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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby October 6th 2010

Currently researching some of the many places I could stay in Australia. As I know little about the country it might prove to be a challenge choosing where to start. I have to take into consideration several things including, where I want to work, What exactly I want to do, How do I get access to the job listings etc etc ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby August 31st 2010

Well, the blackberry festival wasn’t quite as exciting as we hoped. Possibly something to do with the fact that no matter how hard we looked (and boy did we look hard) we could not find the promised blackberry wine stall. We have now come to the conclusion that saying there would be alcohol was just a ruse by the organisers to get people to attend. But rest assured that we consoled ourselves with some excellent blackberry cheesecake. And some excellent blackberry pie. And some superb blackberry crumble. We would have tried the blackberry shortcake too, but we were feeling a bit sick by then! Anway, we had a very pleasant time on the Sunshine Coast. The weather there wasn’t quite as good as it gets billed: but we did see a fair amount of sunshine. We ... read more
View from Harrison Hot Springs
Beaver Wake
Gold Creek Lower Falls, Golden Ears Provincial Park

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby August 30th 2010

Well, after four months of travelling; 10,583 miles; 2 Canadian Provinces, 1 Territory and 3 US states; oh, and 6,771 photographs (yes, really!) I have to hand the van back in less than 48 hrs time. So I have come back to the RV park Burnaby where I started my camping adventures on 1 May. Since I last created a blog entry, I spent a very pleasant couple of days on the Sunshine Coast. The weather there wasn’t quite as good as it gets billed: but I did see a fair amount of sunshine. I made it all the way to the end of Highway 101 (the main road that runs up the Sunshine Coast), and then I drove slowly back down again (i.e. it took four days to do 84 km), stopping at some great ... read more
Davis Bay
Smuggler Cove
Skookumchuck Narrows

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby May 3rd 2010

Well, we survived our first night in a camper van. It actually wasn't too bad at all. It was a little on the chilly side when we woke up this morning, but all-in-all everything seems ok (for now...) Had another wet old day again today. We decided to have a wander round Burnaby Lake Park. For those of you that know Weymouth, Burnaby Lake is somewhat similar to Radipole Lake, only bigger. And with more trees. And better paths. But other than that, it's pretty much identical! (Obviously all this will be lost on those of you who have never been to Weymouth in your life...) The "lake shore" walk is about 14km long (with many of them not all that close to the shore of the lake). Despite the rain, we enjoyed the Sunday stroll. ... read more
Burnaby Lake (looking South)
Burnaby Lake (looking West)

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby May 2nd 2010

Well, I picked up the camper van this morning, and drove all the way to Burnaby (it must be all of 10 miles from downtown Vancouver). Staying at a relatively plush RV site (it's got a pool AND a gym, so it must be posh). Feels like a tank to drive. Not quite got used to just how wide it is (8.5ft, but the cab itself is probably only just over 7ft wide, which makes it quite tricky). Backing into a space at the RV park was also a bit of a challenge... but possibly the less said about that the better. Anyway, here's a picture.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby February 12th 2010

Today is day 1 of the Olympics for us in Vancouver. I missed the torch relay which was disappointing (I got the times confused, it came by our place when I was at work yesterday). Scott however, working downtown in the middle of it all, got to see the torch for the second time in his life (first time it went right by his house in Norway, Lilli hammer 1994). Lucky guy gets to see it twice. So because Scott is downtown, I am going to go for a wander, hopefully see some of the amazing things that are going on in downtown Vancouver today, and go for lunch with him. Yes yes I'll be bringing the camera. Other then that we have 24 days left on the calendar until we leave. Went to Mountain Equipment ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 13

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby October 11th 2009

We celebrated our first Canadian holiday this weekend, by giving thanks...for good food and good company! None of the locals can give me a reason for why the holiday is celebrated a month before the American Thanksgiving, and many of the locals thought it was a worldwide tradition! Clearly there are many misunderstandings about the holiday... So, looking up trusty Wikipedia, this is the reason we are supposed to give thanks this weekend.... "Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day (Canadian French: Jour de lAction de grâce), occurring on the second Monday in October, is an annual Canadian holiday to give thanks at the close of the harvest season. Although the original act of Parliament references God and the holiday is celebrated in churches, the holiday is also celebrated in a secular manner." We had Chloe and Lachlan over ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby October 8th 2009

The first of many inexpensive and awesome gigs that we are going to over the next few months, and hopefully the entire duration we are living in North America. Gigs are sooo insanely cheap here- Aimee Mann was only $35 incl fees and taxes, and most of the others are $25 or under. It feels great to go to music gigs again, to enjoy music with great crowds and atmospheres in pretty decent venues too. Thanks Chloe for coming with us! ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby September 26th 2009

So, we've officially been a temporary resident of Canada for 2 months now, and I think this is an apt time to write about what we think of Vancouver. We've settled in quite well, both are working full time making a bit of money, and generally living each day as it comes. It's not a fancy life; we didn't land awesome jobs in architecture and film as we fantasized we would, but we're beyond that now and working towards our careers is something we've agreed can wait until we return home to Australia. There's no point doing that here - we're not here long time, and both our industries require too much time and money to invest in working towards some very hard goals, very hard because a) we are not Canadian citizens and b) they ... read more
pride parade
pride parade
pride parade

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Burnaby August 10th 2009

a short film about our travels over the last 6 months... read more

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