Photos from Alberta, Canada, North America

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Classic Lake Louise
Lake Louise
 Mt Fairview, Mt Lefroy, Mt Victoria
Looking east from Lake Louise
Ribbon of dark water
Maligne Lake Boat House
Lake Louise
Not your friendly teddy bear
Is this road the most beautiful really
Got glacier
Beware of moutainous wheather
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Icefield Parkway close up
Black Bear at Maligne Canyon
Bighorn sheep in Kananaskis
Beautiful Lake Moraine
All panchoed up for the 4th!
All to ourselves at Peter Lougheed PP
Lower Waterton Lake
Starry night in Peter Lougheed PP
Swifcurrent Lake outlet
ummm hello...I'm patiently awaiting another Triscuit piece please
The Look - the 2 brother foxes
standing cub
ram pair
ghost in the forest
Teri fishing in Teton
Shane fishing in Teton
curious cub
bison and birds
b&w ram
The "Toe-d"
A big mountain
Lake Louise
Lake Agnes
Lake Moraine
Lake Moraine
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Cutting Through The Gates
Dancing With The Stars
Wings of Victory
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