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Thursday August 11, 2011 Rain and Cold I woke up to over cast and weather that threatens to rain. It threatened and then rained. This kind of sucks. This section of the Alaskan Highway is one of the best sections of highway I have ever been on. The Alaskan Highway was my introduction to the mountains and wilderness of British Columbia during my 2004 Road Trip. I would have stayed at the campground but I didn’t much care for the guy running the place and I think my next campground offers more services plus a restaurant. Being that I am mostly out of food in the middle of nowhere a restaurant is helpful. For some reason the guy running this campground has a bunch of protein bars. So I have cleaned him out of those and ... read more
Summit Lake In Stone Mountain Park
Stone Mountains
Stone Mountains

July 7, 2011 - DAWSON CREEK TO FT. NELSON As part of our Orientation we were asked to get together with two or three other rigs and travel together, keeping in touch with our CB radios. Every unit has been assigned a number and we refer to that number when leaving or checking in at the next camp, or talking to each other along the road. This is the way George (our leader) will keep track of us all. We joined up with two other couples, Jim & Joanne Fletter from Sacramento, CA, and Don & Sharon Richardson from Orleans, IN. As we were heading out that first morning, the guys were having fun with their CB’s making sure they worked properly and we could hear each other. Our drive today was rather mundane. The only ... read more
2011-07-07 Kistatnaw River Bridge
2011-07-07 Sign at Suicide Hill
2011-07-07 Suicide Hill

July 8, 2011 – FT. NELSON TO LIARD HOTSPRINGS. Unfortunately we started off in the rain this morning and the clouds hung low over the mountains so we were not able to get clear panoramic views. This was one of the more picturesque drives as the road climbed over the Rocky Mountains or paralleled rivers and lakes. There are many signs along the way warning about the danger of wildlife on the road (Moose; Elk; Bear; Bison). Unfortunately, the only wildlife we saw today was a Black Bear on the side of the road enjoying the fresh green grass. The road was rougher today with lots of repair spots consisting of a load of gravel dust poured on a strip of oil. That makes for a lot of dust and a lot of rocks thrown up ... read more
2011-07-08 Lunch stop along the Toad River
2011-07-08 Beautiful Muncho Lake
2011-07-08 Muncho Lake, BC

We continued to run into a lot of rain throughout Northern Alberta and British Columbia. Although we enjoyed the campground and museum at Fort Nelson, the rain was relentless. Sybil decided to truck on when we got to Fort Nelson and we will meet up with her later. The road from Fort Nelson to Watson Lake, Yukon is reported to be one of the most scenic on the Alaska Highway. What we saw was through our rain drenched windshields wipers. We had planned to take a dip in the naturally heated waters at Liard Hot Springs but I think the picture I have included just says it all……. We stayed the night in the gravel pull-out that was opposite to the Provincial Park and walked across to see the springs but Ted Applegate was the only ... read more
Happy Hour
Liard River

In addition to seeing Mile "0" marker and the start of the" Alaska Hwy", the group visited the Visitor Information Center, the Art Gallery and the Alaska Highway House. The film on the building of the highway and the various exhibitions a the highway house were outstanding. As a geocacher who has purchased four travel bugs, I drop one off at Medicine Hat and a second at a small park here at Dawson Creek. I will be dropping the last one off some place in Alaska. ... read more
Start of Alaskan Hwy
Mile "0" marker
Iron River, MI

Our group spent two nights in Dawson Creek. Of course had to have a picture taken at Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway. We went to the Alaska House and saw an impressive video on the building of the Alaskan Highway. One of the "amenities" of our RV park was a restaurant/bar just across the parking lot from the office. Had a wonderful prime rib dinner in the pub. ... read more
Bar at Dawson Creek

We spent a very leisurely morning and left the park around noon. Just when we thought we were growing webs between our toes and moss behind our ears, we awoke to a glorious blue sky and, believe it or not, sunshine! We might have to dig out our, (what do you call them?) sunglasses. Maybe Daisy’s bed s will get dry. This park closes on September 8th for the winter. It starts to snow here shortly after that. At first I thought, oh, they stay open until after Labor Day. Then I remembered this is Canada. Do they have Labour Day? Most of the RV parks here and in Alaska stay open from mid-May to mid -September, according to their ads. We saw a couple of interesting signs today - Bridges For Sale or Rent Pub ... read more
View From Our Campsite
Kiskatinaw Bridge

Rich spent two hours working on getting our “black water” (euphemism for sewage) drained and really cleaned out. Yuck! It rained all night and it was a rainy morning. As we drove through the town, Nancy noticed a curling rink. Nearly every town we’ve been through has a curling rink, especially in Canada. Even Anchorage had one. We’ve been noticing that the aster and the goldenrod are blooming. Those are late summer flowers, so the short season is nearly over. We ate lunch by a nice creek. It smelled so good because the clover and the white sweet clover were blooming all over. Mmmm. As we drove along, there were signs about gas pipelines. Then we saw signs on dirt roads that read “Do Not Enter - Poisonous Gas” ofr “No Parking - Poisonous Gas”. There ... read more
Big Antlers

When we woke up this morning, we could smell forest fire smoke. Last night when we stopped, Rich had heard that the Cassiar Highway that leads up over the mountains to the west and eventually to Vancouver was closed due to a forest fire. Cars were being led through the smoke by a pilot car. It wasn’t smoky here last night, but today it was pretty thick. We woke up with scratchy throats. We were out of there by 7:45, without breakfast, to get away from the smoke. It took about 60 miles to outrun it. The dog beds and pads had to be put into the bathtub of our camper since they weren’t dry. We were back in the area where the wood bison roam, so we saw about 40 altogether, in different groups. We ... read more

These are the photos that wouldn't upload for the last three days.... read more
Another Roadhouse

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