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San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas 20:00 Today I arrived in a marvelous city and just recorded a short audio report. Hoy llegé en esta ciudad maravillosa y acabo de llegar un corto reportaje de audio. Danes sem prispel v San Cristóbal de las Casas in pravkar posnel kratko avdio reportazo za vas. ... read more
Omar Molinas - famous politician

Sunday 12th June 2005 : San Cristobal here we come We had an earlyish start as we had to catch the 09:30 bus to San Cristobal de las Casas and we had not booked. Leaving Mayabell without breakfast we caught a colectivo from the entrance on the ruins road. It was the same price as a taxi but we did not have to wait. In town I had to take more cash out as OCC do not accept credit or debit cards at the counter. Bought the tickets, with Rory going half-price again. Maybe OCC are really ADO but under a prettier name. Took the boys to buy supplies for the journey - chocolate cake, crisps, fizzy drinks ! Most of Chiapas is unceasingly hilly. The bus ride was not very pleasant. A little like a ... read more
Semi-detached ceiling
Real Mexicanos
Templo Santo Domingo

I´ve just returned to San Cristo after two weeks of human rights observation in a small zapatista community called K'ana Kil. What follows are excerpts from the journal I kept along the way... 13-04-05 miercoles en el Caracol Torbellino de Nuestras Palabras Two women in impecable and bright garments met us at the gate. -¿Identificados? -Sí, nosotros somos de FrayBa, aquí es nos carta, y nos paseportas...we wait a few minutes...With a shiny sun and chirping birds, it was real nice there. I couldn´t understand all that was said in the officinas de la vigilencia (security) and la junta de buen gobierno (the Zapatista government), but I had perfect faith in our hosts, and the more advanced Spanish skills of my two companions. After about half an hour, we were settled into the campamento they have ... read more
Los Otros Campamentistas
K'ana Kil

So, I finally made a trip to one of the ancient sites for which the pueblos indiginas of the americas are so well admired. I don´t really like the term ´ruins´. It makes you think there´s nothing there but crumbles and debris. I've FINALLY taken some time to get some photos up, so go back through my entries and check 'em out, at your leisure of course. Palenque is a five hour bus ride north east of here, and one of the larger cities built by and inhabited by Mayan civilizations. I went there to think, and just to be in the immediate persense of big histories. It´s pretty incredible to see, and climb buildings 1300 years old, built with out pack animals, or even wheels. Thinking? Not enough planning went into this trip of mine, ... read more
Un Templo
La Selva y...
Big Trees and...

Okay, so buying a bike and all the necessary accompaniments is not entirely realistic, or cheap. I'm currently figuring out another path, another way to bring home more of those life changing experiences I was looking for. Yeah. It looks like I'll be in B.C. in a month, but as ever, that could change. Later y'all.... read more

Muchos holas a todo el mundo, life is good and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Everything changes, and if you pick the right position, its easy to just kinda flow, ya know? yeah. So I've returned to city life. People in the streets, multi-culturalisms, markets and really good live music. I know my life will be a mix of the urban and the rural, as I miss each so much when I'm away too long... San Cristobal de Las Casas - Its a real crossroads here. It's reletively equidistant to the Yucutan Peninsula, the South Pacific Coast of Mexico, the Mayan riviera that stretches into Guatemala and Belize, and a kind of base of support for a variety of neighbouring indigenous populations, including the autonomous Zapatista communities to the south. How'd I get here? I ... read more

When I'm writing this blog, it has been 9 years ago that we've been in Mexico, so it's not that easy to remember exactly all the sites we've visited at that time. Lucky for me, I wrote down some of my experiences in my travel-guide. So in this blog, you'll find an overview of some pictures that we've taken in Mexico. One thing I probably never will forget, is the fact that my wallet was stolen on Eastern Sunday in Mexico. Until now I can't remember feeling more sadly when I was traveling than on that particular day... It might sound strange, but at the moment they stole my wallet, I instinctively felt I was being pick pocketed!. Let me explain this... We were visiting an indoor market. In the narrow passages, I was suddenly locked ... read more
Mezcal factory
Monte Alban

Finally a lazy day. Travelling can be hard work. Bus journeys that last 24hrs or more. Trekking through humidity and heat. Worrying about not spending much money, and therefore staying in hotels that you wouldn't normally tolerate because they're cheap. A lie in at the nasty hotel followed by a day spent wandering around the markets and churches of San Cristobal. I brought some random fruit, a Papaya - large green, smelling of melon from the outside, orange and tasting like a cross between melon and banana inside. Pachuyra (I think), green scales on the outside, inside succulent milky flesh surrounding seeds, I can't describe the flavour but it was sweet and pleasant. Panches, small yellow cherry like fruit that tasted of cheese. I didn't like them. In the square we were accosted by a small ... read more
Ali, Carlos, Reena, Aitor, Aitor, Lorinee
St Domingo
San Cristobal Cathedral

The streets of San Cristobal de Casas consisted of beautiful colonial buildings, attractive churches and a lively mix of different people. From tribes people from the villages, Mexicans of Spanish descent and many many tourists, travellers and holiday makers. The overnight journey to San Cristobal had been one of the more tiring of those I've experienced, so a hotel with hot water was a top priority. We stayed in one of the nicest hotels yet, Hotel San Martin, even had a TV. Slept, catching up on sleep yet again. Had a "menu del dias" at a small authentic looking restaurant, most of the food seemed to be bean based, refried beans as a side order and a red bean sauce - I'm getting a little sick of Mexican food now. The Mexican food back home in ... read more
Me on the pony
Small Girls Selling Stuff

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