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North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan May 12th 2016

Grand Manan, Thursday, May 12, 2016 The first ferry of the day leaves for Grand Manan Island from Black Harbour at 09:30. It is advised to be in the waiting lineup forty five minutes before departure with all the huge transports, ATV trailers, pleasure boats, hydro work crew trucks, RV's , vans and automobiles plus walk on passengers. Everything rolled into the bowels of the ferry, even a caterpillar front loader! As with all ferry travel one cannot remain in ones vehicle. The trick is to find it again after the one hour and a half crossing time. With every intention of driving from one tip of the island to the other I headed towards Whistle Road. While stopped at a look-out, I met a mother and her college aged daughter. They knew of a trail ... read more
Waiting for the Tide
On the Trail

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan August 12th 2015

The third and final day of my trip to Grand Manan. Having to catch a ferry back to the mainland of New Brunswick at 3 PM, I had the morning to do one last hike. I chose the Southwest Head area, the furthest point south of the island. Part of the Lighthouse Trail circumnavigating the island, I tried a portion of the first leg - Southwest Head to Hays Point. The first part of the trail followed the coastal cliffs rewarding one with wonderful views of the cliffs and the coves and inlets below. Known for its thick fog, particularly in early morning, my pictures had an eerie look as the fog enveloped the coast and cliffs. The trail eventually made it inland, passing bogs, ferned areas, trails with summer flowers blooming, and of course the ... read more
Southwest Head
Thick fog at Southwest Head
Summer flowers on the trail

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan August 10th 2015

Spending 3 days, 2 nights at Grand Manan Island doing some hiking. Following a 90 minute ferry ride from Black's Harbour, NB, I first did a short 30 minute hike along Net Point Trail. A coastal trail with good views of Pettes Cove, Swallowtail Lighthouse and a variety of coastal views. Had to visit the actual lighthouse - Swallowtail, where again you see some majestic views of the coastline of Grand Manan. The final trail of the day was Red Point. A well-maintained trail (2 miles return) along the coast. This is the only place on Grand Manan where the grey volcanic rock meets the red sedimentary rock at a geological fault. Today was an easy day with just 3 short hikes. Tomorrow, at low tide, I will attempt to circumnavigate Ross Island - slightly more ... read more
Net Point Trail
Swallowtail Lighthouse from Net Point Trail
Pettes cove

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan August 10th 2015

Started the day by driving to Dark Harbour on the west coast of Grand Manan. Known for it's world's finest dulse (edible seaweed), a natural rock breakwater provides protection to the harbour. Since the tide was going out, I hiked along the shore to the breakwater where I could beachcomb to my hearts content. I added two more well-weathered hiking sticks to my collection. After about 90 minutes I drove to Ross Island. At low tide only, you can walk to it from Grand Manan and hike entirely around the island; a total distance of around 8 Km (almost 5 miles). The hike around follows various beaches and coves, interspersed with short inland jaunts where the beach was not hikeable. One had to be careful as the route markings were few and far between so vigilance ... read more
Shanties along the breakwater
My Dear Boy
Herring weir

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan July 18th 2015

Saint-John, N-B, 18 juillet L’île de Grand Manan, à quelques encablures des côtes du Maine et du Nouveau-Brunswick et à l’entrée de la baie de Fundy, m’intriguait depuis longtemps déjà. La découverte des lieux ne m’a pas déçu et les deux journées passées là, sous un soleil radieux, furent des plus agréables. La géologie particulière, marquée par d’impressionnantes falaises de basalte, est à l’origine de paysages d’une grande beauté. Sur White Head, petite île adjacente, la côte de quartz blanc offre un décor presque méditerranéen. Lieu stratégique à la frontière canado-américaine, l’île fut revendiquée par les deux pays jusqu’à la signature du traité de Jay en 1794 et une « zone grise », au large de l’île, est toujours sujet d’un litige territorial entre Ottawa et Washington. La pêche et l’élevage de saumon sont les pri ... read more
Grand Manan Island, N-B
Grand Manan Island, N-B
Grand Manan Island, N-B

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan July 15th 2015

Blacks Harbour, N-B, 15 juillet Cet autre périple estival sera sous le signe de la mer, puisqu'il me mènera de la côte du Maine aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine. De Québec, je gagnai d'abord l'Acadia National Park, sur l'île de Mont Désert. Cette grande île granitique aux sommets dégarnis offre des paysages splendides sur l'Atlantique, particulièrement depuis le sommet de Cadillac Mountain à 500 mètres d'altitude, où l'on y découvre le chapelet d'îles et îlots ceinturant l'île principale. J'y était déjà venu, mais la magie opère encore une fois! Les toponymes des lieux rappellent le passage des Verrazano (découvreur des lieux qu'il aurait baptisé Arcadia en souvenir de la Grèce ancienne), Champlain (on lui doit la cartographie et le nom de l'île) et Cadillac (il a occupé les lieux avant d'aller fonder la ville de Détroit). La petite bourgade ... read more
Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan September 23rd 2013

September 23, 2013 The weather cooperated so today found us on Grand Manan Island after all. On our way to Black's Harbor, NB, to catch the ferry we took a detour in St. John to take a better look at the "Reversing Falls." I won't go into the physics here, but it's quite interesting. We had read that to bring the car on the ferry it was a "no reservation, first come, first served" type of thing. But when we got there we found you COULD make a reservation and we were put into a line of vehicles labeled "no reservation." But, we did get on, along with many construction workers and maybe four other tourists, it's pretty late in the season for this vacationland. It was a 90 minute beautiful ride and we are so ... read more
Grand Manan Island
Grand Manan Island
Reversing Falls, Saint John, NB

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan September 6th 2011

Why Grand Manan? I will never forget our first trip to Grand Manan. When we boarded the ferry in Blacks Harbour it was drizzly, foggy and cold; it was the same for most of the one-and-a-half-hour ferry trip to the island. We had planned to stay for two days, and decided that if the weather did not improve, we would spend the night, and then be on our way. As I wrote in my journal, "It was foggy for most of the way, but we did get to see some dolphins en route. When we approached Grand Manan, the island appeared to be shrouded in fog, but actually, on the island, it was clear and sunny...;" somewhat reminiscent of the Tempest, as we approached Grand Manan, we passed through a wall of fog and there, like ... read more
M/V Grand Manan
North Head Post Office
Stone Cottage

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan August 11th 2011

Grand Manan Ferries When you live on an island such as Grand Manan, the ferry is your highway and lifeline to the outside world. Over the years, the island has been served by many ferries. The Grand Manan Website's Ferry Page has a link that will take you to a list of all the ferries that have served the island (on the right, just click on Ferry History under Grand Manan Ferry. Up until this summer, Grand Manan was served year round by the MV Grand Manan V (or as we used to call it, "the big ferry"), which carries 64 cars and 300 passengers. During the summer, the island was also served by the MV Grand Manan ("the black ferry"), which dates back to 1965; she carried a maximum of 26 cars and 80 passengers. ... read more
Waiting for Grand Manan Adventure
Waiting for Grand Manan Adventure
Grand Manan Adventure Appears!

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan May 22nd 2011

Roosevelt Campobello Park is the only US national park not located in the United States. FDR's summer cottage is open to visitors. ... read more
Summer Cottage

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