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North America » Canada » Ontario » Huntsville September 15th 2018

September 15th 2018 Canada - Creating some new Memories Our lives are full to the brim with memories aren’t they? Memories of special people and wonderful places, delights and disasters, the exciting, the good - and just now and again, the not quite so good. But all memories have first to be created. Come, join us here by the fire pit beside our cabin in the woods in the Blue Rocks Campground, Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, and we’ll tell you a little of what we have been up to for the past two weeks. We’re here to catch up with some very special friends in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, and Upper New York State, USA, to revisit a few old haunts and discover more of Canada and North America’s delights. But first, let me introduce you to Jon and ... read more
The grey haired nomads at Lions Lookout, Huntsville
The Boathouse Cabin
The mural in the G8 Centre, Huntsville

North America » Canada » Ontario » Huntsville July 29th 2017

We left Ottawa at 8:24 and 66 degrees and steered the car west toward Huntsville, Ontario. Being on the west side of the city, it was an easy drive out. Soon we were riding through Renfrew, the birthplace of the NHL, back in 1909. The downtown area looks like small-town America, reminding me of my hometown in Maine. It is old, but charming with businesses lining the downtown streets, housed in 2 or 3 story buildings built in the early part of the last century. And the town seemed to be thriving, for we saw no empty storefronts. We drove through miles of farmlands teeming with golden wheat ready for harvest, young wheat striving to turn from green to yellow, soybean plants hugging the ground in lush leafy carpets of dark green and off, away from ... read more
Steve and Rick

North America » Canada » Ontario » Huntsville July 21st 2016

Two amazing weeks spent with Elias at Lake of Bays. Thank you for having us everyone. p.s. we 'shared' a photo album of the beautiful people and moments of our stay.... read more
Clouds are gathering
Dramatic sky
Ohh Canada

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