Canada Day

Published: July 4th 2009
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1st July
Had to switch rooms today as we only had the one we were in for two days so packed everything up including all the Canadian tat and shifted to an equally nice room if somewhat smaller.
Drove up to Lake Louise not too long a drive by local standards, the water was an incredible blue colour looked really inviting wanted to jump in and swim around that was until i put a hand in and thought better of it,so went horse riding instead just a one hour trek the horses do the same trek all the time so basically we sat on them and went wherever they decided did do a little work guiding them, at one point we were supposed to ride around a tree and head back my horse(chevy) had other ideas and just turned about twenty metres from the tree and whenever i pulled on the reins to turn him around just did a full circle he wanted to get back and wouldnt you with fifteen stone sat on your back!
Got back into Banff at six pm we were supposed to get back at five to see the Canada Day Parade so obviously we missed it, bit of a bummer as we choose the dates we did so we were in Canada for the First so we could see the celebrations.Canadians are very patriotic near everyone was wearing Canada t-shirts or had a little flag somewhere on their person and all shops had large flags in their windows.
Later that night Susan and Dana were sitting on B&M's balcony and claim to have seen a young Wolf, personally i think it was a dog you know what her eyesight is like!!

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