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Biking OLD RAILWAY BIKE TRAIL in Algonquin Provincial Park There are many hiking trails in Algonquin Park. Some of them are also good for cycling. The “Old Railway Bike Trail" runs from Lake of Two Rivers store to Rock Lake Campground The distance is 13.75 km one way. At Lake of Two Rivers store, bicycles can be rented. The trail follows Whitefish Lake most of the way Bathrooms can be found at Lake of Two Rivers and at Rock Lake campground The Trail is mostly hard-packed dirt with some areas fairly rough with loose gravel, rocks and tree roots. The trail is flat A street bike would be okay but hybrid tires better and mountain bike tires even better. This is a nice scenic trail and generally fairly busy. Be prepared for a rough ride be ... read more
old railway bike trail  (23)
old railway bike trail  (24)
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Algonquin Provincial Park September 6th 2015

Well we are in to our last 10 days in Canada and having done six cities in a row we have decided to slow the pace right down and seek out some of the Canadian great outdoors. With that in mind and armed with maps, advice and booklets all from the very helpful staff in the Toronto tourist office we set off to visit an area known as Algonquin. It was a long drive but how beautiful. We booked into a little cabin by a lake and spent three days, swimming in the lake, kayaking and paddle boarding. Bazi also did the water trampoline and slide, who was it that said "grow older disgracefully" cos they had him pegged!! It was bliss, the nearest town was about a 15 minute drive away but we didn't bother ... read more
On the boat to Flowerpot Island
If he hadn't been a Fireman I think he would have been Arsonist!
You have been framed Mr Bennett

North America » Canada » Ontario » Algonquin Provincial Park October 16th 2012

These are photos of our last day at this beautiful area of North America. Next: Camden, Maine. These are out of order -- but doesn it matter? Paula... read more
even more canoes
lake scene
Algonquin Art Museum

North America » Canada » Ontario » Algonquin Provincial Park October 14th 2012

Here are more photos of this wonderful place. The first one, of canoes on a beach, looks so typical for the park. The next four are diaramas in the visitors' center. Then there's a photo of a photo. And the rest have explanations. One more to come from Algonquin. Paula... read more
Algonquin moose
Algonquin wolves
Algonquin #13

(I've managed to get the Montreal entry published now, sorry it's in the wrong place.) I'm delighted to be staying in a small village on the edge of the huge Algonquin Provincial Park, in central ontario. I found a bus would take me (only 3 per week) from Peterborough to Maynooth, and drop me at the door of the only hostel in this vast wilderness. Wonderfully, the hostel-keeper is happy to take his residents on long journeys so I've just spent a weekend camping and canoeing up in the Park 70 km away, with a quiet German couple and our guide, Trevor. Bliss! Call of the Wild take care of all the complications of getting a license, permit, etc, for just which lakes and camp grounds we will use. After a blistering (literally, poor hands) - ... read more
our campsite
moose in bog
paddle exhaustion

Even though Algonquin Park is not part of my extended walking journey it must be included. For no matter how far north or how far west I get on my Walk About journey my trip to Algonquin will easily be my summer highlight. It is not so much the destination (Algonquin Park), as it is about the company. My trip to Algonquin is being spent with the most important person in my life; my friend Steven. I picked Steven up Friday morning; it had been 15 of the longest months since I had seen Steven. Steven was very excited, as I was. It was like we had never been apart. We made our usual stop at the Bass Pro Shop. Steven loves the Bass Pro. I asked him what part he liked the best; his response ... read more
The special guy in my life
lunch at Lake of Two Rivers
female Snapping Turtle

Friday 14.5.2010 day 212 Ottawa Valley It is overcast today so we are just hanging around our resort and filling out all the paper work to try and get some money back from the money we lost due to the ash over the UK air space. ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 2

Wednesday 12.5.2010 day 210 Farm visit Today we went to the local library and printed out our travel claim forms and photocopied our recepts and checked our emails. Then in the afternoon we went on a farm tour of a local dairy farm that has over 200 head of cows. On the way there we saw a few ground hogs. They all live in a 400 ft barn were they have room to lie down or stand up. They are milked twice a day and we were there for the milking they milk them 20 at a time. There were also lots of calves there and lots of pregnant cows. It was fun to pat the little calves, they were outside in big dog houses and where chained in. When we got back to our lodge ... read more

Sunday 9.5.2010 day 207 Our resort Trails When I work up there was a light covering of snow on the ground it looked very pretty. It is so quiet out her making it very relaxing. We were going to try there breakfasts here as we had a two for one voucher but my friend is not feeling so well and sleep in. I could not wait so made my own bfast. Although it is very warn in our lodge it is quite cold out today. There is supposed to be an internet connection in our lodge but it does not seem to be working. Looks like we will have to drive up to the main building to use the internet. Oh well at least it is free. We have a two bedroom two bathroom lodge with ... read more
Photo 42
Photo 26
Photo 43

Saturday 8.5.2010 day 206 Moving from Collingwood to Cobden Today we checked out of our Collingwood resort and drove 6 hours to our Cobden resort. It was a lovely drive though the country and it rained or snowed most of the day. We drove though Algonquin Provincial Park. The park is 7,724 square km and has more than 400 animal species including moose, black bears and beavers. We did not see any bears or moose we did see lots of Beaver lodges. Our new resort has its own lake and is in the middle of a forest within a few minutes of checking in we saw a beaver and a chipmunk. There are also lots of birds all around our lodge and we are told that dear come right up to it so we cannot wait ... read more
Photo 43
Photo 44
Photo 32

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