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Nanna & a bottle of Tequila (yes I'm bad! And NO Nanna doesn't drink...but it's tradition to make her pose with the booze!!!)
Tricky weather but no shortage of fun!

January 15th 2011
Hola all, today is Domingo, the day of rest & family time for many of the hardworking locals. We woke around 7:30 am with the sun peeking into our room. We are praying for a full day of sun here as every day there's been cloud or very windy. (after hearing Ottawa & Crossfield got a nasty dumping of snow, all of a sudden our weather's ideal 😉 Yesterday the day started nice but ended up cool ... read more
North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen

Mexican Flag The site of advanced Amerindian civilizations, Mexico came under Spanish rule for three centuries before achieving independence early in the 19th century. A devaluation of the peso in late 1994 threw Mexico into economic turmoil, triggering the worst... ... read more
17th January 2011

Nanna & Tequila
Your right. her eyes are open and she's smiling. I guess I should have looked closer.

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