susan thorlby


susan thorlby

i'm planning a trip across canada and need help!!!!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Barrie July 18th 2009

Well we have been here for a few days now but not had any internet access until now so thought we would put a few words on now while we have a chance if anyone still cares The drive over was fantastic some parts were long and boring but we stopped off many times and went into some small places and spoke to some locals (hicks) It was when we were nearly into Ontario though before we saw the wildlife we were looking for like Bears and Moose one Bear even walked across the road in front of us One last thing to tell you so you can all have a good laugh Susan just cost me $512!!!! How i hear you ask on the first night at Jen & Jers she tripped off the deck ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 7th 2009

tuesday 7th july - sat round until 1.30pm then we all went swimming in Leduc swimming pool for a couple of hours, walking down into Leduc to get a coffee and some things for our trip ahead. came back had dinner and spent most of the night typing up all these blogs. got to email the b&b's as we are off on our road trip soon once i've done that i'm of to have a couple of drinks and off to bed.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 6th 2009

monday 6th july - West Edmonton Mall to see how huge this place is just google WEM it's the top one. we arrived at 12.30pm and left at 8.40pm. we had Mark show us around Galaxyland, the water park and some of the shops. he went on the rollercoaster with Dean then off to meet his buddies. we went to play lazer tag then we walked around with our mouths open like total tourists! we found a food court and got something to eat. we then walked round some more still looking lost, Mark phoned again he came back to show us more of the Mall. he took us up to the cinema in time to see a dragon which hangs on the ceiling and puffs smoke and breaths fire every hour (bit better than the ... read more
West Ed Mall

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 5th 2009

sunday 5th july - We went to a muscle cars show at a Mall. Declan loved it, they were all old cars from North America so he'd not seen many before. here's Declan to tell you a few - Saleen S281, Ford Lightning, Corvette Stingray, Chevorlet Camaro, Corvette C6, Old Ford Mustang, Alpha Romeo Spider, 3 Mini Coopers and many more. Then we went into the Mall and spent about an hour shopping we bought cd's and books and stuff. after dinner Dana & me went swimming at the rec centre in Leduc the pool is pretty good - water slide, whirl pools, steam room, climbing wall above the pool, rope swing into the pool and the deep end is really really deep. ... read more
Muscle car???
Mini cooper s

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 4th 2009

4th july - i think it was a saturday? quiet morning done laundry then we went to the cinema. Dean & Brendan went to see Tranformers 2 while Susan, Dana & Declan went to see Ice Age 2. Dana, Declan & me got out an hour and a bit before Dean & Brendan so we thought we'd take a walk down the street. we walk for about 10 mins. Declan kept saying he could hear thunder and see lighting Dana told him to shut-up and i told him it was planes. the next thing we could see was a grey blanket being pulled across the sky so we quickly turned round and started walking back to the cinema. we were all getting quite scared, the walking got quicker until it became a run the hail came ... read more

3rd july - no idea what day it's is but we're off again. all up and at breakfast for 9am packed and in the van by 10.20am. travelled back to le duc stopped off just twice once to wee and then about 3pm to have lunch. arrived back in le duc about 5pm had dinner about 7pm and went for a walk around the lake.... read more

2nd July Pretty uneventful day today packed everything up AGAIN!!!! Oh nearly forgot we did go to a glacier today on our way to Jasper its melting away so much that at its current rate it will all be gone inside one hundred years,its quite impressive but when you see where it was just a few decades earlier it is tiny, the area left behind looks like a moon landscape if thats what a moon landscape looks like,i dont know ive never been to the moon hmmm im just rambling now, on with the saga... Soooo we get to Jasper and the hotel room isnt up to standard so that one is cancelled and we book another hotel over the phone unfortunately when we get there its two single rooms (must have got lost in translation)so ... read more
Ice Field
Ice Field

1st July Had to switch rooms today as we only had the one we were in for two days so packed everything up including all the Canadian tat and shifted to an equally nice room if somewhat smaller. Drove up to Lake Louise not too long a drive by local standards, the water was an incredible blue colour looked really inviting wanted to jump in and swim around that was until i put a hand in and thought better of it,so went horse riding instead just a one hour trek the horses do the same trek all the time so basically we sat on them and went wherever they decided did do a little work guiding them, at one point we were supposed to ride around a tree and head back my horse(chevy) had other ideas ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake June 30th 2009

30th June We did the tourist thing and went out and bought lots of souvenirs for everyone so be prepared for some excellent tat. Some more shopping at an Indian trading post where we could have spent the kids inheritance followed by some sightseeing at the Bow River which had a largish waterfall and the water was freezing. After that we went up to the Banff Springs Hotel(rather posh) and pretended like we were royalty by walking through it and sitting on the patio(a real one) the view was awesome. We then went to the hot springs and now we are cured of all ailments and are in perfect health it also turned Brendans blue hair a shade of green. At night we went across the road to the Youth Hostel for tea which served fantastic ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake June 29th 2009

monday 29th june - left uncle bobbie and aunt margaret's to travel to the rockies. we were to stay for three nights in banff. set off about noon stopped a couple of times along the way and arrived at hotel in tunnel montain about 5pm. got into the chalet and unpacked, aunt margaret went to reception to get extra seats and came back 10 mins later to say she'd found a better place. so we packed again and moved across the road to another hotel. wow! it was way better it was huge, there was two bedrooms upstairs and (1 double & 1 with 2 doubles) both ensuite. and downstairs was a king size room with a jacuzzi. it also had a full kitchen and 2 balconies. the view was amazing! the hotel had a fitness ... read more

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