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January 16th 2011
Published: January 17th 2011
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Nanna on our walk to town; African Tulip we believe.
I am SURE you are sick of the blogs, but some of you are foolish to encourage me, so here goes...(Blaine where are you, email me???)

Well it was THE best day weather-wise in Playa yet. It really warmed up today with it hitting around 34C with the humidex. We had a small amount of drops this a.m. so we headed to Walmart. Whoever had that bright idea should be flayed. Being Domingo (Sun) everybody & their brother decided to be "there". As mom says, "the day of the fair is the day to be there"...well the fair musta been at Walmart as the line ups were nuts for a bit. I'm sure the locals hate us tourists crowding the store on their one day off to shop. I walked slumped behind Martha in case of trouble (hahahaha).

We went in as a group of 6 & ended up all scattered throughout the store with me trying to find Mom and then Martha...Grr.. Marth finished her shopping & went through the cash even though I was still carrying items to put in the bleeping cart. That got my chili in a bit of an uproar spending time looking for

Wally world...
her and I finally found mom who had the good fortune to find KD in Mexico. She had no luck finding "chicken soup" which she was in the mood for but managed to get cream of corn. Then I spent half an hour trying to find lemons and/or lemon juice. Limes are called "limon" here so every time I asked for a dang lemon, they kept pointing to "limons" (limes) like I must've failed Kindergarten cause I was TOO stupid to realize LIMON was LIME & there were about a 1000 of them there...Doesn't matter, I will adapt to using limes in my recipes (especially the margaritas).

We got home from Walmart to unpack just as the sun finally came out like a beacon & you'd think the fire alarm had been pulled with the way everyone rushed out the door nearly tramplin' me and my limes to get to the beach! We went back to the Blue Parrot cause it's not far for the grandmas to walk to, but man oh man, that *&^$ electronic pounding music is enough to drive you to drink (MORE) which trust me, an area we don't need any encouragin' in. We actually

Bathing beauty Nanna!
had a tasty lunch, spinach salad with cranberries, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and grilled chicken with honey mustard dressing all of which I will give 2 thumbs up. I rarely order a chicken club, but I gotta tell you, it was fresh & tasty, and it came with a really nice fresh salad for a whopping total of around $5.50 CDN which I stole from Marth's wallet while she wasn't lookin'. OK, I lied, I took it from Pat's 😱 OK, NO i didn't steal, just TRYING to be funny here folks! Our buddy Armando from yesterday greeted us with open arms & gave us the prime beach loungers again, with umbrellas & towels. He's a good man that Charlie Brown as I call him. He gets a kick out of "Charlie Brown" which he seems to know is the Peanuts gang...

Grandma, Marth & the girls rode the waves a good part of today & they had a blast!! Mom & I chatted, read and enjoyed the sights. I gotta say there's a lot of people that clearly don't have a "full length" mirror at home they should check before headin' to the beach. Lordy some of the "get

Chicken club & salad
ups you see"! As dad would say, "they're quite the lookin' rig". Or as Cindy might say, "nice outfit, does it come in your size?!" (Blaine your eyes would be poppin' out over some of the thongs!!!) I will endeavour to take pics for you but Al's not allowed to look though!

By about 4 we'd had enough & came back to peace & quiet at our pool which we had all to ourselves. Nanna floated in the hot tub with Ava who wears a life jacket as the jets spin her around in a circle which is the funniest thing to see! (see pic below). 32 pounds of dynamite that little gal...!

We made a nice dinner of Greek salad, mashed sweet potatoes, garlic shrimp, and courtesy of the Spanish restaurant downtairs, fresh pan-fried whitefish with peppers, zucchini, grilled onions, rice and a spicy chili topping like I've never tasted before! Marth was gone forever to get the food; she said it took a bit to prepare, but funny enough all she could tell mom & Pat was about ALL the good lookin' guys at the bar there. I was born at night but it wasn't last

This is the life for me...
night Martha. Anyhow top notch food; absolutely amazing. Fresh fish off the boat that fed all 7 of us for about $18 CDN with leftovers to boot!

As I sign off Sun evening at 7:30 PM our time (8:30 in Ottawa), the two grandmas have taken the girls around the corner to 5th Ave to see the sights and hear the night music. The kids want some freshly made smoothies like we had last night at the Hot Bakery Co.. After we are going to snuggle in & watch the documentary "Earth". If you haven't seen it, it's worth renting alone just for the bird of Paradise as he "primps for a date"! THE BEST!

puede tener siempre una concha en el bolsillo y la arena en sus zapatos.

(May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes...)

PS click on the pics to enlarge. They will go in order.
PSS Zully make sure you rest so you literally can get back on your feet. I have your "sand" for you xoxoxo

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Condo pool all to ourselves

Ava in a whirl!

Cutie pie

Rory is so cute...where did she get it???


Put that camera down & help!

Dinner on Domingo Sun)

Breaking bread together again...

Loads of laughs

Girls made a new pug friend!

17th January 2011

welcome to nepal
that a really great time with you all i think, so what did you think about next holiday in south Asia ,Nepal cos we are celebrating tourism year 2011in Himalaya in Nepal
18th January 2011

Wow. This is the life!!!
Hi EVERYONE, I just caught up with ALL the blogs. Yes I got them all. Great pictures. Love the one of Nana with the bottle of booze and the comment that says" nana does not drink, but posing with the bottle is a start!! :) Thanks Sal for your comment about the sand...Once my cast is off I 'll have to pour it at the bottom of my bathtub, get a margarita (The glass size of Sal's 1st drink, and just dream!! Sal, I hope you got some tips on making margaritas...No, you won't have to share one with me by the bathtub!..That will be reserved for Al. ;-) Just bring in some SUNSHINE with you (-32 in Ottawa today. Love hibernation). Love to the whole family and tonnes of oodles of love to the littlest ones.xoxoox Smiles from Zully. PS: Vaya con Dios mis amigas!! Las quiero mucho. :)
18th January 2011

Now that I figured this blog stuff out - I LOVE getting these ... xoxoxoxo. Sal, I'll catch up on your last e-mail soon.

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