his face up and sent him home. The next day I drove him to an eye surgeon who used part of his eye lid to reconstruct his face. Now all the ladies think he is winking at them! Once he was given the okay from the doc we left the 115 degree weather, driving a few hundred miles ... read more
Kelsey with Bling!
Leona and Carl
Bob and Linda

North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low June 15th 2013

56 degrees this morning – felt so much better than being hit with an oven first thing. Beautiful all day, high 84 degrees but felt a lot cooler. We headed into the town of Show Low; it’s a nice, bustling, medium sized town. Everything was called ‘Bison Something’: Bison Crossing, Bison Resort, Bison Realty, Bison Glass and Mirror – you get the picture! Quite a few American Indians, without Indian garb, of course. Lots of juniper, cedar, and other evergreen trees everywhere. It was a nice, relaxing, comfortable day in this awesome bit of paradise – a true blessing! We are off to Monument Valley, UT on the northern border of AZ in the morn. (Listening to GBC Live - Service Starts at 7:45AM here) We hope ... read more
Just a Couple More Campsite Pictures
Just a Couple More Campsite Pictures
Just a Couple More Campsite Pictures

North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low June 14th 2013

A travel day – Sunny and 82 degrees when we leave and not feeling as dry. Headed north at last. So many drought signs: San Carlos River, dry; Gila River, a significant river, totally dry; hundreds of burned out acreage by the side of the road. Passed through Geronimo, home of the Apache. Also passed through their reservation, with it’s Apache Gold Casino. Gaining altitude at last and temperature dropping a bit. A big topography change, from cactus and desert brush to cedar trees, clouds, and cooler temps. Still 88 degrees, but feels much better. Miles and miles of twisty mountain roads, up and down from 3000 feet to over 6000 feet many times. (The Ram worked very hard!) Arrived Show Low, Arizona and Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Center and Campground. (Site is at 6300 ... read more
We Crossed the Salt River Below
More From the Trip North
More From the Trip North

North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low May 11th 2012

Saturday, April 28th We left Big Horn Campground in the Gila National Forest at about 9:30. 57 degrees, blue, blue skies, mileage starting at 24372. The night was so clear last night that the stars were the brightest I have seen in a long, long time. They came all the way down to the horizon. We started out in the morning and drove through ranchland, forests, and interesting geological formations heading north along highway 180 crossing into Arizona. Saw a wolf just standing by himself in the forest. Evidence of a HUGE forest fire in this area. Found the Luna Lake Recreation area, now in the White Mountains of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, just south of the town of Alpine at 8023 feet in elevation. Lots of ducks, coots, and at least 3 great blue herons ... read more
412-74 Luna Lake NFS
412-75 Great blue herons, Luna Lake
412-76 Cinnamon Teal, Luna Lake

North America » United States » Arizona » Show Low July 17th 2009

We sit on our balcony and drink some wine while waiting for the taxi. They said it would be 45 minutes. The taxi arrives; our driver is ‘Robin’. I ask her if they are busy and she said they are. She said the worse part is their dispatcher does not know what she is doing. She is the daughter of the regular dispatcher who is not available to work because she is in jail. The daughter has no experience and is making Robin’s life hell. We go to the ‘Branding Iron Restaurant’. We sit in the outside area. It’s kind of cozy but rustic. They have a shaded area with Christmas lights, a fire ring (it’s on because it is chilly), and a singer. He singing songs written by himself. He is OK; he’s kind of ... read more
Hampton Inn
Show Low
Branding Iron

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