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Shane & Amanda

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien


North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise January 24th 2013

Another chance for a been there in the summer now lets see what its like in the winter trip. We were told we must go see the amazing ice sculptures at Lake Louise, and amazing they were. It was really cool to see how much detail they are able to put into the sculptures and the hard work that must go into them. We were unable to go to the sculpting competition but went to see the finished products. You could also skate or walk out onto the lake and go through a sculpture that resembled a castle, it was very neat to be able to get up close and actually touch the sculpture and take photos. It was a fantastic day, the lake and mountains looked amazing, as always. =) Almost forgot to mention... Amanda ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Kananaskis Country January 20th 2013

Shall we go for a drive? Why not! On the drive there the trees were stunning, golden and beautiful. Off to Elbow Falls, it was summer time, the place was packed full of people picnicking and barbequing and what a beautiful place to visit. We had a walk around took a few photos just chilled and enjoyed it. =) We went for another drive to Elbow Falls in the Winter... The turn off for the falls was as far as the road was open, blocked because of the winter snow. It was fantastic, this time there was no one there, we got to see this beautiful place in another light, it was so peaceful and just absolutely stunning.... read more
Elbow Falls

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary December 26th 2012

One day in December, and literally it only took one day, and there were lights everywhere, it was like everyone had got together and decided this day is the day we are going to put up our lights. It was awesome, we realised why lights are such a big deal over here compared to NZ, because you get to see them so much, it is not light until 8am and dark again at 4.30 there is so much time to see these awesome light displays. We did a lot of driving around the streets looking at lights. We also found out about a couple of public displays and went and had a look at them. Our favourite one was at Confederation Park. They had ice sculptures and lights flashing in time with music, it was awesome. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary November 5th 2012

COP (Canada Olympic Park) is where we decided to start our Canadian snowboarding journey. It was a strange feeling to be boarding on a hill where as far as the eye can see is city! Wheres the volcano?? We started in a small area used for the ski classes, Shane was up and off in no time, Amanda however well that took some time, there was the crouch as low as you can to the ground so you don’t have as far to fall, which just caused more speed and no control. At one stage nearly wiping out a poor little girl that had to have been only 4 years old!! After getting the hang of it, well just a little, it was time to move up a level which meant riding the magic carpet which ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 2

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge September 2nd 2012

Heading South about an hour we get to Nanton where there is the Nanton Air Museum and the Nanton Candy Store. We stop and have a look through the museum and buy some lollies (or should we say candy). The museum was interesting, they had a lot of different planes to look at and you could go inside a few of them too. The candy store had lots of cool candy we could remember from when we were little but don’t really see anymore, our purchases consisted of poprocks and sherbert. We carried on to our destination, Head Smashed in Buffallo Jump, It was an interesting place to visit, the building was built into the side of a hill, we stopped at the theatre and watched a video of what the Buffallo Jump was and how ... read more
Photo 13
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
Photo 3

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 1st 2012

Okotoks here we come, we are off again, we have heard heaps of people talk about Okotoks, we liked the name and it’s not far away so we go check it out. It’s a nice town and the name is derived from the word “ohkotok” which means “rock” so we found the big glacial erratic rock. The Big Rock is split down the middle and a Blackfoot story of how this happened is: “One hot summer day, Napi, the supernatural trickster of the Blackfoot peoples, rested on the rock because the day was warm and he was tired. He spread his robe on the rock, telling the rock to keep the robe in return for letting Napi rest there. Suddenly, the weather changed and Napi became cold as the wind whistled and the rain fell. Napi ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller August 18th 2012

Off on another day trip, this time we head East to see the Hoodoos and Drumheller (Dinosaur capital of Canada). After 140km of driving we start to wonder were Drumheller is, the GPS shows it not too far ahead but there’s nothing to be seen except flat prairies. We see a sign warning of heading downhill, follow the road down, dropping into the valley and straight into Drumheller hidden in the canyon. Following the signs we head to the 87” high giant dinosaur in the centre of town, but yet again nothing to be seen, how can it be so big and we can’t see it, we come around the corner and see a giant T-Rex with people standing in his mouth. It’s also the information centre so we pick up some ... read more
Photo 41
Photo 12

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise August 17th 2012

After both managing to get time of work together we decided to go exploring, Banff National Park was first on our list, the plan was to go up to Lake Louise, have a look around and then head to Lake Moraine for a hike and then explore the town of Banff, well in hind sight that was a bit of wishful thinking, there was no way to fit all that in one day... We head off to Banff along HW1 and into the Rocky Mountains. We pull off the highway and into Banff. There were so many people, definitely a tourist town. We went into a sporting shop and to get some bear spray and a bear bell, the man explained to us how to use them and then we were off with bear spray in ... read more
Lake Agnes
Lake Louise from top of Big Beehive
Moraine Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 26th 2012

The drive to Edmonton was 297km long but felt soo much longer, the road was straight and all that was around us was nothing, it was just flat! On our way through a small place called Gasoline Alley we saw a dounut store, we stopped and got some, they were delicious. We arrived at Devonian Gardens and looked around. The gardens were really cool there was a butterfly house full of beautiful butterflies. There was a lot to see with woodland gardens, wetlands and Japanese gardens. We liked the Japanese garden best, there were dragonflies everywhere, it was like walking through midges at the beach and there was a peace bell, so we both had a turn at ringing it. The weather was fantastic on our way to Edmonton and at the gardens but when we ... read more
Photo 10
Photo 22
Photo 8

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 22nd 2012

Ever wondered what your accent sounds like to other people? I have and now I know, Australian! What, I don’t believe it, everyone thinks I’m Australian! I thought it might just be because we have similarities but when one lady mimicked my accent, I was horrified. You know the noise that comes out your mouth when you mimick an Australian accent, well that is what came out of this lady’s mouth, are you serious. They backtrack fast and quickly say sorry, they know its like saying they sound like they are from the USA. People here love it though, the amount of times I have been told my accent is cool and that they could listen to me talk all day, I have run out of fingers and toes to count on. We have been asked ... read more

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