Third time lucky?!?!

Published: July 4th 2009
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You take the high road...
2nd July
Pretty uneventful day today packed everything up AGAIN!!!!
Oh nearly forgot we did go to a glacier today on our way to Jasper its melting away so much that at its current rate it will all be gone inside one hundred years,its quite impressive but when you see where it was just a few decades earlier it is tiny, the area left behind looks like a moon landscape if thats what a moon landscape looks like,i dont know ive never been to the moon hmmm im just rambling now, on with the saga...
Soooo we get to Jasper and the hotel room isnt up to standard so that one is cancelled and we book another hotel over the phone unfortunately when we get there its two single rooms (must have got lost in translation)so that one is cancelled too third time lucky you'd think this one was worse than the first but by this time theirs nothing else left and we are all tired hungry and narky so its somewhere to lay our heads.
Jasper isnt as nice as Banff its a one horse town but popular for 'conferences' nothing to do with the good golf courses though.

See the colour of the water
are going back to Leduc tomorrow we've all had enough starting to go stir crazy.

BTW its pronounced Ledook not Leduck

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Ice FieldIce Field
Ice Field

Do we have to stand here any longer?????

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