Two Weeks Out: Ft. Nelson to Liard Hot Springs; British Columbia

Published: June 28th 2011
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Cinnamon Bun BakeryCinnamon Bun BakeryCinnamon Bun Bakery

Quaint little shop with lots of homemade goodies except the cinnamon buns!
As we left Ft. Nelson, we passed through large groves of poplars and roadsides lined with blooming wildflowers. With each turn of the road, different mountains in the Canadian Rockies came into view, all snow-capped, even at this time of the year.

Our guide books said stop at Mile Marker 375 at Tetsa River Campground for homemade cinnamon buns made by the family that originally settled here. Mouths watering and having skipped breakfast, we pulled in. The smell as we walked in was wonderful. Then, we were told that it would be a 50-minute wait for cinnamon buns as she had just put them in the oven. How disappointing! (The others in our caravan who left later than we did got there just in time to get some.)

We were following very slow traffic when, all of a sudden beside the road, there was a black bear. Got some great pictures of him (assuming it was a male because most of the females have cubs with them right now). About 75 miles down the road, The Milepost and other books warned to go slow as there would be great numbers of stone sheep in the roadway. We saw one and he hightailed it before we got close enough to see him. The Johnsons and our other friends had herds of stone sheep, a black bear sow and cub and a moose or two. Tomorrow, we are getting up really early and finding some wildlife – somewhere, somehow!

Lunch today was going to be at Muncho Lake – an appropriate name for a lunch stop. Muncho Lake is renowned for its brilliant color, caused by copper-oxide leaching in from the bedrock, giving it a turquoise color. It is the longest lake in the Northern Rockies, 7.5 miles long and 1 mile wide.

Our destination was Liard Hot Springs Lodge and RV Park, so we could take advantage of the pools to relax some of the driving muscles. There were two pools, Alpha (127° F) and Beta (104° F), but we only got to soak in Alpha as Beta was permanently closed. A local told us the Park Rangers found a snail growing in Beta that only grew in one other location in the world, so it was being isolated. Gullible Americans, we believed him.

During construction of the highway, being posted to this area was a prime assignment, since it was the only warm area during the winter.

Back at camp, we feasted on London Broil and baked potatoes (cooked by Mike), caprese salad, creamed spinach and Mediterranean vegetables.

Because of limited internet connectivity, this blog post is missing several pictures that I'll upload later.

Additional photos below
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On the drive towards Liard Hot Springs
Black BearBlack Bear
Black Bear

Just munching beside the road
Black Bear Black Bear
Black Bear

Just a little closer view
Muncho LakeMuncho Lake
Muncho Lake

Our lunch stop beside the beautiful turquoise water.
Muncho LakeMuncho Lake
Muncho Lake

An appropriate name for a lunch stop.
Muncho LakeMuncho Lake
Muncho Lake

View looking the other way
Mike's coachMike's coach
Mike's coach

Think he needs the RV wash?

29th June 2011

Was great to talk to you tonight. Love the pics. Muncho looks beautiful. Could you go for a dip? I know you are having a great time. found the "post a message" Love you, Donna & Joe

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