Back to Socorro...10 years later...same week...and this time we made it to Roca Partida...

Published: February 23rd 2023
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Ten years ago, while living in Buenos Aires, I experienced the amazing islands of Socorro. This place is actually 3 islands, I name San Benedicto, Socorro and Roca Partida. Middle of the Pacific, so can only be done by liveaboard, with what can be a rocky ride of minimum 24 hours out of Cabos San Lucas at the bottom of Baja California, Mexico.

Socorro is part of what I call the big 4, not that far from Galapagos, Cocos and Malpello. I've done Galapagos and Cocos, but Malpello is not really on my side...if I want potential tons of hammerheads sharks, I've got them in my garden in South Africa! Ten years ago, I did 19 dives on was all about the mantas on 13 dives and we play with dolphins on 4 dives. There is a blog about it! This time, less interaction with the dolphins...we still had them on 3 dives...tons of mantas....but a lot more Galapagos, Silver tips, silky, white tips and even a tiger shark or two....all of this again out of 19 dives!

Last time, the weather did not allow us to reach Roca Partida due to high this time it was big time on my agenda....look at the pics, we spent a full day at Roca Partida!

There are more boats today to reach Socorro....we even spotted a private super yacht as well as a catamaran while there, both probably sailing out of Cabo too. So 10 years ago it was on the Solmar V....amazing experience...had to do it again! Before covid, joining this trip would required a 16 months advance booking. This time, seems they even find it tough to get the trip going. Solmar V can take 22 divers...this week, we were only 18, so being one of the early booker without a last minute deal, I did end up with my own cabin. The low point of the boat are the cabins...they are being alone in one is a true luxury!

Before speaking about the diving, let share the experience on the boat. Solmar V is ageing pretty well, so that was good news. Food is still pretty amazing. That's a big change from the last month trip I did in Raja Ampat. There is no night dive in Socorro due to the nature of the big guys swimming around those the party is starting around 5pm before sunset...and this is one of the only liveaboard that provide inclusive wine/beer and cocktails! So party there is!

Staff is pretty cool and nice too...and few of them where already on the same boat 10 years ago. We also had a nice mix of fun divers, from all over the place!

The diving?? Well...last time I must have had some few hundred dives I'm getting close to 1400 log dives! Was fortunate enough to dive around the world in 63 countries, with a total of 19 different liveaboards. Yes, I'm to say diving is top world class here need some fun experience. I can claim that Socorro is still up there!

Come here in November, visibility will be lower, and you will have encounters with whalesharks. February, the visibility has improved a lot, the whalesharks have gone and whales are on their way. Well, not in 2023....we didn't even hear them singing. Here too, I'm not complaining, as they will be as every year at home in South Africa for me to enjoy for few weeks between June and October!

Reduce the number of pictures posted here was not easy. So I hope you will enjoy the few too many I have selected. Next diving is coming soon in SA. We have now been nearly 6 months in Bali. It rocks! Rainy season is nearly over. There is a lot of rain here, but mainly night not an issue to play golf, but I will wait April for some local dives.

2023 should be for me one of those crazy years when it come to diving....starting on a high note...and should finish on a high note too with more special places in the between.

Next entry, a rainy day up North on my way back home!

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28th February 2023

Oh wow! Yes you are lucky!! I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Socorro once, Even though I live in Cabo San Lucas now. I will continue to enjoy your dive pictures and dream of the day I too can go out. Congrats on your 1400 dives, that is an amazing feat in itself!

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