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North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden July 25th 2017

Had a nice relaxing day. Drove up to Sioux Lookout to meet our blueberry connection. 😊 Stopped at Pelican sandwich for one of their delicious Naan BLTs. Went to the beer store. Severe thunderstorm warning as well as tornado warning for Dryden. Had supper at our motels restaurant which was also very good. Home tomorrow!!! Wonder how Rainy will react.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden July 24th 2017

Short drive today into Ontario. It seemed like the minute we left Manitoba the landscape changed to pine and lakes. A feeling of home - thee beauty of Ontario!!!. So glad we decided to spend an extra night here!! Pizza hut stuffed crust for supper. New owner at the Chalet inn. Major improvements - including new beds, new paint, new carpet and 50" flat screen. Canadian beer on ice😉. Life is good!!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden July 17th 2017

Finale: Brandon to Home The bigmikeride was complete for this year, but I still woke up at my usual insanely early hour. Paul and Mariette are also early risers and for the last time I watched them perform their precisely choreographed morning routine of packing up. They work silently, each doing a different task - one rolling up bedding and packing dry bags while the other collapses the tent - in no time they had turned their camp into a pile of tight bundles, which they then carefully loaded in their panniers and bob trailer. It had become my habit to offer them a coffee each morning when they had finished packing their bikes. Making coffee was my only real job in the morning, as Michele - our team’s self titled “Sherpa” - did everything else ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden June 9th 2017

We Be Trippin! I am surprising myself with how much I am liking life on the road. I can feel myself changing, relaxing in a way that I don't in my day-to day life. In my role as a sherpa, I am getting into the groove of setting up camp in a different place every night, and going with the flow of what different campsites have to offer. It seems that you can get all of your needs sort of met, but not all in one place. today you may have water and a shade tree, but no electricity, tomorrow you will have the electric but the bathroom is tiny/far away/impossible to get a kettle under the tap. The next day you might have everything you want but its crazy windy or loud or buggy, but ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden June 8th 2017

Since in the last post all I really did was complain, I thought I better add some positive notes. There is nothing quite like rolling slowly along the highway in the middle of nowhere with only your bike for company. Especially in the early morning when there is little traffic (which is not all that often these days). You see all kinds of things you don't notice when you are sealed up in a fast moving car. The birds! The birds of the prairies in spring are amazing! There is constant bird drama in the swampy ditches along the highway. Ferocious territorial fights between male red winged black birds; each perched ridiculously on a bent reed (barely big enough to support his weight) and vigilantly gaurding his claimed stretch of the ditch; each ready at a ... read more
Allan on the bridge over the Red River
Canada 150 Camp Hughes
Halfway thru Manitoba

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden June 3rd 2017

We have made it through our first two days on the road very well. Day one was the stretch from Kenora to Prawda - 101 km (I'm not going to round the distances as they were too hard won!). As you know from the first post, the object is for me to ride every km across Canada and because I had already ridden the highway between Thunder Bay and Kenora, our starting point was Kenora. We camped at Pine tree campground which was quite lovely. Michele found us a beautiful site beside the picturesque Birch River. She had everything set up by the time I pulled in about 4 pm, even a "home sweet home" sign on the tent. We are on a learning curve as far as camping goes - so our first night was ... read more
Campsite on the  Birch River

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden May 31st 2017

So, I've known Mike for almost 39 years, and the whole time he's been talking about riding his bike across Canada. He retired last year, and now is 'now or never' time.So off we go into the wild blue, tomorrow! He will start in Kenora, since he's already done between Kenora and Silver Islet, and ride west for a few days to find his feet. I will follow him to the end of the earth, and bring all the stuff. We'll camp out in our little tent and figure it out ( I don't camp, I go to camp). After a few days, we'll both jump in the car and drive to Calgary to meet with friends and family, then on to Vancouver, where we will visit with our daughter for a few days. Mike will ... read more
It fit!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden August 6th 2014

Mes excuses pour hier j' ai oublié de me relire, vous avez eu droit a du brut. Hier au soir je suis allé souper, a pied, comme chaque foi que je le peux, je suis rentré dans un resto type steak housse , ou la viande a été excellente, le serveur je comprenais assez bien, et j' ai fini par lui demander si il n' était pas anglais. Effectivement il était de pÚre anglais et mere ukrainienne, tiens donc. Comme je mange a la biere, et que nous avons bien discusté (80% anglais 20 Français car il avait épousé une québécoise) voir sympatisé, il m' a rapporté en plus 2 pintes de biere, en 2 heures de temps j' avais reperdu mon cran de ceinture. Ce matin tout était ok. Le tour de ville a Winnipeg, ... read more
l' entrée a Dryden !
Winnipeg centre

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden August 6th 2013

An August long weekend in Dryden is always blogable. It is a lot of people in a small space, and half of them are bat crap crazy. I will blame any negative tone on my sore back, which did not result in a pleasant few days leading up to the trip. Now that I am mostly walking upright, the mood is improving. Slightly. The ride to camp was long. Mostly because of the endless complaining about the lack of luggage. I had two charges with me, and one was just back from a long, exotic vacay. And came with two suitcases that couldn’t have fit in my trunk if it was empty. And it certainly wasn’t because I had all the fixins for four cakes, which was my job for the big birthday party. It is ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Dryden May 24th 2012

This day started out with a new vibrancy as we could almost smell the Manitoba air from the RV. We were ready for a new province. So once again the beds were made, our toxic waste dumped and we slowly made our exodus from the campground and headed back into Dryden to get the tire repaired. We arrived at Canadian tire before opening and waited around only to find out that they could not handle our problem. Once we found the right repair shop, the tire turned out to be only a minor valve leak and we were very quickly back on the road west. This morning I drove just a short way through the scenic Lake of the Woods region of Western Ontario which is the Muskokas for the Winnipeg rich. Then a short jaunt ... read more
Lower Fort Garry

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