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North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 23rd 2019

You may remember that the band Supertramp once sang, 'It's raining again' and after the beautiful day in Calgary yesterday guess what, the heavens have opened once more. So that's it, we've had enough of the wet stuff and we're out of here! An early start this morning, with our flight scheduled for 10.15, so we were up and at it by 5.00 am and were 'locked and loaded'(as 'the Donald' has been known to say), ready to depart by six. Laurie and her husband were away overnight, so we had said our 'thank you's' and 'good byes' yesterday and we pulled away from The Barn with a heavy heart, partly because we had said farewell to Laura, but also because we were leaving this lovely property - definitely a five star review on The ... read more
Anchorage 1
Anchorage 2

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali September 9th 2018

Once I finished reading "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer I knew I had to visit Alaska one day. In September 2016 I hopped on a plane and after a couple of short stops in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle I arrived in Anchorage. The first night I stayed at the Base Camp hostel just outside the town center and I spent most of my day exploring the area by walking. Now, I know most American towns are not made for pedestrians, but I think I spend at least 2 hours walking along the highway on uneven ground trying to avoid getting hit by passing by cars. After that experience I decided to take the bus to the train station the next day, from where I was heading up north to Denali National Park. When I ... read more
Lake trail
view from the train

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali August 27th 2018

We had ordered boxed lunch to be picked up at grande denali. They were a bit expensive but came with a cooler pack as a souvenir. Packed rain gear. It was drizzling as the day started. Shuttle took us to the Denali bus depot. We were there by 5:50 am. Tour started at 6:40 am. Allen was our driver. Lot of instructions about dos and don't initially. This is the tundra wilderness tour. It is an 8 hour tour with a return point near Eilsen visitor center. It is 62 mile one way. We got a snack box used that for breakfast. It is a converted school bus, not that comfortable to sit. Driver hired us to watch for animals while he would keep us safe driving. He was surely driving a bit fast for spotting ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 13th 2018

Stepping out of the Fairbanks airport just after midnight we walked into bright sunshine. Expected. We also walked into a swarm of ostrich sized mosquitos, intent on devouring our flesh. We were less prepared for that and Leanne and Craig in particular were worried about what they had gotten themselves into. But like at home, mozzies are worst at dusk and we didn’t encounter gargantuan insects in such numbers again. Fairbanks itself is the end of the line to someone like me. I’m not prepared to march off into the wilderness in search of complete isolation. Some folks are and we met one. His log cabin was nearly finished and he would be moving there permanently in the coming months so that he could live off the land, hunting and fishing. For vegetables he would grow ... read more
Museum of the North
ATV Tour
ATV Tour

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali September 5th 2017

Well here goes! This will be our first blog So bear with us. OK you have already noticed the poor spelling but there is a reason for that...OK it's obvious! I will take you back a few days first and get to the bear facts later. We started our trip last Friday night and headed to Vancouver where we had a lay over and onto to anchorage vis Seattle arriving into Seattle at midnight Friday. We pretty much operated on autopilot once we hit Vancouver as we were both really pooped from the flight but we managed to navigate two airporats and arrived OK. The next morning we picke up our hire car and headed north to Denali national park via a small town called Palmer where the Alaska state fair was on. So when in ... read more
The big green bus
Caribou in the park
Male grizzly

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 27th 2017

Day 3 - Alaska Around 9AM we boarded our bus to take us to the Denali National Park for our Tundra Wilderness tour. Our guide instructed us on the rules of the park, and why they are so strict on food. At no time, can we throw food away. That teaches the bears that people have food, and they don’t want that. When a bear gets the hint that people have food, they are relocated, or put down. An event happened several years ago, with the hikers, that are trained before they are given their permit, on dealing with animal encounters. One girl had an encounter with a bear, and tried all the avoidance techniques, and the bear kept coming at her. She panicked and threw her backpack at the bear. He did stop. BUT, the ... read more
Our Box lunch
A stop for pictures and a view.

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali April 13th 2017

I am taking the train back to Anchorage on Sunday. Alaska Railroad (the Aurora Winter Train) has year around service throughout the state. It was originally named Alaska Central Railway in 1903, starting in Seward and extending north about 50 miles. Then in 1910, they reorganized into Alaska Northern Railway and added another 21 miles to Kern Creek. Our government lent a hand in 1914 (wasn't that in the middle of WW1?), with $35 million to extend the railway to Anchorage. Merely a tent town as of 1915, Anchorage gets going and the railway moves its headquarters here. In 1923, President Warren Harding drives in a gold spike at Nenana, completing the railroad between Seward and Anchorage. But Harding suffers food poisoning on his way home in San Francisco, and dies. With only 5400 people living ... read more
We had 3 coach cars
We saw Dall sheep on the hillsides
It is a long way down!

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali August 10th 2016

10 Aug 2016: Today we bid farewell to Fairbanks and headed 120 miles South to Denali National Park. There we settled into our reserved campsite which is both spacious and level. We will be here four days. We signed up for a Natural History and a Tundra Wilderness tour and went into "town" for a pizza at Lynx Creek. It appears we are confining our travels to tour buses with Jeanne's foot and my knees. But, we do what we can and thank the Lord for this opportunity to learn about the wonderful world He formed for us and the lives, past and present, led by our brothers and sisters in this rugged, beautiful land. It seems the legal name for this awe inspiring mountain, which can only be seen about 30% of the time, is ... read more
Denali Shroud
Ribbon Stream
Savage Cabin

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali July 25th 2016

I obviously have not managed to do a blog during this trip....I had such good intentions and I really enjoyed blogging during my last two trips....but I just haven't been able to manage to do it this trip....I can put some blame on the slow and sometimes non-existent internet, but it's also partly related to the nature of this trip, particularly when the group adventure started. Activities begin very early (tomorrow we have breakfast at 6am) and we often don't return to our rooms until after 10. With such an early start tomorrow, I'm not going to attempt to describe anything we have done. However, I do want to mention that the company we are doing the guided part of our trip with is Alaska Alpine Advenures. We booked the trip with World Outdoors, but it ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali July 13th 2016

I cannot say enough about Denali. We got up at 5 AM and took a 12 hour bus tour of the park. You ever get here this is the way to do it. Also we had incredible with super clear skies which we were told only 10 percent of the tourist at Denali get this kind of view since the top is usually socked in. Saw grizzly bears, ptarmigan, Dall sheep, Caribou, Moose, and more. The view we got of Denali was absolutely incredible as the pictures show. At the end of the tour we had a choice of panning for gold or watching a dog mushing training session. I panned for gold in the creek and found a fairly large flake of gold. They laminated it for me to take home and told me that ... read more

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