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June 13th 2012
Published: June 13th 2012
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but delicious chicken curry
Ok, let me first just say that I got "take away" from a nearby restaurant for dinner - chicken curry, spicy. And BOY is it spicy!!!! I have identified three different types of peppers (two by look, one by accidentally eating) left in the curry sauce and my mouth is on FIRE. I LOVE IT! Plus, I have enough rice to last me the next couple of days, so no matter what happens, I guess I won't starve.

Not a whole lot happened - still working on the same two projects which are on the downside on my end. Still eating lunch in the pantry with Zenah - today she brought in a tomato based dinner with rice - green beans and some kind of meat. She is deceptively fluent in English, but she doesn't know the names of all the foods!! I was cracking up and thinking of Ron - "I know Spanish. Ask me any animal." The opposite of Zenah. She didn't know what green beans were called in English and didn't seem to believe me when I told her. When I asked what type of meat we were eating, she said, and I quote: "I don't know
Coke in ArabicCoke in ArabicCoke in Arabic

remember to read right to left
- lamb, goat, cow...One of them." I THINK it may have been lamb. But who knows. I have decided I am willing to give lamb a go, even though I swore I never would eat it again after Aunt Hilda made it for me in England when I was going through my vegetarian phase! The lunch was actually very good. I can't help but think how lucky I am: She brings me her mother's delicious homemade leftovers so I am eating local cuisine (or Palestinian or Jordanian based), while I just supply the plates and utensils! I definitely owe her when I have my own kitchen!

So, today's alternate story and Dubai cultural anecdote is the driving. Good lord, if my dad were here, he would die. Just die. And mom's hands would be a permanent fixture in the dashboard. Panama was the worst until Dubai in my experience (I am thinking even I won't be able to handle India...). In fact, the driving experience in Panama is very similar to here with regards to how people drive. Now keep in mind, there are class based systems in place here. First of all, the amount you can tint your
Emirates moneyEmirates moneyEmirates money

320AED (Dirham) is about 90 bucks
windows depends on who you are; so the rich and native people are hidden in their fancy cars (at least this is what I read and my observations seem to confirm this). Secondly, it seems as though the lanes dividing traffic are just guidelines. I am very thankful that almost all major roads have a concrete median separating oncoming traffic. These people switch lanes like there is no tomorrow, tailgate, and force their way into the tiniest of openings. It's really amazing to watch. I saw my first police car since I've been here today - it was so cute! Tiny little thing with blue flashing lights. The funny thing is that you get up to 24 points on your license before it gets taken away; you get 12 points alone for running a red light, and I think you are suspended for awhile too. The cameras on the road monitor speeding and you WILL get a ticket; I don't know if the native people are not given tickets or if they just don't care, but they are the notorious tailgaters, and always in a hurry - they apparently have no qualms about running you off the road. If you cause an accident that results in someone's death, you owe their family "blood money" and may even go to jail. So, not just a little pressure for when I go to get my license! My coworkers said just to be confident and it helps they said that I have an American license as it should be easier to get. I intend to follow the letter of the law and drive only when necessary! The most amazing part is that I have not seen a single accident since I've been here, so something must be working. I guess the threat of having your license taken away is big enough to keep people in line - something that the US should do, but I am kind of glad they dont. It is definitely an experience... However, I plan to keep to the amazing metro as much as possible.


14th June 2012

Amazing city
oo i love spicyyy foood aswell, and dubai has such a variety of restaurants its amazing my arabic wasnt strong when i first came here but now i am using my kindle phrasebooks from eton, it really helps getting along the locals check out their website its worth the visit
14th August 2012

Ever been to Dallas?
Haha ha, Alexis, You just described the freeways in the big D. Nutty as hell with no regaurd for human life I sez. Getting to know you by reading your bloggins. I go down to Dallas about 2 times a year to catch rock concerts (caught Dream Theatre last July 9th, going for the new Rush album tour on Nov. 29th). I find that a bustling metropolis like Dallas or Dubai causes much crazed traffic, it seems that the more money circulating disconnects the residents from good reasonings. Some insurance companies need to do studies; figure out how to defuse the craziness. Insanity on the road is a solvable problem I guess? You are obviously as smart as I am, wot do you think? OK be careful now. Loving your writings. Bryan Wilson

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