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Trapped by Wild fires Before we left Fairbanks, we had Wayne checked out at the medical centre and with drugs and a rest up in the truck he was soon back on his bike, with after market mirrors fitted and a bit of brute modification to the steering and dash area he was good to go. We had a fabulous ride down through to Denali Rainbow Village, then a cold damp ride to Anchorage. I told everyone that there was a great spot for breakfast about 80kms up the road...well it stretched out to around 165kms. We had a spare day in Anchorage and made the most of it with a great bbq dinner in Alaska Leathers shop. Huge thanks to Barbara and her team for such a great effort on our behalf. The best thing ... read more
Look Mum, no wing mirrors.
Goldwing Down.
The reason we wear helmets ✔️

We are back in Dawson Creek, Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. We have completed the round trip and we were able to give ourselves big high-fives for a successful up and back. We already have the tee-shirt. Let me tell you, Canada looks much different in August then it did in May, and we have had a great streak of warm weather that makes it even better. In fact, the farther we get from the coast the warmer it seems to be. All those mountain peaks that wore a vail of white in May are now naked and exposed to the sun. All those road sides that were composed of sparse vegetation and a few yellow wildflowers are now 5 foot tall with sea of red flowers everywhere they can grow. The hillsides that were ... read more
One of wonderful sights you may be lucky to see along the Alaska Highway
Kind of a scary sight from the bug splattered windshield....please don't run into the road
There were no calves in May

22 Jul 2016: Today is a travel day. We got up early (for us) and we're on the road by 0930. We took the Trans Canada Route 1 to the Icefield parkway, retracing our drive of a few days before. Driving beyond the Athabasca Glacier we continued up to Jasper, where we had lunch. Unlike Banff, Jasper is on level ground and is strung out along the highway. The city has provided for RV parking on the right side of the road which was very welcoming. We continued on and turned off on to highway 16 and then highway 40 just before Hinton to Grande Cache. From there we continued to Grande Prairie, entered British Columbia and thence to Dawson Creek. This was,the longest part of the trip. There were construction slowdowns and delays, the topography ... read more
Sign and Monument
Monument Inscription
Kiskatinaw River Bridge

I’m not going to get into too much detail here about our border crossing but let’s just say, it didn’t go real smoothly. I thought I had all the paperwork in hand to bring a firearm into Canada but that was not the case. Fortunately, I was up front with the border agent giving him my paperwork and immediately declaring what we were carrying. If I hadn't been I would be asking everyone to send me smokes to the local prison. Anyway our passports, the firearm with clips and ammo were confiscated, taken across the street to the US Customs Station, and we were asked to immediately leave their country and not come back until we were unarmed. After discussing our options we determined that the best course of action was local storage for our offending ... read more
Just coming through Hell's Gate in the Frasier River Canyon
Working our way through the Canadian Rockys
Peace River Valley

It is not a tourist destination by any means. Rather, oil and gas industry people are the majority who roam around this place. And the rest of the people are hotel employee. This is a cold place near the Alaska Highway. In fact Alaska Highway starts from Dawson Creek in the northern BC. There is no commercial airport in Dawson Creek. One has to fly to Fort St. John which has only few direct flights from Calgary. Yes, I travelled to Dawson Creek and Fort St. John couple of weeks ago due to my work. When I travel to any place that is work related, the time just flies…work all day, grab some coffee and sandwich during the day, get a quick dinner and hit the bed. By the time work is all done, it is ... read more
Alaska Highway
Near Peace River, Alaska Highway
Mile '0', Alaska Highway

Extreme road conditions take down a Harley. We left Dawson City in a thick misty fog around 9.00am,these conditions lasted for around half an hour,when we then had a clear but crisp ride down to Carmacks. We refuelled and checked into our hotel and after a great dinner in the local restaurant everyone was keen on an early night as the next day was to be a bit of challenge as we tackled the Campbell Highway to Watson Lake. Well,the local 'First Nation' folks decided it was partly time and some of them had started long before we got there. They yelled and argued well into the small hours along with a visit from the local Mounties in their cars not on horseback,I am not sure that actually achieved anything,but somehow we all got at least ... read more
Pick the leaders bike.
Rocky managed to stay outa the mud.
Roadside fuel stop with Wayne.

Stage 11 WHITEHORSE TO SQUANGA LAKE ( 2nd SECTION) Distance 108 Kms Total Dist to Date 1223 kms Road Condition: Average Weather: Cold and overcast start, then rain. 6-8c Time in Saddle: 4.35 hoursSpeed: av 23.8 kph. Av Cadence 71 rpm Elevation: 800 m up; Total up to Date 9625 m; 635m down. Total down to date 8265m. Left Whitehorse in reasonable temperature, but then bad weather caught us and it rained for two hours. Feet felt like ice blocks. Rained all afternoon so no chance for boots to dry out. Looks like feet icicles tomorrow. Site a little muddy with the rain as it is nestled in Spruce trees. A storm with lightening and thunder erupted mid afternoon adding to the general cheeriness. A pretty ride that felt good. Didn't seem like a big climb! ... read more

“Get your motor running, head out on the highway, Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.” (Steppenwolf, Born to Be Wild) I don’t think they were singing about “the Alaska Highway”… but they should’ve been. Our goal was Muncho Lake. To get there, we were taking the Alaska Highway and we were excited! The Alaska Highway runs from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, AK, and passes through Whitehorse, YT. (Whitehorse, our starting point, is about 2/3 of the way from Mile 0, at Dawson Creek.) The Alaska Highway was completed in 1942, and was approximately 2700km (1700 miles) long, but is now 223... read more
Alaska Highway
Continental Divide Lodge

Sunday August 14, 2001 Leaving Liard Hot Springs I woke up at 10:30 I think I could have slept for hours more; what a great sleep. What a sleep after soaking in the hot spring. Every backyard needs a hot spring. From inside my tent I heard a camp worker say that it got down to 4 degrees last night. I took a morning walk down the boardwalk to check out the spring in day light. The boardwalk goes through a bog. Supposedly there are 14 species of orchids that live there. I think I identified 3 species but only 1 was still in bloom. They also have Sundew Plants (carnivorous plant). I have only ever seen them at Algonquin Park. (I believe I have photos of the species with that blog). The hot spring is ... read more
Mess With Me, I Dare You
Getting Them On The Move
Just a View

Friday August 12, 2011 A Rest Day Didn’t sleep the greatest last night. All the animals living in and around the pond kept me up. First it was a moose crossing the marsh at the far end. Clomp, clomp, clomp for a good half hour and then it was the busy beavers that were busy doing something that required splashing. Most of the day was spent at the computer working on the blog. It is amazing how much time it take to maintain this thing. The biggest headaches are uploading the pictures. The software will upload each picture 2, 3 0r 4 times and then I have to manually delete the extras not to mention decifer between the different pictures to figure out which one are extras. This is hard because the pictures are like thumbnail ... read more
Muncho Lake Provincial Park
Muncho Lake Provincial Park
Stone Sheep at Muncho Lake Provincial Park

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