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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff August 11th 2021

Le 11 août 2021, Aujourd'hui, on se fait plaisir et on retourne voir deux des merveilles du parc national de Banff: le lac Louise et le lac Moraine. Nous y étions passés en septembre dernier, pour observer un lever de soleil plutôt grisâtre et morose... Cette fois, c'est drastiquement différent. Le soleil est de la partie et le ciel, d'un bleu à figurer sur une carte postale.On arrive au stationnement pour prendre le bus-navette vers le lac Moraine. Et oui, un bus-navette en pleine nature, car les options de stationnement sont limitées... Très limitées... Il faut prévoir être au lac Moraine nettement AVANT le lever du soleil pour espérer trouver une place pour se garer. Et en été, et bien le soleil, il se lève très tôt... On vend donc l'idée aux filles de faire un ... read more
Les monstres du lac
On peut faire pire comme endroit pour pique-niquer
Charmant lac Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 9th 2021

Le 9 août 2021, Aujourd'hui, la journée est consacrée au zoo de Calgary. Un immanquable en famille! Et, à mon avis, un immanquable tout court quand on est dans la région pour quelques jours! Quel bel endroit! On arrive sur place pour 9:00 tapant, à l'ouverture. Nous louons un chariot pour la journée, afin de transporter nos effets et de pallier aux coups de fatigue éventuels de la plus jeune. C'est tout de suite le hit pour les filles: elles s'empilent par dessus la glacière et les gilets, ça promet pour nos sandwichs du midi... C'est parti pour aller visiter les pingouins. On doit se mettre en file, c'est quasiment étrange car le zoo est presque désert à cette heure. Mais une fois entrés dans le pavillon, on comprend pourquoi... Nous circulons dans un étroit passage ... read more
Dragon de Komodo
Ça, c'est une aire de jeux pour enfants!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 8th 2021

Le 6 août 2021, Après un vendredi fort occupé avec les derniers préparatifs de voyage, on récupère en vitesse les filles au camp de jour et à la garderie. Puis,on prend la direction de l'aéroport, par un beau vendredi soir, tout juste après le repas. Les vacances commencent! Grâce au travel hacking, nous nous permettons le petit luxe de dormir directement à l'aéroport, au Marriott, afin d'éviter la cohue d'un départ en avion au petit matin. La chambre est superbe, avec une vue directe sur la piste de décollage. Ça démarre bien! Le 7 août 2021, Un réveil à 5:00, c'est toujours difficile, et ce matin ne fait pas exeption, même si c'est pour s'envoler vers Calgary. Au moins, nous n'avons qu'à refermer une valise et à prendre l'ascenceur pour se rendre au comptoir enregistrer nos ... read more
Du gros fun à prévoir
Ça donne le ton
Joli musée

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 23rd 2021

Day 22. 4729Km. Cochrane, Alberta I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m sure my subconscious was going over all the things left to do in the morning despite my best efforts to pack up as much as possible before bed. An easy breakfast of PB on toast and a dish of yogurt with raspberries makes for minimal dishes left in the sink for the evening. Water hose, electric cord and drain the holding talks was about all there was to do but I still think it was 7:45 before I got on the road. The Trans Canada Highway to Calgary offers some spectacular views leaving BC for Alberta. Again the smoke ruined all of them but I snapped some photos anyway. The smoke did lighten up the further I got into Alberta allowing for some clearer ... read more
Nice rock cut

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park July 16th 2021

Glad for only a low level of haze from forest fire smoke, the eight walkers in our group followed the sun-dappled woodland path around Johnson Lake . The coolness of green buoyed our spirits after the heat of the past few days. Deadwood from fallen trees in the forest and in the water were fascinating in their many stages of beneficial decay. Discovering the correct unmarked path, we came to an old cabin, once home to a recluse who survived only because of a few non-judgemental friends. The cabin itself, explored by Carla, was empty, but hunks of thoroughly rusted metal outside gave rise to unanswerable questions. Emerging from the forest as we rounded the end of the lake, we were happy to see Black-eyed Susans and other wild flowers. Doz... read more
Cascade Ponds
Johnson Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise July 13th 2021

Lake Louise is world famous for its turquoise lakes, the Victoria Glacier, soaring mountain backdrop. Lake Louise is a rare place that must be experienced to be believed. We visited the area more than 20 years ago during the month of May and the lake was still frozen over, a few months back with another heygo guide, Patrick, I virtually walked ON the frozen lake but today with Pamela she took the trail and walked along the lake trail. Firstly starting in front of the iconic Chateau Lake Louise hotel. The hotel itself has beginnings with the naming and colonization of Lake Louise. While employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882, Thomas Wilson was procuring equipment for construction when he heard the sounds of a nearby avalanche. His indigenous companions informed him the sounds were ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff July 12th 2021

Cascade Gardens The Cascades Of Time Gardens are a little oasis just minutes walking distance from downtown Banff and this morning Pam took us to these beautiful gardens but not before showing stunning views from both sides of the bridge overlooking the Bow River. Parks Canada took over the Brett Sanatorium and Hotel built in the 1880s, when it burned down in 1930 and converted it into the present day gardens. Ontario architect, Walter Beckett, planned the Parks administrative building and the gardens in the ~12 acre site, which was completed in 1935. The gardens were made as a geological garden to explain the geology of Banff National Park. But they evolved into a rock garden with rustic features and extensive floral bedding. Over 50,000 flowers are planted every year. We wandered along the garden’s many ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Kananaskis Country July 9th 2021

Our Skrastins group merrily met in front of the re-instituted bus and started off for Troll Falls. The cool, sun-dappled shade refreshed our minds and bodies. Obeying the sign that clearly pointed out the path to Troll Falls, we found ourselves on a road and heading towards another sign that said “This is not the way to Troll Falls.” Nothing could spoil our good humour as we eventually found the right path. With the recent rains and glacier melt, the Falls crashed down their rock face with almost deafening force, but the spray was welcome on what was becoming a hot day. Eager for more, we took the relatively new path steeply up to the Upper Falls. There the water poured over large step stones, creating a wedding-cake of pulsing white water. Leader Myron had seen ... read more
Ribbon Creek
Kananaskis country
Red clover

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 8th 2021

Day 8. 3447Km. I forgot to mention yesterday that I did not see a welcome to Saskatchewan sign on the highway. The sign at the Alberta visitor centre was underwhelming but to be fair I was no longer on Highway 1, the Trans Canada Highway that runs coast to coast. The rolls in the landscape got a little bigger once I entered Alberta. I’m basically camped in the valley of the last couple road pics. The river is shallow now but it’s obviously a large flood plain right beside the campground. It’s been quite dry here lately so there is a fire ban. Two nights is a row with no campfire! I’m not coping well. There are large irrigation ditches I passed over and lots of field sprinklers running too. It looks like a corn producing ... read more
End or Saskatchewan
Alberta sign
Alberta hills

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 27th 2021

The lakes are named after Lawrence Grassi who emigrated to Canada in 1912. After working for the Canadian Pacific Railway for several years, he began work as aminer in the Canmore coal mines in 1916. Grassi went on to become a well-respected climbing guide and built many trails in the area, including the one to the Grassi Lakes that bears his name & where Patrick was for his morning walk this morning. The cliffs are formed from a fossil reef formed thousands of years ago. The cliff is a favorite of rock climbers who use the pockets left by the sponges as hand and foot-holds. The reflections in the lakes and down into the valley were wonderful on such a beautiful day.... read more

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