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January 15th 2011
Published: January 16th 2011
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Beautiful lights on 5th Ave.
Hola all, today is Domingo, the day of rest & family time for many of the hardworking locals. We woke around 7:30 am with the sun peeking into our room. We are praying for a full day of sun here as every day there's been cloud or very windy. (after hearing Ottawa & Crossfield got a nasty dumping of snow, all of a sudden our weather's ideal 😉

Yesterday the day started nice but ended up cool & windy so we left the beach @ 2 PM & came back & sat in the hot tub with a drink. Later we took a stroll & picked up some fresh pizza & enjoyed some downtime of reading.

Dinner was leftovers but it was actually a pretty good feast when we put it all together. We'd bought salad fixins' but no dressing but luckily after makin' some chit chat with our waiter, he kindly gave me a free bowl of the best salad dressing to go...😉

By about 8 last night it started to pour, so we opted out of the fire show at the beach. But feelin' cooped up we threw on our rain gear, umbrellas & headed out

Sal's FIRST drink of the day!
for a walk. (two grandmas stayed in on their laptops). Well the restaurants were booming, beautiful settings with candles and pretty lights all over & no shortage of live bands & DJ's playing music. We stopped & got some milkshakes for the girls & before long Lara & Rory weren't feeling well.

We finished the night by watching the movie Corpse Bride, and the troops were in bed by 11. I followed later after a tasty Kaluha! Peace & quiet at the end of the day for moi.

It's 8:30 am, and we're heading out for a walk. We'll see what Domingo brings for us but hopefully tonight we'll take in the amazing fire/dance show on the beach which starts around 10:30. Here's the link to it if you want to check it out:

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Art gallery; beautiful work!

Milkshake time

Nanna & a bottle of Tequila (yes I'm bad! And NO Nanna doesn't drink...but it's tradition to make her pose with the booze!!!)

16th January 2011

Great blogs Sally
Great blogs Sally. The pictures provide a real feel for the place. However, putting a tequila bottle in your Mom's hand and taking her picture while she's sleeping is a little mean. I'm sure she's being a good sport about it.
16th January 2011

Thanks! Hey by the way, it was Nanna's idea about the Tequila see the family does this all the time! It's tradition!!! PS her eyes were open, maybe you've been into the Tequila!!!??? Love Sal
17th January 2011

Nanna & Tequila
Your right. her eyes are open and she's smiling. I guess I should have looked closer.
17th January 2011

Well I think I chose 2 and one might've been funnier with her eyes closed! This one is there now, and you never know, maybe ma will hit the bottle before it's all over???

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