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North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 19th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ça y est la séparation à eu lieu, sans douleur ni larme. Mais avant, nous avions une matinée à tuée. Sur le guide d'Anchorage Pier trouve le musée de l'aviation. Même si j'ai déjà vu à mon idée, un des plus beaux, à Pensacola, en Floride. Pourquoi pas. A 9h30, nous sommes devant de vieux avions, qui pour beaucoup, ont été, des anciens avions d'Air Alaska. Des avions qui desservaient, les petits aéroports de l'état, d'autres du début 20ème, qui ont ralliés la Russie, un Boeing 737, un ancien F15, et ce qui est rare il y a un accès pour le public à l'atelier de rénovation. Intéressant. Vers 11h30 retour en ville pour prendre le dernier lunch, fini les piqueniques dans la verdure. Ni l'un ni l'autre avons envie d'un resto, repas ... read more
bus-hôtel !!!!
le musée

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 13th 2017

Arrived here in Palmer on Thursday after leaving Cantwell. It was an easy drive. We stopped in Houston, Alaska that is, for a burger and an ice cream at a little mom and pop shop. It was all yummy. We are staying at the Mountain View RV Park. It is one of the nicest places because it is NOT a gravel parking lot! It is actually a big grassy field. Now I know most of you are probably thinking the same thing I did. That there would be an infestation of mosquitos and bugs. But let me tell you, there hasn't been a one! We have been able to sit outside, when it isn't raining, and enjoy the nice grass! You know who, Miss Karlie, really likes it! They are super pet friendly and don't yell ... read more
She's loving the grass!
Philip and Culprit's home.
Downtown Anchorage

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer May 28th 2017

This morning's weather was a pleasant surprise. Although it rained most of the night, we woke to a brisk, clear day, with some clouds obscuring the mountains. We've been very fortunate on this trip. Although we've had our share of weather, for the most part it hasn't adversely affected our plans. We departed our site at 8 am. The Bayside RV park was one of the prettiest parks we've stayed at. It certainly was the best run and the cleanest we've ever seen. The place was immaculate. We began by backtracking up the Richardson Highway, making our first stop just outside of town at the base of the Valdez Glacier. The scenery there was pretty impressive, and the visual of all the gold seekers hauling 1000 lbs of equipment and supplies up this glacier was mind ... read more
Richardson Highway
Alaskan pipeline
Keystone Canyon

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer June 28th 2016

The pictures don't follow the blog but I have to start out today with a story. We had a clear day so we took off on the Glenn Highway searching for a few lakes we knew were stocked with rainbow trout. Lake one (Weiner Lake) had very little access and lake two (Long Lake) ….no it's true, I couldn’t make that up….was already crowded with two families and small kids so we eventually ended up at Bonnie Lake, way off the road, very beautiful and moose everywhere. After a little unproductive fishing and lunch we rolled back to the highway were we saw a sign for Fish Lake Road and thinking there must be another lake there we bolted off the blacktop again. Well Fish Lake Rd. wandered around for about 6 miles and ended at ... read more
Even at 60 miles away it still dominates the view
You can over zoom and lose perspective but I think this one is just right
Just one more

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer August 3rd 2015

Our next stop was Palmer, 226 miles from Valdez. We got here on Monday afternoon, and after setting up (and we have gotten very good at moving this motorhome by now), we had another travel meeting followed by our first campfire, complete with smores. I also found it a great time to do laundry, as the laundry room was next to the fire pit. However, by the time I finished, many of the group members were calling it a night .... I don't think they stay up quite as long as we do. We have not quite adjusted to daylight still at 11:30pm. Tuesday we joined the group as we toured the city of Palmer. Back in 1935 the US government offered 204 families from northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan an opportunity to receive 40 acres ... read more
Rainbow over Campground
Musk Ox Farm
Musk Ox

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 27th 2012

I didn't think I would have anymore blogs from here but Jim and Jerry went on a little expedition this morning around the RV park and brought back some very nice pictures that I thought I should share. Next to our park is an organic garden. Jim thinks they probably had about 3 acres and 4 greenhouses. They were growing kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, spinach, zuchinni, tomatoes, cabbage, dill, peas, swiss chard and he said they had corn that was only about 1 1/2 ft. tall but was already tasseling. They had a sign that said they only sold vegetables on Friday evening from 5-7. Jim thought maybe they took the vegetables to farmer's markets . The pictures of the mountains and the lake are near our RV park. I am also attaching a picture of ... read more
mountain reflection
lake near our park
organic vegetable garden

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 24th 2012

I didn't have a blog yesterday. Was a cool, rainy day so most of us just rested. Carroll and Barbara and Larry and Becky went to Anchorage to the Air Force base. They were stationed here in the 70's. Carroll and Larry both retired from the Air Force. We had a potluck dinner at Jerry and Carolyn's rv as it was raining. We had a very good meal including moose brats. My first moose! Today was a beautiful sunny day - around 68. We drove north of Palmer on the Glenn Highway. Our first stop was the Musk Ox Farm. I am attaching a picture of a musk ox. Musk oxes lived in Alaska 600,000 years ago. They lived in the artic and subartic regions. By 1865 there were none remaining in Alaska. This was due ... read more
Barn at Musk Ox Farm
Matanuska River Valley
Matanuska Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 22nd 2012

Today was a beautiful day in Alaska - sunny and 68. Better than yesterday when it was rainy and chilly. We went to church this morning. A baby boy was baptized during the service by his grandfather, a deacon from Wisconsin. Very uplifting. Yesterday we went to the visitors center in Palmer which is also a museum. It had a display there about the Matanuska Colony which I thought was interesting. The Great Depression which started in 1929 was a time of severe worldwide economic hardship. By 1932 a million farm families were on relief aid and 13 million people were out of work. Thus began the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. President Roosevelt and his advisors proposed a relocation effort to move destitute Midwestern farmers onto more profitable lands. With Alaska's agricultural potential the Matanuska ... read more
Mountains near our RV park

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 21st 2012

Palmer is the home of world record cabbages, carrots and other vegetables grown in the Matanuska Valley's deep loamy silt. The combination of glaciers, wind, water and lots of summer sunlight give Palmer unique qualities to grow giant vegetables. Cabbage is one of Alaska's most reliable crops, because it thrives even under cold, rainy conditions. Other vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, collards, radishes, rutabagas, turnips, potatoes, and beets are also big growers in Alaska. Spinach and lettuce mature uncommonly fast in Alaska. All of these vegetables are well adapted to cool temperatures, so they keep growing even if it gets near freeezing. Lettuce is a spring or fall crop in warmer parts of the U.S., but in the Matanuska Valley it seldom gets hot enough even in midsummer to cause unsightly tip-burn. I took ... read more
head lettuce
flowers in the garden
Palmer Visitor Center

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 20th 2012

After I signed off on the blog last night, I realized that I forgot a few things. If you are tired of hearing about the sled dogs, you can skip over this portion. Denali is the only national park in America with a working sled dog kennel. Denali has nearly two million acres of legally designated Wilderness where no mechanized forms of transport are allowed - no snowmachines, no cars, no airplanes landing, no motors. When the Park has a choice between flying a load into a remote location or using the dog teams, they will use the sled dogs when feasible. As soon as there is enough snow, the patrol trips begin. Patrol trips can range from one day to many weeks. As the dogs' endurance increases and the rivers freeze, patrols push farther into ... read more

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