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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Melfort August 1st 2014

Ce matin je quitte Edmonton, le plein a 1.09 $(précisément 0.75 euro) ca vous laisse rêveur, moi aussi. Je programme sur le gps Cold lake qui est 290 kms, je verrais si c' est bien, et comme le dit son nom voir si l' eau est froide. La même route que les jours précédants, du colza et des prairies. Mais ce que je remarque, c' est un nombre important d' églises orthodoxes. elles sont facilement reconnaissables avec leurs sphères. Les premiers immigrants, Russes et surtout Ukrainien sont arrivés vers 1890, a la suite de conflit politique, avec la Hongrie et l' Autriche. ils se sont installés en Alberta et Saskatchewan, car les terres ressemblaient aux Carpates. 120 plus tard ca n' a pas beaucoup évolué, sauf l' ennemi. La route est plate et belle, la vitesse ... read more
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on croise de tout sur la route.une maison
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North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Melfort September 30th 2012

so i have 5 months left on my work and travel visa for canada.i have been enjoying everything here,met quite a few nice people,while working and doing my favorite hobbies. as u might no i have been competing in triathlon events.mainly from ironman.have been having a blast doing this.and travelling to some very nice place in the canadian rockies.but now the summer is ending its getting colder and i have booked my next flight out of here in 2 will be going to southeast asia again.doing some new routes that i haven´t been to yet.maybe do some sailing and scuba diving witch i haven´t done yet..we´ll see :-) i hope 2 of my good freinds from germany will come join me and enjoy some of the beauties of asia with me.. cheers sebas... read more

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Melfort September 30th 2012

this is something new i have always wanted to do. ihave been travelling for so long now and have been to some very nice places and i thought it was time to share some of my experiences with those who know me and are interesed in whats going on in my iam gonna give it a try with this website. its kinda chaotic at times,making life long decisions choosing were to go,what to do,who am i supposed to make happy.just trying to do the rights is full of decision is not easy,but i have had the many good experiences to tell tales about where others,who do not go through the life changes will never be able to have. haha.... i am now 31 years old and feel like my time is running out ... read more

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