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January 15th 2011
Published: January 15th 2011
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Rick on his terrace top floor front
I was rushed Sat am so here's a bit more of my update!

After meeting Rick on the beach he gave us a tour of his beautiful oceanfront condo. Rick fell in love with nanna (mom) as his own mom is 90 & in a home unable to recognize him. This condo is not cheap so I asked if he had a "VERY LOW season?' He said he'd give us a great rate because of Nanna. This wheelin' and dealin' is almost getting scary; turning into a used car salesman here!

Rick's condo even has an elevator which is handy after all those drinks kick in. I'm so tired of carrying Marth around after a few 😉 Rick so reminded me of Gord, but not as good lookin' 😉 Thinkin' of Gord, made me wish Cin was here with us, & we can only hope they'll join us next time with the whole family.

The fun part also of traveling is meeting great folks along the way especially the Mayan people here in Playa. They are some of the kindest, most generous & funny people you'll ever meet. (they are so much like the Irish it's ridiculous!) They

Lara beach yoga
live with a philosophy of paying it forward. Even the poorest farmers in the Yucatan areas who live in difficult conditions & grow crops only to lose everything in a hurricane, turn around & first help their neighbors rebuild before rebuilding themselves. I'd enjoy the experience so much more without rude, obnoxious tourists and just be with the people of this area!)

We met Missy last night who owns a condo here. She's from Colorado & her and her husband bought the condo to retire to, but he died suddenly 18 months ago. Of course I could relate to her loss; it seems everybody has their share of sorrow. She told us of a cheap place to get all our laundry done before going home. (I love nothing better than a good tip 😊 She has taken a real shine to Ava & most mornings Ava gets up, gets dressed and says, "mom I'm just going downstairs to see Missy"! Then I look down and Missy and her are chatting like old friends. Hilarious.

I woke up early to little Miss Sunshine (Ava) smiling at me. We headed down to the beach at 8:30 am to do yoga

Breakie menu
(not me, the kids). We ate breakfast at the Blue Parrot; fresh yogurt with fresh fruit & granola, is 35 pesos or around $2.80 CDN. We (kids) shared eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, toast, coffee, fresh OJ, chocolate milk all for about $10 CDN! Armando my new best friend set us up with loungers, towels and umbrellas in a prime spot. I feel so tall here, as the Mayan folks tend to be very small. 😊 I was actually taller than Armando & had to take a pic of that!

After breakfast mom & I treated ourselves to oceanfront massages. $22.50 CDN for 70 minutes of THE best massage I've ever had. Soft music was playing with a light breeze. I have NO idea what overcame me, but after almost a year of feeling like the "bully" grief would never let up, I finally felt good today for a change. Poor Itzel (female) massaged my back with the warmest gentlest touch, & for some reason I felt tears hit me. The poor girl thought maybe she'd hurt me, but I reached up & assured her it was alright. She did what no therapist could do, just with good old human

Sal & my buddy Armando! (Hahaha I'm taller!)
touch. I've not felt 100% this past year & have felt a lack of energy & direction but I suppose that's what happens when your sibling dies suddenly without warning. The calm & peace I felt today was amazing. It's a long journey this grief business, and while we do make progress, I think we're like a vase that has been broken, glued back together but when you look closely you see the cracks of grief. A piece of me will always be missing. Bill who lived life so fully, would have no use for me being this way so I will endeavour to use this time away to find a bit of peace. Grieving is very hard work with no time off for good behavior. Itzel worked out a few kinks, & a few times I dang near jumped off the table, and I had my top pulled down (well I WAS covered with a blanket!) but still, no one really wants to be flashing "what the good lord gave you" so I tried to stop wrigglin around & let the woman do her job!

Being here makes me think of one of my oldest (not in age

😉 friend Sandy who I met as a young gal new to the city many moons ago. I'd love nothin' better than to share this place with her one day, before we end up in the old folks home as she says, "tossing back the wine while we wheel each other around"! She's been such a great friend to me this past rocky year. And to Keith & Danielle, our very dear friends who've both lost parent(s) & siblings but continue to show me there are still joys to be had, despite what feels like a very murky horizon. Bill told mom when she was sea-sick on our wedding boat cruise in Playa del Carmen, to "keep your eyes on the horizon Mom you'll feel better". So I will try do just that; coming back to Playa where Bill was set to vacation last Feb & never got that chance, was a huge step in moving forward. I suppose it's about being grateful for just today, for the chance to be here, and enjoy this paradise with my loved ones around me. I am even grateful for Martha's big uncombed hair in the morning, & hearing her odd snore at

Ma & Sal sharing a massage
night (smile)! Back to reference to the "horizon", this song by Colin Hay reminds me of Bill; it's so moving & makes me hope that Bill's real life has begun...listen here to it by pasting in this link it will move you even if you haven't experienced grief. (see below for link)
(I have been thinkin' alot about Cynthia too (Bill's wife) who has weathered this past year with great strength despite the bumps and bruises along the way. I hope someday she will return here to Playa where they were to come last year & find some peace too...)

Sorry for the somber mention of grief, I promise upbeat future blogs! As I've said in the past, these blogs are not required reading.

Here are pics from today, including one of our beautiful cheese & deli platter made by the a young lady across the street who has just opened a wine & tapas bar yesterday. I happened to walk by & just had to order a platter (more than I needed just to give her a good start; & funny enough I was her first catered order!) She delivered it right to our condo & boy

Cheese plate!!
was it tasty; hardly any leftovers as you can see in the pic!

"a vida es como un taxi. El medidor mantiene un tic-tac-si vas a algĂșn lugar o simplemente de pie todavĂ­a."
(Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still.)

PS Marth likes it when I tease her in my blog, jokes & all just so you know!!!

PS my blog name is Playgal...not playa like a "player"! Playa meaning Playa del Carmen (sheesh one of my friends asked why I was being a player?!) OH and FINALLY here's the link to the song I mentioned before...take a heartfelt list ok?


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