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North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz April 18th 2022

After a 4.5-hour flight, we left the minus temperature and snow in Calgary behind to arrive in La Paz with a temperature of 30-degree C. A departure delay and then arrival delays, resulted in us arriving in La Paz just in time for dinner so provisioning “Rukba”, a 41’ Beneteau, had to wait until the morning. The crew went into town to buy provisions while I had the chart briefing and boat orientation. As soon as the provisions were on board, we would be off, I thought. Not So! Apparently, they were unable to buy alcohol until 2pm as it was election day. The crew threatened mutiny if there was no beer nor wine onboard, so we delayed our departure until 3pm after the beer was in the cooler and the wine cellar was stocked. After ... read more
Isla San Francisco
Sea Dog at the helm
Doug and Susan

We are in Cabo San Lucas. This is our first time here. We chose Cabo because they do not have a problem with gangs or drug lords and they are keeping their Covid cases low. We flew here on Southwest but at the airport I see planes from every major airline. We rented a car and drove to Cabo. We took the toll road and there was very little traffic. We rented an Airbnb one block from the beach, it is large and has a large balcony roo. It also has underground parking. We decide to walk along the beach to the Marina. The Sea and the beach are both clean. The sand is fine and soft. Cabo is located where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. The water is 81 and the weather is ... read more
Lunch at the Marriott
Medano Beach
Lovers Beach

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur March 8th 2020

Feb 14, 2020 – Mar 07, 2020 We left home just after lunch on Friday February 14, 2020. Our truck with our 35 square foot casa on the back is packed with the essentials we will require, and then some, for the next 75 or so days. First stop is Calgary where we went out for a nice Valentine’s Day supper and spent the night with friends. We hit the road early and made it to the US border by around noon on Feb 15th and crossed with no issues or holdups. We made our way quickly through the US spending the first night in a hotel in Dillon, Montana, the second night we got a hotel in Beaver, Utah. The next day we made it to Yuma, Arizona and stayed in our tiny casa in ... read more
Romantic dinner in our tiny casa

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Los Barriles January 30th 2020

Okay week two in Mexico, we are still in Baja California and I am writing this in Los Barriles on the Eastern Cape. After the previous day's trip to swim with the Whale Sharks we booked a boat trip from a beach south of La Paz across to an island called Espiritu Santo. We were meant to be leaving at 11.30 with a group of 4 Canadians. The boat was going to be a bit late but at 12.30 we bailed out and got our money back. It was disappointing but we chilled on the beach had a beer and some food. At least it wasn’t one of our wildlife trips. On our return to La Paz we picked up our clean clothes. I have said this before it is one of the luxuries of travel ... read more

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz January 21st 2020

Hi and welcome back. This is the first of my blogs from Mexico. We set of on 14th January, getting the train from Murcia to Madrid. A 12 hour flight to Mexico city and an overnight stay before a short hop to Baja California. Our trip is six weeks and we hope to have some encounters with whales in Baja, visit friends in Nayarit, see colonial Merida and some Mayan ruins and a week to chill on Isla Mujeres at the end. Mexico city was only a transit point and we were in an area to the west of the Centro antiguo. We wandered around a bit but it was fairly rundown , although there were streets and streets of shops with wedding dresses. We got very little sleep as our room was above reception and ... read more
Heading across the bay
Whale shark
And his friend, he swam under the boat

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur December 1st 2019

Since this pandemic has temporarily clipped my travel wings, I found myself reflecting back on some of my adventures around the Baja. I love the Baja. I love writing about the Baja. Someday, I wish to live out my retirement years on the Baja. But for now, I will just blog about the good bits I’ve experienced so far. December 2018 It's been a few years since I've spent a Christmas on the Baja. I'm usually in Canada or traveling elsewhere in the world during the winters. But this year, I found myself back in Los Cabos for a "Feliz Navidad" with my parents, who still overwinter there. After a fabulous stuffing of Turkey, I jumped into Señor Jimmy, my beat up 4x4, and headed north so I could see the grey whales up in Magdalena ... read more
Visit the Cousins
Sustainable Camping
Touchy Touchy Feely Feely

Wanna go see the Mobula jump? What a silly question. Of course I do. Nothing is more amusing than watching thousands of rays the size of dinner plates hurl themselves out of the sea for a cartwheel and a splat. It's unknown why they do this, but theories abound. Some believe it is some kind of mating ritual. He who smacks the water the loudest gets the most Mobula action? Theory number two, it's a tactic used to scare the shit out of their food. Thirdly, it's to rid themselves of parasites that don't appreciate aerobatic maneuvers. Fourthly, they are trying to outsmart their natural predators. And lastly, they do it for the sheer pleasure of it.I'm going to go with that one. I swear the Mobula splash down with a sheer glee. Do fish really ... read more
Mexico - Both Dangerous and Beautiful
Too Cool for School
Another Tequila sunset

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz February 24th 2019

Trip goals: Speak Spanish all day, every day √ Swim with whale sharks √ Solo road trip across the desert with the music turned all the way up, singing in Spanish at the top of my lungs √ Unplanned bonus: Swim with sea lions √ Discover what a great town La Paz is √ For a short trip with simple goals, I got way more than I had even hoped for. When a cheap flight direct from Seattle to San José del Cabo popped up, I bought it, knowing only that Baja California has much better weather than Seattle in February. The briefest of research about Baja California Sur made me decide to drive from Cabo up to La Paz to swim with whale sharks. With only three full days in Mexico, not counting my travel ... read more
Whale sharks!!!!!
Sea lions!!!!!!
Baja Beauty

Feb. 4….And So It Begins Our first port, Cabo San Lucas, on the very southern tip of Baja California, an easy stop with a myriad of beach activities, restaurants, shops and the proverbial time shares. Three ships are in port during this “high season” so we are tendered onto shore in a pretty efficient manner. The Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean here, and the lovely, luscious blue water is aglow with sparkles. Temp is near 80 degrees F with refreshing breezes, a perfect day for me. Hordes of people as well as vendors when we innocently run into Juan, who offers us a ride on a panga boat, good price but we have to really hustle to catch up to him as he leads us to the office where payment is due. Out of ... read more

POVERTYJETSET's SECOND SUPERBOWL SPECIAL EDITION BLOG EN VIVO FROM MEXICO! Just finished watching the New England Patriots most triumphant Superbowl LIII victory over the fraudulent Los Angeles Rams while hanging out in Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico. Now for the blog... I didn't notice any jackrabbits swimming in their eponymous lagoon, Laguna de Ojo Liebre, in Southern Baja yesterday. But there were a lot of grey whales who winter around a few spots in Baja after their journey from Alaska. Arrived yesterday in Guerrero Negro a little before 8:00 after a semi-comfortable 10 hour bus journey from Ensenada. After grabbing a coffee I figured I would find a place to let me check in early, sleep the day away, and catch the ballena tour on Sunday... well before the Superbowl, of course. Anna, proprietress at Hotel ... read more
Lobster Dinner
La Bufadora
Ballena gris

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