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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas November 16th 2019

After 35 hours in Palenque and the promise of heavy rain we made the executive decision to get up early and catch the 5.15am bus to San Cristóbal de las Casas; a colonial town in Chiapas approximately 9 hours by bus from where we were. When I was in Mexico back in 2005, I purposefully avoided Chiapas because at the time it was known as the bandits-with-pistols place where you could get robbed or worse if you were unlucky. When Marco went ten years ago he said that most touristy places used the revolutionary history as a way to attract tourists. It was interesting to note that very few tags, signs or mentions of the Zapatista era remained now. It was almost as though the locals wanted to keep their history to themselves and not use ... read more
The fire is on!
San Cris
Frans Blom’s House

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas November 15th 2018

We have woken to a slightly nicer day. I’m not sure if St Cristóbal is any nicer though! We’re also not sure how today’s van trip will go either - 8am to 9.30pm on a van tour could be a bit much! We are collected promptly at 8am and thankfully we are first pick up today so we secure the seats behind our driver. ‘Non ang-lazy’, says our driver to let us know we will be on our own today. ‘Non Es-span-nol’, we reply to let him know it’s much as we expected. We all laugh. The van proceeds to circle St Cristobal for the next hour, picking up other clients or returning when they are not ready - the Mexicans are not known for their meticulous timekeeping. Finally the van is full and we are ... read more
Stone cooking range

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas November 14th 2018

It’s 7am and just getting light. Our bus is labouring it’s way up the mountains into the cloud and the thin mizzle. It’s pretty cold. We arrive at the bus station half an hour later and don our fleeces. A taxi takes us to our hotel but the doors are all firmly locked. The driver is concerned about leaving us standing on the pavement in the rain, but I knock on the wooden door and someone kindly let’s us in. We store our luggage and go off in search of some breakfast. There isn’t much open at this time but we find a small cafe. The only thing we recognise from the menu is tamale (steamed fruit pudding), we order strawberry and pineapple flavours. The ladies in the shop are making the tamale in the traditional ... read more
City arch
Pedestrian street with Indian ladies
Views from the hill

SC writes.. More trips out to different communities today, each of which has their own culture and way of celebrating the Day of Dead. See more on this below. I tried the local brew, called "Posh". Not quite fire water but a clear tasteless 36% proof variant on Rum. Many locals drink it mixed with Coca Cola which has assumed mythical status in these parts. We saw many Coke bottles left on graves (the departed's favourite drink) filled will this hooch. We also saw many locals filled with it too...very very drunk indeed at 11:00 in the morning. Also today we saw more evidence of the damage caused by last year's earthquake: some 25 churches in and around San Cristobal were badly damaged and remain closed. One where 3 massive bells had fallen to the ground ... read more
Scary couple
Less scary ladies
Classy restaurant greeter

Wed-Fri Oct 31-Nov 2 - Day 5 to 7 - San Cristóbal Ascending into the mountainous Chiapas region we arrived at the fascinating colonial city of San Cristóbal de las Casas after travelling overnight. It was 7.30 am when we arrived. After walking 10 minutes to our hotel Palacio de Moctezuma from the bus station, we found our rooms would not be ready until 12md, so we all walked to the Zocalo and found a restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, our guide did the obligatory orientation walk. Part of the walk was through the Plaza 31 de Marzo (Zocalo), and then through, probably one of the best artisan markets we had visited. It was massive. We noted the few Amber outlets and was shown how to detect which was real amber and which was fake ... read more
Cerra & Church of San Cristobal (10)
Grijalva River & Canyon Cruise (8)
San Cristobal - Day of the Dead celebration

An eight hour slow drive today through the highlands but with fab scenery and a stop at some very photogenic waterfalls. We could have swum but chose not to. San Cristobal is delightful: Cobbled streets, markets and squares, lovely colonial syle buildings and, of course, everyone (and I do mean everyone) is gearing up for the festivals. We found a great steakhouse for dinner and while we promise not to bore you with food stories and pix, this meal was notewothy. - see picture. Over a late night drink we were pestered by small children "trick or treating". We had nothing to offer but will put that right tomrrow... The day of the dead!! SC adds : Apologies for the bits of junk text in ealier blog posts. That comes from copy / pasting text. I ... read more
Agua Azul
8hours throgh the highlands
First night in San Cristobal

We finally tore ourselves away from the gorgeous city of Oaxaca after three weeks of lazing around, eating loads of local dishes and getting some more work done on the truck's suspension. We also spent a few days up in the mountains near Oaxaca and enjoyed a couple of hikes on some well-maintained trails that are also popular with mountain bikers. We both loved the city but agreed that it is probably a bit bigger than what we're really looking for in terms of a place to call home. Pollution and general air quality weren't great either, partly due to controlled brush burns up in the mountains, which is something for us to consider. It was a great time though and so far one of our favourite places in Mexico. We broke up the long drive ... read more
Hiking near Oaxaca city
Beautiful bromeliad growing out of a tree
Monte Alban Pre-Columbian archeological site, Oaxaca

We’ve been travelling around Mexico. At least a part of Mexico. We only have three weeks. In three weeks you can’t really get to know a country. But you can get a feel for it. For me this trip is a bit like a taster of Mexico. A glimpse of what there is to see. One day I will be back and I will do it properly and give it the time it deserves. For now, the three weeks we have will have to do. Starting off in Mexico City, a city that itself deserves three weeks, and even then you will only have seen a small part of what it has to offer. Mexico City is huge. We had three full days. In those three days, we saw three things properly, the Templo Mayor, the ... read more
Mexico City
Mexico City
Mexico City

Montag, den 5. März, kam ich nach einer 11-stündigen Busfahrt von Oaxaca um 7h45 in San Cristóbal de las casas an. Vom Busterminal aus bin ich etwas 20 Minuten bis zu meinem Hostel « Posada del Abuelito » gegangen, wo ich vom Personal des Hostels herzlich empfangen wurde. Sie gaben mir den Schlüssel zu einem Schließfach, in dem ich meine Sachen bis zum Checkin lassen konnte, und sagten mir, dass das Frühstück den Tag bereits inklusieve ist. Perfekt! :-D Die erste Person, die ich im Hostel sah, war sofort ein bekanntes Gesicht : Isaac aus Australien, der bereits in Oaxaca in meinem Hostel gewesen ist. :-) Übers Frühstück haben wir uns darüber unterhalten, was wir in der Zwischenzeit so erlebt haben und er hat mir ein bisschen was über San Cristóbal de las casas erzählt. Dann ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 25th 2017

Also known as the native Tzutzil name Juvel, is a town located in the central highlands region in the state of Chiapas. The municipality is all mountain terrains, but the city itself is a small valley surrounded by hills..The city center maintains in Spanish colonial layout much of the architecture, with red tile roofs, cobblestone streets and wrought iron balconies often with flowers. Most of the city's economy is based on commerce, services, tourism. Tourism is based on the city's history, culture and Indian population. The center of the city is the main Plaza ( Plaza 31 de Marzo) in coloniel times the main market was there as well as the main water supply. The corners have markers marking the major events at San Cristabol. The Cathederal is North of the main Plaza built in 1721.At ... read more
Comp church
Comp churh
Main church

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