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19th June 2012

Blog Read
Hi Arie, just read your blog beginning to end. Fascinating trip, shows what the human spirit can do when moved. Can not believe how much rain you endured. The blog does make me itch to see more of our country. Great storey and pictures. Hope you get the chance for another trip, complete with blog. Good luck. Barry Campbell ( Heather's brother )
From Blog: Parting Thoughts
26th January 2012

Congatulations on an Impressive Trip and an Insightful Journal
I have only stumbled across your blog in recent days and I've read the whole thing. I found it to be most enjoyable. Terrific photos and great commentary. I particularly enjoyed your account of riding through the bison herds, your account in Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) and I couldn't believe that you rode your bike through the George Massey Tunnel and lived to blog about it. I admire your effort, your accomplishments and your account of it all. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Happy Trails! ImaHeadaU
From Blog: Parting Thoughts
10th October 2011

just me
Thank you buddy...glad you made it and that you are safe.
From Blog: Dedication
9th October 2011

your dedication brought tears to my eyes, Arie. God bless you both!
From Blog: Dedication
7th October 2011

From Blog: Dedication
5th October 2011

Truly inspirational
I only became aware of your blog afte r you had left NW Ontario and I have enjoyed the updates and pictures from your perspective and through your eyes, your Random Acts of Kindness has brought tears to my eyes, it's truly wonderful to see that there are still caring and giving people in this wonderful country that I live in.. I hope that you will have many more wonderful adventures to travels
5th October 2011

enjoyed your blogs and pictures so much!! kind of wishing it wasn't over -- so says Maryellen
3rd October 2011

Noticing you are sooo close to being finished......stay safe......keep in touch and keep making me proud buddy
3rd October 2011

So I was looking on the map to figure out which side of the Jordan River was the Promised Land and noticed Neah Bay to the south on the American mainland. So I guess the Promised Land is to the south. I\'m so disappointed.
28th September 2011

Me again
Keep on going, you are almost done. Hope you find a hostil soon buddy. Please do not get hit.
26th September 2011

Cool pics them
26th September 2011

You seriously walked on a glacier? That would have been slippery for sure! Although cool none the less
26th September 2011

Well we all need a break once and a while but keep going your almost done. Proud of you've ridden a long way
26th September 2011

Hey you.....
You should be careful when you camp with the bears, you may get eaten
From Blog: Cathedral Grove
26th September 2011

Its me
Lets get rid of the rain already....Arent you tired of it?
26th September 2011

Rain, rain
wow travelling such a long distance on bike in teh rain must have been miserable..hope you have sunny days ahead..enjoying your blog M Akis (Thunder Bay) Ontario
24th September 2011

Good pictures. Is it cold? It looks cold.
20th September 2011

I am still enjoying your travels through BC
13th September 2011

Nice People
You have sure met some nice and generous people along the way. Dad
9th September 2011

Native Family
Really nice to hear how that native family drove along side you to the camping spot in the dark. Nice to know there are people out there like that.
8th September 2011

Just loving your adventure
I signed up for your blog a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that I am truly enjoying your adventure and loving your pictures. Travel safe..all the best M. Akis Ontario Canada
27th August 2011

Sand Cranes
That was quite something. Those birds are huge! How do birds that big fly? Awesome to see.
27th August 2011

I love the clouds in the mountain top. Beautiful!
17th August 2011

The hot spring sounds wonderful. Awesome pictures! It is worth your time.
From Blog: Muncho Lake
17th August 2011

Muncho Lake
Gorgeous scenery and superb photography.
From Blog: Muncho Lake

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