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North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 20th 2019

After our brekky this morning we gathered in the lounge with the rest of our shore excursion group before we were escorted down to board one of the ship’s tenders. This is the only port where we will use tenders. We found out later that there is a pier a little ways out of town, but for some reason we anchored within the harbour. So we tendered ashore and found our zodiac guides right there at the pier. The first task was to put everyone into life jackets, before we were assisted onto our zodiac. There were no seats! We perched along the side of the rubber craft, and hung on to the ropes. There was also a tight strap along the floor to put our feet under, helping to hold us on the craft. So ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 6th 2017

Today's weather is even a bit nicer than yesterday. Sitka is even more beautiful with the sun. See so much more that we didn't know was out there. Went to pick up 50 lbs of salmon that we had processed. Mike (our host) is keeping it in his freezer until we get home then he will send it to us. Some pics of his home , where we eat every am. The story about the creation of the Raven (which took 8 years) is the amazing. Went to the brewery and met a couple of true Alaskan born and raised here. They are staying in the other cabin here so will see them at breakfast. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 5th 2017

What a day, what a day. 64 , sunny and light breeze. Perfect day for fishing King salmon! The owner of the B&B we are staying at lined it up for us N/C!!! He owns the boat with a friend. Got up at 5 to be on the boat by 7. Started off foggy but when that lifted it turned into a glorious day. Caught 12 salmon (Kings - White - Silver. Saw several whales and sea lions. One had a long battle with Mike over a large King. The sea lion won. Didn't get back till 4. Truly a day I'll never forget!!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 3rd 2017

Another Sitka day. Rain off and on with a few moments of Sunshine!! Had a delicious breakfast and excellent conversation with guests and hosts again this morning. Mike was feeling a little under the weather so we just kicked back today. Took a long nap, read, etc. Trying to arrange a king salmon fishing adventure for Wed or Thurs. The weather is supposed to improve by then.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 2nd 2017

Another rainy day. Started the day with breakfast with our charming hosts.. then headed out to explore another area of the Island. So beautiful!! Stopped by the brewery to fill a couple of growlers Then to the pub for supper. Life is so laid back here.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 1st 2017

What a great day!! Started by having breakfast with our hosts. Tasty food and great conversation. Rained all day. Juneau and Sitka get a lot of rain. Like 90 inches a year. Went to the Raptor center this am. Sad to hear how these birds were injured, but so awesome that they have a place like this to go. Very interesting and informative. This afternoon we visited the Bear fortress! YES more 🐻. I'm obcessed! Same type of establishment,. But the ones we saw all lost their moms before she could teach them how to survive in the wild. So they are unable to be released. Spent over 2 hrs. Plan on going again before we leave.😍 Ended the day at Asian Palace. I had the best Thai food. Pleasant surprise.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 30th 2017

Even though it was raining we had a very enjoyable ferry ride to Sitka. The inside passage is gorgeous. Checked into The Inn at Ravens Peek - the Free Bird cabin. Attaching a few pics. Truly amazing view. Uniquely decorated music theme. Every amentity you could think of including heated towels and robes. Visited the Baranof brewery - very good beer. Went to the Mean Queen for pizza had an interesting conversation with a local fisherman. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka July 18th 2016

Sitka is our final Alaskan port. This town retains much of it's Russian character. It was the capital of Russian Alaska until the US bought the territory for 7,200,000 or about 2 cents an acre. It was considered a foolish purchase by the people at the time. Sitka remained the capital of Alaska Terreratory until it was moved to Juneau. We opted for a three prong sightseeing excursion. The first was cruising the Sitka Sound, searching for otter rafts. Our first sighting was a bachelor raft, all males together feeding on urchins, crab, sea stars of whatever else is available. These critters use rocks as tools to open their catch. Soon we came upon the Ladies raft where the moms floated on their backs with the little ones on their tummy. The pups feed on milk ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 30th 2015

Sitka, formerly a Russian outpost, where Alaska was ceremoniously transferred to the United States after the purchase promoted by Secretary of State William Seward in 1867, was the one city we continuously heard was the most beautiful in Alaska. My family, who lived in Alaska for decades, said it shouldn’t be missed. A ferry employee was wistfully talking to a co-worker about how she was saving up to retire in Sitka. You often feel you’re going to be disappointed when expectations are set so high, but we fell in love with Sitka just like everyone else! The fact that we had perfectly clear, sunny days for nearly a week, unheard of in the Inside Passage, didn’t hurt. As one local stated, “It usually rains and it’s a good thing because if it didn’t, everyone would want ... read more
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Sitka Salmonberries
Sitka from Bridge to Japonski Island

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 26th 2015

We again headed to the Lido for breakfast. I chose to eat fried eggs over medium with French toast; while, Sharon also had the French toast with very crispy turkey bacon. We did the daily Sudoku Challenge in the Explorer’s Lounge, and this time Sharon beat me on the Easy game (by quite a margin). It was a different story on the Hard puzzle where Sharon threw up her hands and earned a DNF. We had no tours planned for the second part of this two-week cruise. We waited some before going down to the tender and take the considerable journey ashore which takes over ten minutes. We only wanted to walk around Sitka. We considered walking out to the totem park; but, that looked to be a walk of a mile or so and the ... read more

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