Algonquin Park

Published: June 20th 2011
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Even though Algonquin Park is not part of my extended walking journey it must be included. For no matter how far north or how far west I get on my Walk About journey my trip to Algonquin will easily be my summer highlight. It is not so much the destination (Algonquin Park), as it is about the company. My trip to Algonquin is being spent with the most important person in my life; my friend Steven. I picked Steven up Friday morning; it had been 15 of the longest months since I had seen Steven. Steven was very excited, as I was. It was like we had never been apart.

We made our usual stop at the Bass Pro Shop. Steven loves the Bass Pro. I asked him what part he liked the best; his response “All of it.” I needed to pick up a few last minute supplies for the trip as well.

Upon entering Algonquin we had a deer cross the road in front of us and then doubled back in panic. Moments later were a mother Moose and her two babies. This was defiantly a good start to this camping trip. After setting camp we enjoyed a good fire.

Saturday we had another good start. I spotted a large female Snapping Turtle at the side of the road in the beginning stage of digging her nest. I had only witnessed this once before in the wild and it was a first for Steven. We hiked two short trails this morning, Two Rivers and Spruce Bog. On Spruce Bog I showed Steven Picture Plants and Sundew Plants both are carnivorous plants eating insects for nutrients. Lunch was spent at the edge of Lake of Two Rivers. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the museum.

Sunday morning after breaking camp Steven wanted to visit the museum on the way home from Algonquin. Driving out of the park an accident was narrowly misses as a deer literally slid across the road in front of two oncoming vehicles and right in front to of us.

As stated, no matter how far north or west I get I want you to know Steven how much this weekend meant to me. We will do this again real soon. Love you buddy!

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