Let the Sleep Deprivation Begin!

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January 13th 2016
Published: June 25th 2017
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The music project list has been so extensive these past months - switching from production mode to marketing mode immediately after my album was completed in November - that it was not until 3 a.m. that I finally completed all that I I felt I needed to do. My husband cannot fathom how I can work for twelve hours at a time non stop. I am simply driven. Perhaps a little insane. But I cannot leave a project I have committed to unfinished, and I am prone to keeping my plate very full.

Anyway, one hour later we loaded up a taxi for the airport to begin our twenty eight hour journey to that part of the world that still has a solid grip on our hearts. It feels good to be travelling again, meeting others in transit, sharing stories, observing the multicultural fabric that constitutes our world, and thinking pleasantly about the yet unknown friends that will invariably present themselves.

Asia calls us again. I can't say I have ever begun a long haul trip with zero sleep. It will be an interesting experience. Perhaps I will sleep extremely well on the flight and it will turn out to have been the best idea ever. Or not. I'll just pretend I did a night shift . Because I did.

And so we prepare now for measuring time in number of movies watched and meals consumed, for day and night are no longer to be trusted as we fly continuously into the sun, and move into a time zone that is thirteen hours ahead of where we started from. Its even more bizarre on the return trip home, for if we begin our trip from Hong Kong, and end in Vancouver - which we have done more than once - we arrive at our destination on the same day at exactly the same hour, even though we will have been in transit about eighteen hours. Now that's a definite head trip.

But such are the joys of long distance travel, and ultimately it will all be worthwhile. Sleep deprivation is simply part of the journey.

Here comes the sun. And the ocean. And the beaches. And the unexpected. Adventure awaits.


26th January 2016

Bon voyage!!

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