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January 16th 2011
Published: January 18th 2011
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Ladies who lunch with a Spanish band!
Hola hola!! I've added in a few pics of the last few days that went astray. (Ava & Rory doing the "straw" pick up game with the adults whom Ava beat!)

Today (Mon) we started off by touring 5th Ave to get money exchanged as we all seemed to have gone through our pesos & US money. We got a glass of freshly squeesed orange juice from a cart that was THE best I've ever tasted.
Around 10:30 am we headed to the beach as the kids wanted to get an early morning wave rush! We got some prime lounging chairs & it wasn't long before we were baking. Funny how we longed for the sun and when it showed up it was hot hot hot!!

Mom & grandma had a morning stroll and elected to stay in the condo relaxing. By around 1:30 pm after being on the beach for some time, I secretly negotiated to take the girsl up for a parasail. Yep, I signed up Lara, myself and Ava to go. Rory decided having done it before that she'd like to see Ava have the chance...(aww what a great gal!).

Most of you know that
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Top o' the mornin'!
parasailing is being attached by a harness to a parachute pulled by a speed boat at a great speed. You start off sitting and landing on the back of the boat with ease... It's normally $65US per person and I got it for $50 p/p so a grand total of $150. I don't normally throw $150 around, but felt it was well worth it.
We were given our lifejackets and then put on a big jet ski that was the fastest jet ski on the Caribbean that easily fit the 4 of us. Lara was hanging on to Enrique the driver, & Ava was behind Lara hanging on, and I was behind them all hanging on wondering whatever possessed me to even consider this????????? But we whipped along the waves towards the speed boat which was actually alot of fun as the driver was so aware that he had delicate people on board (yes I mean me!) We jet skiied out to meet the parasail boat where we were hauled aboard. The two guys operating the boat said I could only go up in the air/parachute with one of my kids and had to leave the other on the boat.

Ava doing the straw pickup!
HUH? What a great time to have to negotiate something out on the water with no real means of escape if you aren't happy with your deal!

Anyhow, basically I said "listen guys, I was told I could go up with my two kids which equals 3 so harness us up as I ain't leaving one of my kids alone on a boat on the ocean while I go up in the air" They were really nice guys & seemed to be following some protocol on restrictions but before long they called "someone", which made me think of the TV show Charlie's Angels, the voice on the other end unseen, but then they said all is ok, and harnessed us up to go! So there we were with Ava on my lap & Lara next to me, while we were gently lifted off the boat into the big blue sky! Ava loved towering over everything, yelling "weeeeeeeeeeeee" THE whole time!

It was amazing being up so high softly floating in the air, overlooking the blue sea, and beaches like a ferris wheel but attached to a parachute. This is something "daddy" would do with our gals so I

Sal, Ava, Lara on the jet ski
was kinda feelin' proud that I had done it with them. (Now I need to work on getting mom and Pat up there 😉

After we sauntered back to the beach to collect our stuff we headed to "Wicky's"; a prime spot on the beach, very "high end" with white shirt/black pants service! While we had some afternoon wine, the girls enjoyed a swim in their huge pool. It is a beautiful classy spot.

The kids went with Marth to get an ice cream as I went back to our beach area to collect our belongings. As I passed the Indigo Club I thought, HMMM, what if I just sat down ocean-side and ordered a nice glass of wine, just me, no kids, no nothing? Well so I did, anticipating reading my new Vanity Fair Magazine all by myself.

As I took my first sip I noticed Missy our neighbor from our condo. So I went over & asked her to join me. Well before long, we were sharing some laughs and joys of Playa. She told me she and a friend (from Hawkesberry who lives here for half a year) were taking a cab to

WEEEE, look at us!
Tulum on Tuesday morning. I was dreading the idea frankly of doing a Mayan ruin tour but she surprised me by saying they were actually going to one of THE most beautiful beaches in the area, with loungers, blue sea, music, and a fresh oceanside buffet with drinks for a small price. She asked if we wanted to join her and I said well I think that we could "fit it into our schedule" to escape the noisy beach around us. So I brought it up at dinner to the group & it seems we are all in agreement as to how Tues. will go.

Tonight we decided to dine out, so we went a block up into town & strolled to find dinner at Tropical. Entree special of fresh grouper fish for about $9 CDn with fresh vegetables, and mashed potatoes & the kids had hamburgers & fries. We got free drinks included & Mom even decided to have a Corona & sprite (her first drink on the trip & maybe the first drink in 10 years???), and we had great margaritas & the girls strawberry smoothies. We so enjoyed the night life and the beautiful warm night

Dining at Wicky's
air. Mom so enjoys the mariachi bands that stroll the streets so I probably spent (and Marth too) more money tipping every band that looked our way to play some tropical songs than we spent on dinner...who cares, we are in Playa. Winter is long but memories are forever.

After dinner, we strolled back to our condo hearing some great bands playing in the open bars, and the kids ended as usual at the pool. What a great day overall.

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."
~Isak Dinesen

(Isak Dinesen wrote a beautiful autobiography about moving to Kenya in 1913 & running a coffee planation. It was made into the movie "Out of Africa" with Meryl Streep (one of my top fave movies...)

PS for those interested, this is the exclusive beach club we have privileges to in Tulum. Check it out...PS sorry about the nasty cold in Ottawa; sadly it's only 35C here today...(don't hurt me!)


Additional photos below
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View on our bedroom terrace

View from bedroom!

Mom, Marth, kids waving from the pool

Ava & triple smoothie!

Dinner on 5th at Tropical


Family group with trumpet!

Handmade grasshopper, made for us!

The gals...

Mommy & my gals posin!

Marth & cool mannquin

18th January 2011

Wow, what a day
Wow, parasail, who would have thought? Who is that young lady in the black dress? No longer the little girl that wanted to be carried when she got tired on our walks a few short years ago. Great to see everyone having such a good time.

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