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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland November 1st 2013

It's almost unbelievable to think of how fast time goes by. It's true what they say. In fact, most things are true if they say it. But truly, time flies when you are having fun. Time just flies, like the birds that seem to drift over wide bodies of water, seemingly ambling on a pillow of air. And then they are gone. And you realized how fleeting their sweet flight was, how fleeting all of our flights are. And it becomes so difficult to amble, to float on the breeze, once you know. But here it has been years since I have contributed to this blog, and I look back at these entries (after shaking my head at the complete lack of editing and attention to detail I managed to consistently administer) feeling as if I ... read more
Downtown Peachland
The Quinns
Baby Finally Gets Her Swing

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland August 8th 2012

Geo: 49.7735, -119.736As you travel the planet, you tend to run into people that you really enjoy talking to, however briefly. Often times the goodbyes are followed up with a "if you're ever in the neighbourhood drop in on us" but that can be dangerous when you're dealing with DH (in the finest tradition of crazy glue, she bonds quickly). Larry and Theresa D made that offer after we met them in Bangkok- they were just finishing up a trip that we were just starting on so we were able to grab all kinds of good info and contacts that helped us on our journey. As our new friends made for the street looking for a scary Thai cab to take them to the airport, they suggested that if we were ever in the Kelowna area, ... read more
The Clan

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland June 6th 2010

Peachland "Everydays a good day, some are just better than others." Today was definitely one of the better ones. I woke up this morning with no plans and that was a good thing. On Sundays during the Spring and Summer, Peachland has a farmers market where vendors sell arts and crafts along with fruits and vegetables. Being early in the spring, today's market didn't have much to offer in the way of farming produce. After the market, a stroll down beach avenue was in order. The beach i talk of is however a rocky, stony beach not a sandy beach that most people think of. However still beautiful none the less. Peachland sits on the shores of Lake Okanagan, a 135 kilometer long lake that sits in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. There are many ... read more
Another Sunset
Okanagan Lake
100 2156

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland June 4th 2010

From a little town called Culcairn in New South Wales, Australia with a population of 1200 people to a town of 5000 called Peachland in British Columbia, Canada, my journey since March has taken me over 10 000 miles. From Sydney, Australia i flew to Los Angeles from which i took to the road via car and took the 3 day journey from LA to Penticton, BC, Canada. One month after taking this journey, i took it again, to travel back down to Los Angeles for a week holiday. So as you can see, i have spent a lot of time on the road. In May i found a lovely place in Peachland BC Canada to move into, which i love tremendously. It's nestled in the Mountains but still close enough to civilisation that i don't ... read more
Lovely View
Eagle Landing
Lake Skaha

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland July 23rd 2008

Hello. After uploading nearly 30 photos, my energy is nearly depleted. Have no fear, my love for my newfound family and riding crew is not. Im generally having a really amazing time. Its great seeing both the good, bad, and ugly sides of everyone. We all love eachother very much. Never have I been so close with so many people at the same time. We are a roving family, we are a wandering community, we are a mobile army of happy go-lucky do-gooders. And do-gooders we are. By spreading the word about epic things like fair-trade coffee, sweatshops, ethical clothing, and resource conservation, we're helping change the world a person at a time. And every little bit sure does count. Last night, we did our 40 minute performance in downtown Penticton. We had an audience of ... read more
Valley of the 'Aints
Happy happy fun times on Sunday Summit
No Words.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland July 15th 2008

Well another Canada Day has come and gone and again the Melville clan was lucky enough to spend it together in one of the most beautiful locations around. Thanks to George an Sylvia we were all able to stay together for 5 days surrounding our country's birthday. There was a whopping 35 people, including all the little people who make for a very lively and entertaining time. We were missing some of the key people who usually partake in this annual weekend event. Bruce and Gerry are doing some amazing work with the children in Tanzania and Karen is working hard at then end of the year with her classes in London. We very much missed all three of you and were amazed that everyone else in the family was able to make this years festivities ... read more
Sneeky Marmots
Mikaela and Veronica
Our little musicians

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland July 4th 2005

Happy Canada Day to everyone. Once again we were lucky enough to spend Canada with Sarah's family at the beautiful Casa Melville nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Now that Casa Melville is officially finished it was time for George and Sylvia to welcome the world in the warm and inviting way they do. Canada day began with a flurry of decoration and organization. In the afternoon people began to arrive on the beach to partake in hotdogs (served up by the iron chef Mark Melville -- YAY MAIRK!!!) and fun Canada Day games. The waterfront was a swarm of red and white with the pinnacle of the afternoon being a stirring rendition of 'Oh Canada' and the cutting of a LARGE Canada flag cake. As the evening started we all moved up the ... read more
Ladies of the Lake
Captain Canada to the rescue

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland August 4th 2002

ENTRY 50 - August 4, 2002 PEACHLAND YOUTH MINISTRY A Youth Fellowship member mentioned to me that the local wing of AMOR Ministries was planning an excursion to Tecate, Mexico. The purpose: to build houses. AMOR was in need of chaplains. The Project This was an ecumenical project involving all the churches of the Okanagan Valley. The Peachland group was to be led by Dave Roy, and I was to be the chaplain. There would be twelve teens in the group. Our assignment was to build a house for a man named Gilberto and his family. It was to take us seven days. The Problem - Scott and Linda Pastor Kevin from the Community Church looked worn. His phone had been ringing off the hook. He informed me that Scott and Linda, two of the youth ... read more
Peachland BC
The Peachland Youth

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Peachland March 31st 1998

ENTRY 49 - March 31, 1998 St Margaret's Anglican Church Of course, as we traveled to minister to the people of St. Margaret's, Peachland we had no idea what was awaiting us. We were just thankful that after our adventures in South Africa we were heading to a peaceful little town. When we entered the Okanagan Valley it was shrouded in url= smoke; a black haze enveloping the green paradise I had been promising my lovely wife. Wit... read more
Peachland BC
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