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September 30th 2012
Published: September 30th 2012
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this is something new i have always wanted to do. ihave been travelling for so long now and have been to some very nice places and i thought it was time to share some of my experiences with those who know me and are interesed in whats going on in my iam gonna give it a try with this website.

its kinda chaotic at times,making life long decisions choosing were to

go,what to do,who am i supposed to make happy.just trying to do the rights is full of decision is not easy,but i have had the many good experiences to tell tales about where others,who do not go through the life changes will never be able to have. haha....

i am now 31 years old and feel like my time is running out to be able to see and do what i still have was like just a few days ago when i was still running around our farm in saskatchewan playing with my sibblings and not thinking about growing up.and as time passed i am now half way to the age were people retire or pass ain´t that crazy...

well i the time in between i have been to a few places an dwould like to share some of it with whoever is interested........

i will postz some stuff from the last years of travel and just go from there

have fun Sebas :-)


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