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North America » Mexico » Sonora » Bahia de Kino March 18th 2012

We knew it was time to head back to California. Ed promised me three months and we had to be out of Mexico before the start of Semana Santa. Semana Santa is the week before Easter, simular to our Spring Break. Mexican families head to the beach for a week long party. The campgrounds kick out the American and Canadian tourists and will put 5 families in the space that we would usually use. Along the way home, we wanted to check out some beaches that we missed on the way down. First stop was Punta Perula. We had heard about the beautiful water in Punta Perula Bay from several people during our journey. We were the only campers at Playa Dorado Campground and the owner Luis was very welcoming. We parked the camper right on ... read more
Punta Perula Beach
Jumbo Shrimp
Red Smiling

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Bahia de Kino November 29th 2008

We crossed at Nogales it took about one hour to aquire the paper work to cross the boarder. quick check by border guard cut short by Meshia. We stopped at Nogales on Mexico side and met Anna and Edgar who were very helpful in directions and wonderful advice to help us by pass Hermisillo center and find large grocery and fuel stop. On to Bahia KIno Bay we arrived at around 3 or 4 pm and land in the best spot in the park at Islandia RV Park in old Kino Bay. With open view of the Sea of Cortez, Alcatraz Island and awsome sunsets. Started out with staying for a night then a week now almost two weeks later it's starting to get cold enough at night to make us think about going father south. ... read more
Pelicans KIno Bay
Sunset at Kino Bay
Kino Back streets

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Bahia de Kino February 1st 2007

Feb. 1, 2007. The morning started cold, 37 degrees, and cloudy as we approached the Mexican Border. Fog became a factor as we drove the Toll road #15 south. Our destination was the Migracion Office (where you take care of the people paperwork), then the Banjercito (where the vehicle documentation is done) both are located 19 miles from the border and has quite a bit of parking. Knowing the drill saved us some wait time; the Migracion is the first stop, then the copy window, which is essential, finally the Banjercito. Most people skipped the copy window …and they havve to go back, get copies and go to the end of the line. The vehicle certificate and the “holograma” (the sticker to be displayed on your windshield) can only be paid by credit card with the ... read more
The Migracion and Banjercito office to obtain papers to drive in Mexico
Crossing the border
Beach in Biaha Kino, about 7 miles long, clean and we were the only ones on it.

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