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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 21st 2020

The Bebo Grove Stormwater Pond in west Fish Creek Park spread its sunny hillsides in welcome to the C group. Although the pond was modestly filled after a dry spell, our leader Suzanne showed us how far and wide it flooded under the onslaught of July’s rain and hail. As we walked along the close-by path, Wendy’s keen eyes caught sight of a wading bird picking through the mud for edibles. A few steps away, ducks bobbed and dived for luscious underwater greens. We wandered through a hundred shades of green; most of the wildflowers have pulled back and gone to seed, already preparing for fall. From full sun we passed into a cool, deeply shaded woodland leading us up a stiff hill to the ridge of the escarpment. The view of Fish Creek itself was ... read more
Nonbreeding Spotted Sandpiper
Fish Creek
Geometric deadfall

North America » Canada » Alberta August 13th 2020

Amongst other things, 2020 will be the year where international travel ceased to exist. After getting over the pandemic's initial shock, I needed to regroup and figure out what to do for my holidays. I quickly determined that I have some of the prettiest scenery in the world with the Icefields Parkway, which is only 3-4 cycling days from my home. I then figured out a circle route from and to my home in Edmonton. What was nostalgic about this trip is that the last half will be identical to the last five days of my world tour 30 years ago. I have cycled to and from the mountains a few times while living in both Edmonton and Calgary. The one thing that ride is known for is the prevailing westerly wind coming off the mountains. ... read more
Forest Rejuvination
Canola in Bloom
An Old Train Bridge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 7th 2020

The deluge of rain in the early morning gave way to a beautifully cool, sunny morning for the C Hikers as we strung out on the paths of Fish Creek Park along the sparkling diamonds in the rushing Bow River. Bounteous wildflowers greeted us again. New this week was Tansy, dotting marshy scenes with bright yellow blooms. Surprising us, the Sea Buckthorn was bulging with dark red-orange berries. The red bark and white berries of Gray Dogwood reminded us of British Columbia's floral emblem. Despite vehement advice from two posturing fishermen, a few persistent members of our group found the path from the verdant park up to the well-barriered walkway across the bridge on Stoney Trail over the Bow River. Vehicles pounded past us at high-speed as we trudged along in our boots and knapsacks. As ... read more
Fawn and Doe
Bow River

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 24th 2020

The C Hikers met at Elliston Park under gathering dark clouds. As Wendy remarked, a few “chinks of blue sky” shone through. Our mood was cheery when Sylvia led us part way around Elliston Lake, up to 17 Avenue, and onto the Calgary Greenway. Spreading out along the groomed path, we found our pace. Because this part of the Greenway is along Stoney Trail, we had the weird sensation of looking one way to see thundering goods trucks and the other way to see the wildness of our prairie landscape. As the route moved slightly up hill and down, wildflowers took over from long grasses. Goldenrod and Vetch spread in broad swathes, a background for Oxeye Daisies and Yellow Toadflax. Red and white clover formed a ... read more
Yellow Toadflax and Purple Vetch
Elliston Park entrance
Cultivated roses

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 20th 2020

Some borders stay the same for centuries, some change often due to wars or treaties. I was able to experience a few of them, first hand. China and Russia (2615 miles)Though I never crossed into China from Russia, we were told several times, while taking the Trans-Siberian Railway, that China loomed on the horizon. Likewise, for Mongolia. Not a big deal! Argentina and Chile (3293 miles)On our long drive down (and up) Chile, we crossed the border several times, by plane, bus, car, and foot. The most interesting was on our trip back into Chile from Ushuaia, Argentina on a 12.5-hour bus ride. Out in the middle of the Patagonian Steppe, we crossed the border. First, the Argentine border patrol processed us, then a few hundred feet down the road, the same for Chile's border patrol. ... read more
US-Canadian border
Juan is very clever!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 10th 2020

Fourteen “C” hikers and guests started out early for our 8 km walk in sunny Nose Hill Park. Soon after starting on the paved path, leader Dee took us up a more rough and ready path that resembled a small mountain creek, because of the deluges we have had this spring and summer. At first happy with trees, bushes and wild roses, we were ecstatic when, towards the south, we entered vast fields of wildflowers. Yellow Sweet Clover and purple Vetch complimented each other in intersecting swathes. Single Gaillardia blooms were precursors to wide vistas of these distinctive yellow-petalled flowers with their reddish-brown button centres. Pale Wild Geraniums, white Asters and mauve Harebells poked out along the pathways, and careful scrutiny revealed that some Wil... read more
Western Wood Lily
Nose Hill Park
Poplar trees

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 3rd 2020

An extraordinarily large group of C hikers (15 members, 4 guests) joined a steady crowd of families at Big Hill Springs on one of our best summer days. Nominally separating into “faster” and “slower”, we spread out along the forested up-hill trail. At every glance, bright flowers popped up into our view. Pink and white Wild Geraniums greeted us on both sides of the path. Wild Roses thrilled us with their abundance – not just along the trail but in immeasurable array into the woods. Near the stream, Potentilla (Cinquefoils) added sparks of yellow in the dark shade. Long-stemmed url=h... read more
Big Hill Springs stream
Log bridge
Big Hill Springs flow

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 12th 2020

On such a beautiful sunny day, the C hikers of Skrastins Outdoor Club were happy to meet up for a walk through Glenbow Park Ranch. The rolling prairie landscape opened up before us, wafting the scents of Wolf Willowand new grasses on a light breeze. Sylvia led us down the path towards the river; unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the river itself because of the segregation of the cows’ pasture to their use. For a while, we thought the only wildlife we might see was the noisy “whirly bird” – a bright, red helicopter evidently practicing landings and takeoffs. As that bird flew off to the horizon, we began to hear the musical notes of the url= read more
Wolf Willow
Lady Slipper Orchid

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary March 21st 2020

We are passing through a terrible time in human history. I was not born during the second world war or during the pandemic of influenza. But I never saw in my life that a virus could bring our entire humanity to our knees. Like many others in many many countries, we are self quarantined in Canada, we are learning how to avoid human contacts and increase the social distance. Sometimes I wonder sitting alone in a lonely night, are we walking backwards in human history! Instead of loving and embracing each other, the one and only one human race that we know of, the virus is slowly pushing us towards isolation! When I see the people storming the empty grocery stores, I think in frustration, why cannot we share! It pains me so much! Hope I ... read more
My Father  বাবা আমার Cover 1_Rev8
My blog earlier
In Camping Ground in Lake Placid

North America » Canada » Alberta » Camrose February 11th 2020

We are just a few days away from take off. Our current plan is to leave Feb 15 and be home again the beginning of May. The route is a loose plan, spending time in the Baja and then ferry over to the mainland Mexico and keep going. The plan is ...... Canada 🇨🇦 USA 🇺🇸 Mexico 🇲🇽 Guatemala 🇬🇹 El Salvador 🇸🇻 Nicaragua 🇳🇮 Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Panama 🇵🇦 Honduras 🇭🇳 Belize 🇧🇿, the only real timeline is to be in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to meet Ron’s daughter Lise and Derek on May 3rd. We have our mode of transportation and sleeping quarters build and ready for packing, Ron did an incredible job building us a 35 square foot home in the back of a 1/2 ton where we will live for 75 days! ... read more
Home Away from Home
Home Away from Home
Home Away from Home

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