Blogs from Alaskan Highway, British Columbia, Canada, North America - page 3


Here are our observations for today: The berries are ripe, the rosehips are big and plump (we tasted some), and some of the low plants’ leaves are changing to yellow and red. We were here a MONTH ago with Jan! We went through Watson Lake again and as we passed the Signpost Forest, we checked to see if our cribbage board sign was still up. It was, and there were about 80 brand new sign poles installed for hundreds more future signs. We still get caught off guard by the speed limit signs. Seeing 100 on a speed limit is so strange! Then, we might be on a winding part of the highway and the speed limit will be 80. Rich would say, “Good grief! I wouldn’t go 40 here! Oh. It’s kilometers. That’s 37 mph. ... read more

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