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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake September 1st 2019

We snapped back into our routine seamlessly. Up at 7am, aim to leave by 8am - and leave at 8:30am. We left Banff with mixed feelings. We're keen to continue our journey but our stay in Banff was wonderful both from a recuprative and scenery perspective. I'd definitely add Banff to my list of places I'd like to visit again. The sky is overcast as we leave and there is a forecast for showers later in the day so the wet weather gear is packed at the top of our paniers. The first part of the ride was the 60km back to Lake Louise along Highway 1 with it's wide bike lane and smooth surface - what a joy to ride on. The ride is a gentle uphill the whole way but the 3 days rest ... read more
Icefieds Parkway
Bow Lake
Num-Ti-Jah Lodge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake August 11th 2017

The warm temperatures of this summer soaked into us as we walked up the sun-dappled trail. Tree roots made a crazy staircase through the forest undergrowth of red, yellow and purple wild flowers. Water is abundant enough that we crossed six rivulets, with rough stepping stones thoughtfully placed by others. Our already slow group divided into "bit faster" and "bit slower", and since the scenes were beautiful, I stayed with the latter. As we moved into a more meandering and undulating section, we could see over the dark green tree canopy to the deep turquoise of Bow Lake, overseen by the hanging grey ice of Crowfoot Glacier. Just at the path grew steeper and stonier, our backward glances rewarded us with the shining ribbon of the Bow River cutting through the faraway valley. Turning my attention ... read more
Crowfoot Glacier
Burnt woods
Bow Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake June 13th 2011

I left Chicago on June 5, 2011 headed out on this big adventure to Alaska, entered Saskatchewan from just North of Minot, N.D. in some heavy flood conditions. I arrived in Medicine Hat on the 8th to meet up with Lyn, Gary, Betty and Sybil at Cottonwood Coulee Golf and RV Park. Thursday we toured Medicine Hat and then had a generous dinner at Lyn's daughter and son-in-laws and met three of the charming granddaughters. Friday Lyn celebrated her daughters birthday wih the family, while we shopped around town, I hit golf balls and then we went to the Chuckwagon races at the Medicine Hat Stampede Grounds. There were 12 heats (races) and some pretty exciting action.... read more
golf course and RV parking
Photo 5

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake August 21st 2010

A long and noisy night with only the sound of the train whistles every half hour echoing around the mountains making a difference. Woke up to find that the helecopter flight for today was cancelled. The visibility is simply too bad with the smoke from the forest fires further north. Spent a morning exploring and ended up at the railway station waiting for a train to come through. Two turned up at the same time, both over a mile long. This afternoon, went to sulphur mountain and took the cable car up. Met a lovely couple from northern ireland. Both Pam and this lady were very scared indeed. At the top, the weather cleared and we could see the rockies in all their splender. Loads of Chipmunks up there. Forgot to say that real mounties are ... read more
Banff from sulphur mountain

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake August 20th 2010

Not so early up today. Breakfast at Dennies (bagel) then onto the coach for a quick tour. Went to fort Calgary and got talking to a retired mountie. A very interesting man who knew a lot about Indian ways. Eventually arrived at Banff, covered in smoke from the fires. A lovely place and we had a very brief orientation tour before being dropped off for lunch. Had fast food (chinese) very good. Then back on the coach to see some sights. The bow river and falls, the mountains and the Hoodoos. (photo will explain) Saw a mountain squirrel that was really cute. Forgot to say that we saw an Elk and a hawk this morning. Now it is early evening and all I can hear from outside is the sound of American Magpies and every hour ... read more
River at Banff
River and smoke

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake January 21st 2010

Hello everyone. We are at the Banff Springs Fairmont. Absolutely amazing. Just got back from a nice relaxing outdoor pool. -7 degrees and sunny. Hank and I are still loving this. 22 more days of the relay. Don't know how we will feel when it is done. I am not going to write much today, but posting lots of pics. Love and miss you all, cheers, love Weedie and Jeepa.... read more
Saskatoon our hotel
children are the best part!
Vegreville home off the giant egg!

1st July Had to switch rooms today as we only had the one we were in for two days so packed everything up including all the Canadian tat and shifted to an equally nice room if somewhat smaller. Drove up to Lake Louise not too long a drive by local standards, the water was an incredible blue colour looked really inviting wanted to jump in and swim around that was until i put a hand in and thought better of it,so went horse riding instead just a one hour trek the horses do the same trek all the time so basically we sat on them and went wherever they decided did do a little work guiding them, at one point we were supposed to ride around a tree and head back my horse(chevy) had other ideas ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake June 30th 2009

30th June We did the tourist thing and went out and bought lots of souvenirs for everyone so be prepared for some excellent tat. Some more shopping at an Indian trading post where we could have spent the kids inheritance followed by some sightseeing at the Bow River which had a largish waterfall and the water was freezing. After that we went up to the Banff Springs Hotel(rather posh) and pretended like we were royalty by walking through it and sitting on the patio(a real one) the view was awesome. We then went to the hot springs and now we are cured of all ailments and are in perfect health it also turned Brendans blue hair a shade of green. At night we went across the road to the Youth Hostel for tea which served fantastic ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake June 29th 2009

monday 29th june - left uncle bobbie and aunt margaret's to travel to the rockies. we were to stay for three nights in banff. set off about noon stopped a couple of times along the way and arrived at hotel in tunnel montain about 5pm. got into the chalet and unpacked, aunt margaret went to reception to get extra seats and came back 10 mins later to say she'd found a better place. so we packed again and moved across the road to another hotel. wow! it was way better it was huge, there was two bedrooms upstairs and (1 double & 1 with 2 doubles) both ensuite. and downstairs was a king size room with a jacuzzi. it also had a full kitchen and 2 balconies. the view was amazing! the hotel had a fitness ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake July 23rd 2008

July 22nd. Left Jasper NP and continued south through Banff NP on our way back to Kimberley. The weather was cloudy and wet initially then brightened to be a glorious day. Stopped at all (or most) of the scenic look-outs and spent time at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Dinner at Radium Hot Springs then on to Kimberley to Anne and Michael's house. We will stay here sightseeing until Val and Mike leave for the UK. Pam and George... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

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